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Sunday, March 9, 2014

100 Days of Happy: Day #63/ Growing Up

Day #63: I love my brand new socks. :)

I realized tonight after I got out of the shower that in the past few weeks I've really grown up. For the past week someone has been bothering me and despite me putting my foot down, he just wouldn't stop. I blocked him without warning, I just did it. I thought, "Yeah, I don't need that," and I smiled because I thought I would have never done that in the past, I would have felt bad about it. I feel nothing. Maybe if he was closer it would have been harder, but this person wasn't close to me. I felt good that I finally stood up for myself and put my foot down. I am proud of myself right now. As I found on Facebook, it's true and I learned it the hard way in November (I experienced it before, but November was in the WORST way):

"Just because someone desires you, does not mean that they value you.
Read it over.
Let those words resonate in your mind."

I did do some writing. I'm looking for a title:

The cold March sun sets into the west,
under the backdrops of the bare trees;
it's been colder than average, the test
of patience for a never-ending winter
and the loss of Nan this January past,
yet, despite the sadness, memories sprint.

We set out to the empty Quad,
to the radio station, I'm excited,
talking about Nick who had me awed
and talked and danced all night,
though he had to depart to drum
with his band. Yet butterflies take flight
in my stomach, but I do okay,
as the CDs spin and music blasts,
and I win concert tickets, yay!

The night goes smoothly, at least in my mind,
a vision that I welcome from the past two months,
hard, and we go to the bar with signs that shined.
I probably should have gathered it would be bad,
when someone cursed us out for stealing seats.
But, the worst was when I became sad
and her new friend picked up on it and teased,
calling me names and uptight, though true.
Yet, we went home with them as she pleased.

From that night forward, on March 9, 2013,
in hopes that the friendship would continue,
grow stronger, like Spring's first green;
but, it didn't and as life falls apart,
it becomes clear where I stand
and that's not in her vision, we must depart.
Like dominos, the strongest survives
from the weaknesses in which she can thrive.


  1. Good for you for blocking him! :)

    I agree; you are indeed a stronger and more determinted person than when I met you almost three years ago.

  2. The desire/value thing has been on your mind all day, hasn't it.

    This evening I arranged a date this weekend! ♥ It could be in West Chester like the last two, or it could be on Bustleton Avenue, in Philadelphia. That's the mystery. It will most likely be the former, but I intend to speak with him every night between now and Saturday. Four nights if I count tonight as done with communication. Five if I do not.
    Like you've commented, older gentlemen are more attractive to people like us.

    Do you like one pair of socks over the other?

    And does that poetry need a title? Maybe A Few Chilly Reflections or Overcoming Weaknesses or something similar?

    1. Not really, I posted it once, have it on file and won't look at it until I need reminding... which will be the next time I see a guy, think he's cute and then remind myself how I need to avoid those situations.

      Good luck! You'll have fun! I like the cats fishing, but the sunglassed cat is cool too. :)