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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

100 Days of Happy: Day #31/ Some Story Ideas

Day #31: Scrapbooking! I started my Hallowicked 2013 album today. I'm so glad to be getting back into it. I'll be working on more of it later.

Today is 2 months since things were dropped and in a few more days, it'll be three months since things happened. I wrote this poem the other day. I'm going to use this poem as a basis for a short story. Last year I wrote a story called "Irish Coffee," I forget the premise but I didn't finish it because I couldn't find an ending. I think it's going to be a story about coming to terms with assault.

Where do you find yourself
after you wake up from a nightmare--
a nightmare that was real, that even
your own imagination can't make up?
Your beautiful thick black hair is growing back,
you know he shaved you bald for humiliation.
Yet, that was the least of your worries,
as you wake up screaming, but even that varies:
you try to avoid the feelings and hold it in
to prevent the dark memories from bubbling,
but some people trigger you and it comes like waves,
the murderous, yet helpless feelings--
you can't even watch your favorite shows:
Law & Order, the ID Channel and Cold Case.
A few months in as the antibiotics wear off
and HIV tests cease, you're negative thank God,
you find yourself avoiding the town of the nightmare,
avoiding places you love near that shop
and you lost the few friends from mood swings.
However, in these few months you have learned--
learned who you are and take steps
on leaving this place behind, where unhappiness breeds.

I'll post "Irish Coffee" when I'm done, but it's going to be slow... I want to take time with it... I don't want to force any bad memories back.


  1. I hope that writing poems such as this one helps you. I look forward to reading "Irish Coffee".

    1. It did. I can't believe how life has changed since then. Hopefully when I move, I can move forward more.

  2. Things were dropped? *not sure of the weather across the Jessica nation*

    I'm happily watching my Putin documentary :3 I don't know the Putin song word-by-word, but maybe I'll learn it next week as the Olympics progress! I phoned the Lincoln Room and cancelled tomorrow since I don't feel well and Hannah said we could meet next week. I'll verify that with her after school, as she is now a schoolteacher.

    I know you're thinking of moving to Detroit, but what did you mean when you told Andrew you'll move forward more?