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Friday, February 7, 2014

Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: WINTER IS COMING! Epically of Course! 2/1-2/7

Saturday, February 1

It was a busy day today; mom, dad and I went to Collegeville to eat at Red Robin and then go food shopping for the month (we like Collegeville's Wegmans better than King of Prussia's because Collegeville is bigger and has more stuff), but we go to King of Prussia each week. We also went Super Bowl shopping and I went scrapbook shopping for my Hallowicked album, which I ordered the pictures.

I tried something new at Red Robin today: Freckled Lemonade.

My meal: Red's Tavern Burger and fries.

We went to Pet Smart to get Mimi's food. They had a bunch of cats there for adoption from Forgotten Cats, Inc. I thought I took a picture, but didn't. I wanted to adopt so badly.

Scrapbook I bought for the Hallowicked 2013 album I want to make.

Some of the stuff I have for it.

Ordered the pictures for it. Hopefully it'll be here before February 8th!

Sunday, February 2
Last day for the Ravens as champs (Living Up The Last Day as Champions):

It's been an amazing year for the Ravens. Much like I did with the Packers, the first time I went to Lambeau was after the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2011. Well, this was my first time at M&T Field. I definitely want to take dad to a game there because the people were awesome. Maybe when I come home to visit, I'll just take him to Baltimore.

 I'm torn about the win. I was rooting for Seattle because of Coleman, but Sherman and Wilson are inspiring too (not necessarily to the same length as Coleman); however, it's just that one thing that makes it hard. But, spending time with dad, mom, Pikachu,Wesley Bear and watching the commercials were fun. However, Andrew said it best: "You can feel happy for the player while still not supporting the team."

The West Coast Comes to New Jersey for the Super Bowl
(The Weed Bowl)

I sit on my tan La-Z-Boy recliner,
my rendition of Red Robin's Freckled Lemonade
with a half an ounce of vodka in hand.
The red strawberries stain the yellow lemonade,
while I devour chicken wings and meatballs
waiting for the clock to strike six;
Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos
flying to New Jersey from the West,
yet they lucked out with weather--
52˚ in February, yet it'll snow tomorrow.
I'm hoping for Derrick Coleman,
the third deaf player for play for the NFL,
his mantra of not giving up remind me,
remind me of my struggles and not to give up.
Yet, the Seahawks flog the Broncos--
42-8, blown out, maybe from the pit they legalized?
Facebook and NFL Memes seem to think so,
but it's interesting, yet embarrassing:
I'm going to miss football for six months
and I hope 2015 is a Packers/Ravens Super Bowl!

Dad decided to wear his Grumpy Cat shirt since he doesn't like either team.

I made my own Freckled Lemonade.

Monday, February 3

Snow Day! It seems like Pennsylvania has been bipolar this winter: Saturday and Sunday, the temperatures were 52˚ with a feel of 56˚. Today it's heavy snow and 29˚.

I did some reading and I really liked Hate That Cat. I have really been considering doing mentoring for at risk girls when I get to Detroit. I really want to tap into their creativity so they can get out what they're holding in on the inside. I think I'd teach them poetry. I created my own poem about Scarlett the Cat using the beginning and end of The Old Gumby Cat by T.S. Eliot. A few pieces of Hate That Cat use poetry from other poets then Creech writes her own -- creative way to teach kids about poets and poetry. Anyway, here you go.

Image from Scarlett's Facebook Page

Scarlett the Cat (with The Old Gumby Cat by T.S. Eliot)

I have a Gumbie Cat in mind, her name is Jennyanydots;
Her coat is of the tabby kind, with tiger stripes and leopard spots.
All day she sits upon the stair or on the steps or on the mat;
She sits and sits and sits and sits--and that's what makes a Gumbie Cat.

Mr. Eliot, I have a special Gumbie Cat in mind,
but  her coat isn't of the tabby kind, but that of calico;
with spots and shades of orange, black and white.
Her name is Scarlett, Scarlett the brave
and although she may appear fragile,
she is quite strong and gives love to all.

Scarlett loves to sit in the sun
and think about her kittens,
the ones that she rescued that fateful day,
but, she keeps her beloved Karen company;
they rescued each other and give thanks.
Scarlett cuddles next to her on cold days,
And sits under the air on the hottest days--
Yet, there is never an unhappy face to Scarlett,
Even after carefully clipping her nails;
"You're such a beautiful girl, so calm,
So brave. We're so glad we have you.
We love you and will protect you."
It is evident in the way they cart Scarlett
To visit her kittens, a happy Mother's Day!

So for Old Gumbie Cats let us now give three cheers
On whom well-ordered households depend, it appears.

Even Miss Mimi watched as I wrote:
Even Miss Mimi loves Monoxide :D

And I decided to make strawberry ice cream with the strawberries I had left over:

Had about 9 inches.

Tuesday, February 4

I went into work today to make up from the library being closed yesterday for snow. Let me tell you, it was a difficult walk as it was badly plowed (mom's car battery died). As I waited for the Rambler, coming home, I snapped this picture.

 I decided to start working again on my Packers album from August 2012, but only completed a page: more planning!

Miss Mimi wanted to go out and things were melting, but we were bracing ourselves for the ice storm that was coming on Wednesday.

So, we lit the fireplace and waited for the storm.

Also, Twiztid announced:

And I also downloaded the first 4 The Fam, which was released in 2003.

I really enjoyed this EP. It has four songs and then an interview with Monoxide (I melted for that one, ah Monoxide is so dreamy). I enjoyed it because it reminded me when I first started listening to Twiztid, when they were around my age. Their young voices had a freshness, although I love their mature voices now too. Since this was released in 2003, I was in 7th/8th grade, just getting into Twiztid and brought back the good memories of getting into them and the crush on Madrox as well as helping me through rough times. The songs I liked the most are Superstar and Light N Truth, but Light N Truth is my absolute favorite.
My favorite line: Daydreaming is a way to escape /But I remind you that when you come back it's still gonna be the same way /It's up to you /Now what you gonna do?

Also, today Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday. The Today Show urged us to post pictures of ourselves from 2004, so I did. This was taken in July 2004 at Butterfly World in Florida.

Wednesday, February 5
Ah, the ice storm. A lot of places got hit badly, a lot of people lost electricity. There were a lot of down trees, but the library still opened.  It wasn't crowded though, but, I enjoy our black history display for Motown Records.

(Our Motown display at the Library for Black History Month)

According to the Motown Records Museum, despite the passage of time since Motown Records’ establishment in 1959 by Berry Gordy, tens of thousands of visitors pass through Hitsville U.S.A., home to the Motown Museum, each year. Their presence is a testimony to Motown’s legacy and to the charisma, talent and staying power of the music and those who made it. I can see why Hitsville U.S.A. is so popular to tourists and residents of Detroit alike; I remember as I was growing up I would listen to the Temptations, The Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas and other Motown greats with my dad. We would dance to these groups at Father/Daughter dances and we would dance the night away to “My Girl” (a personal favorite and to this day, it is still one of my favorites), “Heatwave” and “Baby Love” (another favorite of mine). I remember also listening to dad’s Oldies hits in his blue 1991 Oldsmobile and I would always be transformed and curious about the city they called home. I used to dream that someday I would go and just explore. It was similar to write Monoxide of Twiztid wrote in “2nd 2No 1,” “Like Stevie/I make em wonder why they're staring out their eyes but they still can't see me/I'm on your mind like a beanie/Blessed by the son of a fiend through a cassette and a CD/So many wish like a genie/That I would just go away but I'm everywhere like graffiti”
I suppose my exposure to Motown by my dad lead to the music I discovered in my teenage years and even now. I am influenced by Twiztid, Insane Clown Posse, Eminem, Kid Rock, Alice Cooper and The White Stripes. I remember when Anna’s friend Jackie suggested to me that I download Insane Clown Posse and Dark Lotus. I did and it forever change my life in 2003. Prior, I remember thinking as a 12 year old that someday I would move to Detroit to meet Eminem and marry him (of course, he’d divorce Kim… the things you dream about when you’re a pre-teen). I really loved what I heard from Psychopathic and discovered Twiztid. It was all about Twiztid at that time and I changed to wanting to meet Twiztid over Eminem. Then, I discovered rock: first it was Kid Rock by my friend Liz. Her mom LOVED Kid Rock, yet my mom wasn’t a fan. I loved his style and I loved “Rebel Without a Cause” when Liz burnt it for me. I discovered the White Stripes through dad, but I don’t remember how I found Alice Cooper, but I loved the shock image and his music. What all these artists have in common are how they rose from being poor. I’m inspired by how they worked hard to achieve their goals.
I remember thinking as a 12 year old that someday I would move to Detroit to meet these celebrities and also make a difference in someone’s life like they made in mine. I loved what I saw in films, album covers and dad’s old car books. I know in the past couple of years that Detroit has been in decline, but as I keep up with the friends from Detroit that I’ve met on my trips to Wisconsin and even people I’ve followed on Instagram, there is still a lot of beauty to Detroit from the landscapes and buildings that instills a hope in me that it can be fixed. As a 24 year old my perspective has changed since I was 12 because it’s not all about meeting Eminem or Twiztid or whatever my ambition was as a pre-teen; I can see myself living in Detroit because I’ve met friendly people and I believe in the city. With causes that are rebuilding the area and like the music artists and the whole history of Detroit, it always has been a city that worked itself up.

Here are the pictures from the ice storm. Although it caused a lot of damage (dad is going to help his cousin while I'm at the plunge, so I will be asking people for pictures with my camera), I thought the ice on the trees along with the snow was pretty.

My pictures from Hallowicked 2013 arrived today! I decided to put my Green Bay Packers game album to the side; I want to plan that a little bit more. I worked on my Hallowicked album instead.

I also decided to order Hydra by Within Temptation and Mostasteless by Twiztid. Don't worry, I still have plenty of money left in gift cards for my move. :D I just find it cheaper to buy albums instead of purchasing individual songs. I also still have CD players and love artwork.

I will be meeting Louis tomorrow for lunch!

Beautiful Miss Mimi getting brushed with Static Guard.

I ended my day with Looney Toons and South Park. I love Marvin the Martian and I'm so glad they played it.

Thursday, February 6

I decided that today I wanted to do something fun and to beat cabin fever. There are a few places in Philadelphia that I enjoy and I want to see them a few more times before I move: the Academy of Natural Sciences, The National Constitution Center, Art Museum  and Independence Hall. I am a member to the National Constitution Center and I can get in free. This month the Constitution Center is celebrating the amendments and today was the celebration of the sixth amendment. I wanted to see that and since it was free…

I also saw at the Academy of Natural Sciences they were bringing out their owls and other animals to display. I decided to go there as well. As soon as dad dropped me off at the P&W, I decided that I was going to the Academy of Natural Sciences first. As I was waiting, I was talking to this woman and I told her that I haven't been on SEPTA for a while because I'm relocating in the spring. She asked me where and I told her. She exclaimed, "I'm from there! You should check out these places (she gave me a list, one was Michigan State University)! If I would have known you 5 years ago, I could have told my friend who was in publishing out there. She's doing veterinary work now." Small world.

Anyway, I arrived in Philadelphia 10 minutes before the ANS opened. It was such a nice time. I saw the dinosaur displays, but not the current limited time one because that was $5 extra. Then I went to the butterfly exhibit. It's tropical, so it was a little overwhelming for me with heat. However, I love seeing the butterflies and that removed all discomfort. I dressed nicely today in hopes to get a new picture for LinkedIn. A butterfly didn't land on me I guess because my outfit wasn't bright enough (compared to when I wear my Packers stuff, butterflies love my Packers stuff), but I took a picture of me standing next to the owl butterfly. What do you think; LinkedIn picture?

Then after my half an hour adventure with butterflies, I ventured to the auditorium to see the live animal displays. The ANS was crowded today because schools were closed and a lot of people were without electricity. I was so happy to see the Great Horned Owl. However, I turned my flash off so I wouldn't scare the owl. After that was over, I went to the gift shop and bought myself an Octopus stuffed animal: it was on sale for $4 and I will be replacing him with the owl I bought for my costume for the plunge. The octopus is cuter. I think I'm going to name him Paul.

Thanks to Andrew pointing out why Paul is a fitting name. Not only is he named after Monoxide (my chinchilla will be as well), but Paul the Octopus was also a celebrity in Germany. :D

Then I met Louis for lunch and we went to the Constitution Center. Me and Louis Take Selfies withthe Founding Fathers. I didn't include it in the post from yesterday, but Louis took a picture of Ben Franklin with his iPad in his hand and I'm holding my Android texting Ben. Sadly, in Louis's picture I'm cut off and before he could get a picture with my camera, one of the volunteers came over and said she didn't like the idea of Ben holding the iPad (hopefully Louis uploads his pictures… once he does,  I will post them). Also, before we left for the day, Louis and I competed in presidential trivia. I won… I think the score was 150 to 110. It was a lot of fun. It was nice having someone to go with for a change.

Me being sworn in as the first female president. :)

Louis being sworn in.

Louis took this one. I'm texting Ben.

Oh, when I arrived home, sent me something! I love this site because for my account birthday, which I will be celebrating my 8th anniversary on February 24, my birthday and Christmas they send me something. This time they sent me 10% off in their store. I have to renew my paid account, so I will be using this to upgrade my account!

Thanks Story Master and Story Mistress! Your kindness is always appreciated. I'm so glad I joined. :)

Friday, February 7
Ah, the end of the week! It's been such a crazy week with all the snow and ice. Montgomery and Chester counties were hit hard; they declared a state of emergency in my part of Pennsylvania. The Polar Plunge is still on for tomorrow, though, can't wait! It has been such a peaceful week and I hope it continues. I still haven't heard back from the temp agency, but since it's been bad weather all week, I'll give them until next Wednesday. I also joined Pinterest and have been updating my Relocation Diary. Also, I saw that Write A House is only $5,000 away from their goal: I am going to donate a little something next paycheck and it's looking like the Spring might be a reality for them. I just have to figure out where to check my credit because I really want a house.

Day #33: I love when I get things in the mail.  Will be getting a frame soon and I can wait to listen to my new albums.

I have decided I am going to bring Paul to the Polar Plunge tomorrow and he will be part of my costume. He's much cuter than that owl I bought. I'm going to sell that owl on Amazon. As I left work today, my coworkers all said: "Good luck tomorrow! Don't freeze too much!" I'll just remember what Paws posted on Sunday for Groundhog's Day (Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow... 6 more weeks of winter):

I can't wait to see what next week has in store for me. :D Enjoy!


  1. Ooh, I got quoted! :) Still, it was a good piece of advice, even if I say so myself.

    I thought your strawberry ice cream was oatmeal at first! As long as it tasted good, that's all that matters. :)

    I love the picture of your dad with the Grumpy Cat shirt and the one with you being "sworn in"! :D

    1. I think I put too much cream in. :( But, once I went outside to get more snow, it was better. My guess is I needed a bigger bowl for the measurements Joy of Cooking gave me. It might be for serving at a party.

      It is a good piece of advice. :) Thank you! Dad loves his Grumpy Cat shirt; I'm glad I could find it on ebay. Hot Topic only had female shirts left and the only unisex one they had was 2XL (dad is an L/XL). Ebay had the unisex and his size. :D

      That was such a fun day. I'm glad he sent me the two he took from his phone. I love texting Ben although we got in trouble for it. :p Maybe I'll write something about the day for my portfolio after I'm done my Plunge piece.