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Thursday, February 27, 2014

100 Days of Happy: Day #53/ Thankful Thursday 2/27/2014

Day #53: New hat! And I had my favorite player embroidered. Welcome back, baseball season!

Today I am thankful for a few things. I heard back from a local temp agency and I go for my interview on Monday after I'm done work at the library. I'm excited, yet nervous at the same time. I said in the e-mail that I'm looking for part-time temp only work. I'm not going to tell them about the relocation because I was advised not to tell them until the time comes to move. I also learned the hard way in the past. I'm going to tell them that I am going to keep my library job and want to schedule around both (that's why I said part time). My library boss said her daughter used this agency and they are a temp only temp agency; she also liked them. I suppose my new resume did help things. I'm glad I connected with a girl in New York who had the same qualifications and used her template. It looks a lot better.

I posted my relocation resume on I'm not a fan of LinkedIn. I had a great day today, especially on As I've said before, I have always loved that community and they have all been so helpful. I'm also thankful for two people I reconnected with: Andre, someone I went to school with, I feel bad that I sort of vented on him last night about the frustrations of this process, but he listened with grace. I also reconnected with Jared today, a friend I met while in Green Bay. He has been really encouraging as well and I'm just so glad with everyone who has been encouraging in general (especially Barbara, Barb [Joyce's mom], Deb, Andrew, Sam, and Hanan. I just feel at peace right now.

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  1. Hey, we're all happy to help in any way we can. :)