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Sunday, March 2, 2014

100 Days of Happy: Day #56/ Writing for Bubblews/ Dream Poem

Day #56: Enjoying the playground before the snow tomorrow. Now they're calling for 5-10 inches, it downgraded, but we'll see tomorrow!

I finally got Bubblews to work for me! It took me using it on Internet Explorer over Google Chrome. I'm sad about that because I'm not a big fan of IE. However, I'm making money, so I'll get over it. Check out my two articles:
Mill Grove's Sapsucker Festival 2014
Dreams Interpreted

I'm going to write a more creative piece about Mill Grove for I will link it on Friday and I'm going to finish the Polar Plunge at some point. Anyway, about the dream piece. I had a drink last night at Olive Garden. It was good, but it made me tired and I had a good dream that I remember. Here's a poem I wrote about the dream:

The plane touches down, but my ears don't ring,
it must be a good omen, no pain or crying;
and I'm taken straight to the cab driver that sings.
I shuffle into the cab and out the window I see,
beautiful big buildings, it's a bright sunny day;
we pass near the road sign -- 8 Mile Rd. most would flee,
yet, I am excited, and I'm delivered to a house
where I'm greeted by new people, but I am not scared;
I am in my Sunday's best blouse
and they ask me if I called into my job
to tell them I am here, here for good--
then, then! A party so grand, I could sob
tears of joy! My family and old friends,
gather into the small room, around the table;
their greetings and well-wishes never end,
their encouragement and they are so happy for me.
I even meet a new guy, but he seems familiar
and I am surprised I couldn't see
him before - like he was always there, but out of reach,
I lay next to him and the buzz around me hum like bees;
it's comfortable and I belong there--
this is my home, I was proud to call this home
and then nan appeared playing with my hair,
saying how proud she was of me and blessed
the move and my life no longer messed.
I could finally feel the glee and cheer,
but sadly consciousness from my dream jeered.

Today was a good day. I spent a lot of it writing, but in the morning we went to Michael's craft store. A few weeks ago I received a 65% off coupon in the mail for framing. I decided to get my Audubon print and Twiztid poster framed. I won't talk about price, but thank God for the coupon lol. The guys that worked the frame department are huge Twiztid fans and they were really happy to see my signed poster. Apparently one applied to do work for them. I should have asked him how he found that job since I am relocating. It was nice talking to them for a half an hour about how awesome Monoxide and Jamie are. I'm excited for both to be done. The colours I picked out are awesome. Will be done by 3/16.

This one will have a light green and a dark green matte with a brown frame.

The frame is a black and silver marble frame. No matte.

If things aren't closed tomorrow, I have my interview after library work tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good evening!


  1. Thank you! :) I'm so happy that May is looking like a reality. I'll message you.

  2. As I reported on FB, our alma mater closed and the West Chester grade school system has a 2-hour delay to protect the 180-day-before-30-June promise without shortening spring break.

    I personally prefer Firefox, the whole fabulous free open-source magic which had been the only browser that supported the Music Theory web materials the fourth semester I attempted it.

    The Chinese story I've been telling today: my ears popped descending in my Beijing hotel elevator since it was dropping 200-some floors and I had gone to the top floor to look across the cityscape, which was a poorly-informed decision, as Beijing is so smoggy it's impossible to identify anything. (I had a suspiciously good deal with the staff so my room was on the first floor with Dominique W, whose mother I'd assured we'd be okay a few weeks before we left, a girl who seemed so tired and irritable by that point - then again, we'd just spent the past 4.5 weeks in the People's Republic of China, which is far poorer than the United States, don't let them fool you, so I can't blame her for having a shorter fuse with the standing toilet [hole in the ground] and the unwalled shower in the corner of the bathroom.)

    The same weekend as the 16th is my third date with Matt, the day after Pi Day, or maybe even Pi Day itself! Details are pending. I might draw him to the Lincoln Room which Hannah and I are considering taking over, as Starbucks is somewhat lacking in culture, though I had floated the NE Philly suggestion two days ago - and I'd personally prefer NE Philly to restock on *squints at candy wrapper* конфеты ругной работы. Hmm... Ooh, hand (рука) is very very close, and g/k are related! Maybe that sweet was handmade - sweet handiworks.

    May your interview bring you success! ^_^ WCU is closed tomorrow, so I'm just reading from my latest library catch, which is slightly on the overwhelming side, but wasn't 12 books my norm before uni? Maybe I'll send the career centre my latest "resume" which is almost entirely invented nonsense about how "qualified" I am to... understand Chinese and Russian novels from the view of my cultural apex, as I studied both Russian and Chinese Culture and got A+'s in both of them, with informative papers on Vodka, the Five, how Confucianism changed China's school system which is cutthroat-competitive so Chinese scholars are top-quality, and what phoenixes & five other mystical animals mean. *shrug* =3 The Career Analysts are working on it. There might be only so much they can do, though, to shield me from my fate in the dark, cold ore-mines of the Ural mountain range with a pick and torch, with the health insurance of it being more economic to yank the tooth than fill the cavity.
    This afternoon I verified rye can germinate near freezing, so that's why a fermented Russian drink comes from it.

    Pwn the interview!!

    1. Thank you. It looks like I'm at a normal schedule today at 6:30am, so this should be good.

      Neat about the date. :) Have fun and you should take him to the Lincoln Room to get him to experience it before it closes. So sad that it's closing.

    2. Is normalcy at all useful or desirable, Jessica?
      I have had a very abnormal life my entire life for great benefit, particularly the whole Chinese part.
      I never have a normal schedule or a regular sleeping pattern - especially not in Guiyang - I gently woke Joyce at 4 to catch a 6 a.m. bus into the city upon her request, as she noticed I get up early. Joyce is a middle-aged businesswoman (Vanguard liaison) who invited me over for lunch yesterday, I find it pointless to have a regular schedule especially without any formal academics to ground me, so I have to post on the fridge my tentative schedule weekly. I wrote on it to send in my latest resume to the Career Centre at 8 this morning, which I did, attached with a lengthy rhymed apology letter explaining why I must pester them today: due to time restraints and I couldn't get back onto the RCN on my own.

      I would prefer to take Matt to the Russian Market on Bustleton Avenue next, to restock on Russian sweets like the handicraft wrapper I have bookmarking Pasternak chapter 6 for Doctor Zhivago's tale (which is a fun Soviet romance my grandmother adored - Yury Zhivago is a widower whose given name is the same as my IR professor's, which is entertaining since I came to his office about twice a week over the past three semesters - I might restart this term as well, I wrote his hours down [early mornings, largely]) - besides, Susan et al aren't stopping until the week before my birthday all the way in May - there are several months to go. (Sorry not to acknowledge Mother's Day, but it's my birthmonth) This one will be Matt's third date of me, which I regard as my bare minimum before any serious pursuit. I might hug him this time and see how he reacts, though I am spindly and full of sharp edges with an unknown breast size (smaller than most girls I know - Rey told me not small, but he may have been trying to woo me at the time), though late March I might ask Matt what he thinks - I know they are bigger than his. (Maybe the fifth-to-twelfth one I'll take him to the Lincoln Room and play the love game (I adored Tokimeki Memorial, the Japanese romance game where you're a guy and there are fourteen girls with different personalities to try to date, but you have to pick one or be careful no one knows you're seeing anyone else), but at this point we are just friends - he may just regard me as a cute annoyance, like Cong, the two of whom I introduced a few weeks ago, as they have a mutual interest in mathematics (M - grade 9-12 graduate ed supported by Obamacare, C - pure PhD supported by the British NHS, which has also helped me a bit when I was 17, foreigner as I am). I don't know Matt very well yet - we just fairly random Russian Club allies who text each other late at night.

      Today is the interview day. 頑張ってね!Via phone for a Detroit job?

    3. No, it was a local temp agency. I won't be leaving until the end of May, so I am looking for a temp only job here for some more money and experience. The interview went well and they're willing to help! :)

  3. As we now know, the interview went well. Yay! :)

    1. :)

      I feel like life is finally coming together. So excited for the end of May!