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Monday, February 17, 2014

100 Days of Happiness: Day #43/ President's Day, Huzzah!

Day #43: Happy President's Day! Enjoyed a day at Valley Forge Park to celebrate General Washington's birthday. Great day. 

President's Day, Huzzah!

"The real meaning of our fight," the General said,
"is to be with our friends, loved ones and family,
let's say 'hip, hip, huzzah!' to thank the band for our festivities!"
As we "hip, hip, huzzah" General Washington for his birthday,
a feeling of certainty, so close that I can taste it,
washes over me and a calm envelopes me.
I see the children standing around with parents and grandparents
and a longing  to be around Nan once more
and to be around those that want to help and truly care about me;
their love and concern makes me tear,
but I hold back for the party.
Yet, although my parents are here--
my calling is the Midwest, Michigan,
and people waiting with opened arms,
and although there are naysayers, sometimes many,
in the General's huzzahs and cheering--
don't expect everyone to understand your journey,
especially if they've never walked your path!
As the sword pierces the vanilla cake,
if everyone abandoned the Founding Fathers
or if the Founding Fathers listened to naysayers,
we wouldn't have moved forward as a Nation.

I taped the speech General Washington gave today. Please give it a listen.

I will miss my immediate family when I move, especially Mimi, but I know I can't stay here. I can't grow here. It's just been unhappy here for a very long time and my calling is out in the Midwest. My friends are there, my life is waiting there. And I believe that is the true meaning of independence: thanks for the lesson today. Again, if you can, please help. I'll be rewarding prizes!


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    1. Thanks. I'm hoping that temp agencies will help me.

  2. I'll have a listen. Agree with Claire's comment, too. :)

    1. Today when I get home from work, I have to upload the other videos to YouTube. I will be posting them for my blog party on Friday. I need to get caught up typing my OneNote because I write things out before Friday to save time.