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Friday, February 28, 2014

Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: A Trip Takes Us After the Struggle (Happy End of February!) 2/22-2/28

"We find after years of struggle that we do not
take a trip; a trip takes us." - John Steinbeck

Saturday, February 22

What a beautiful day! 52 degrees, sunshine and snow melt. There was some puddling though, but I enjoyed my walks. On my walk, I saw the guy that lent me his DSLR camera DVDs walking his grey hounds. He asked me how the job search was going and the relocation preparations. We talked for a bit, then talked about photography. He suggested taking my Nikon D3100 everywhere and I just might. His dogs are so sweet. :)

A tad bit windy today.

I thought this was cool. Yeah, I like shadows. But, I was victorious jumping over the huge puddles!

I am also dog sitting for Aunt Kathy tonight. Both Daphne and Sandy are very quiet. I'm lying in the basement, next to Daphne, and relaxing. I feel at peace.

My selfie with Daphne.

Mom-mom made this; Aunt Kathy inherited it and restored it.

Sunday, February 23

We stayed in King of Prussia today to go to Wegman's. I had a scone and mango Italian soda. It looks like the Italian soda was only seltzer water and then mango juice. I'll have to try it myself!

They also had Easter candy out already. I did find the little duck chocolate cute, but pure chocolate spells sugar coma to me.

After dad and I let Sandy and Daphne out, I decided to go for a walk since it was 55 degrees today. I decided to bring my camera and tripod. I ended up posing at Caley. I love swinging.

I love this one for some reason. I put a blue filter effect to it.

Monday, February 24

Happy 8th anniversary to me! It's been a wonderful 8 years on and you can view my look back at the past 8 years here. I have been getting wonderful reviews about some of the pieces I have written.

Today has been another nice day. Even Mimi is enjoying being outside and finally walking in the yard again (even braving walking across the few patches of snow we have left).

Tuesday, February 25

Today I helped mom at work. She works from home and has been behind filing. It gave me some job ideas for places near Detroit (and it made me more mindful of area codes out there). I enjoyed helping her in the morning. I always enjoy office work (as well as library work).

As soon as I emptied the box, Mimi jumped in and made herself home. Mimi loves boxes. :D

When I finished helping mom, I worked on my quilt for the rest of the day. I decided I'd listen to music on my CD player. The selection:

(Seems like my selection was popular. It is a good CD.)

Part of it. The side borders will be pink. Top and bottom borders will be purple with the floral corners.

Then dad came home at 3pm and had Little Caesar's Pizza! They're located in Norristown and we always talk about their commercials, but we never had it before. On dad's way home from work, he decided to get a box of deep dish pizza.

Dad is awesome! He brought home Little Caesar's for me. I never had the pizza before and I always talked about trying it. Thanks dad.  And the pizza is AWESOME!

Wednesday, February 26

I should have taken a picture of the new pre-school area on Monday when it was totally empty. The old pre-school place had stairs leading to the reading area. They took the stairs out, which I'm glad for because it was hard for kids to walk up and I'm sure it made it tough for handicapped people. I helped fill half the shelves on Monday, but today when I went in, it was totally done.

Of course, I had to take a picture of Mrs. Mouse. She's my favorite. I actually used it for my childhood section of my portfolio.

I love Love Beets. They're so good. ^_^ I also love this selfie of me for some reason too. :) I used this picture for WCW on Instagram.

Thursday, February 27

I trekked to the Plaza and hung out in Starbucks to edit my resume. I found a template and decided to use that. I like the edited resume better. The resume I sent to the temp agency here has my address here. I posted the relocation one to, Randstad and I'm still debating whether or not to put it on Career Builder or Monster. Here is what the resume looks like, it's from my portfolio: Jessica's Resume. It took me about an hour to work on it. Once I finished, I socialized with the one staff member. He remembered me from a few weeks ago and asked how relocation was going. He said I'll enjoy the Midwest because it's a unified place in the nation. I even socialized with some of the patrons and when I was putting my headphones into my ears, this little boy was staring at me, just watching. I waved and said, "Hiii" in my little kid voice. His mother said, "I look at this as a good thing, he used to be really shy. Except it might be creepy to you. Sorry about that." I laughed and said, "Nah. He's a little boy. No worries there, now if he was a grown man, that would be a different story." She laughed at that. It's funny how certain things are okay whereas something else isn't. Andrew knows what I'm referring to on this one…

I decided to go to Lids to see if they had youth Tigers hats. They did and it fit perfectly -- only $20 too. ^_^ She asked if I wanted anything embroidered on it like a logo, my name or my favorite player's name. I decided to go with Max Scherzer; I like him and I think he's cute. ;) The hat is cool and I can't wait to wear it when I see the Tigers in the future (granted, my hat will be a Scherzer hat and my jersey is a Fielder, which he was traded).

I think the cell phone selfie came out the best. I wasn't sure what to expect since I was outside and it seems like pictures are washed when outside with this phone inverted.

The ones I took with my Nikon D3100:

I also found the time capsule I made in 8th grade! :)

Here are some of the contents:

It's hard to believe this was 10 years ago. I've been friends with Carli and Josette for close to 12 years. It's crazy to think how time has flown and we still talk and are friends! It's a great feeling. :D

From 2003.
I still have this sweatshirt, though it doesn't fit me anymore (in one of the surveys I said I was 94 lbs, which is average for my height of 4'10). This picture was when I was citizen of the week. Here is the write up:

Hurdler of the Week 
Jessica Marie 

When her teachers were asked what Community of Caring values Jessica embodied, they had a difficult time narrowing it down because she is caring, respectful, responsible, trustworthy and a good student.

Jessica lived the first two years of her life in Bridgeport before moving to King of Prussia. She thinks she would like to live in Seattle, WA.

In the future, Jessica hopes to be a journalist living in a cottage in Seattle. She is inspired by her second grade teacher at Caley, Mrs. Regent, and her favorite subject, reading.

A cat and a fish named Slim Shady keep her company since she's an only child. She lives with her parents, but also stays with her grandma. Her best friends are Dianna and Liz. She also has good friends, Anna, Josette, Val and Dani, who live two hours away.

For enjoyment, Jessica always listens to her favorite bands: Nirvana, Hole, Alice In Chains, Twiztid and Jack off Jill. On weekends she likes to talk on the computer, and sometimes, baby-sit.

Jessica's favorite book is a biography about a girl named Cassie Vernall who was killed in Columbine for what she believed in. She says she liked the book because Cassie stood up for what she believed in even though she was killed for it. Reading is one of Jessica's "fun" things. She reports that her favorite flower is Lily of the Valley and her favorite colour is Black. (There's a surprise!) 

Ah, yes, I remember Slim Shady. He was a beta fish I received from dad (it was a flower vase that housed beta fish) for Valentine's Day 2001. There was another fish in there, one I named Fred (after Fred Durst), but Slim Shady killed him since beta fish are territorial. So, it was just Slim Shady until he died in 2004. As I said, I was an interesting child, but I named them after two celebrities I had crushes on at the time.

Also, I remember when I bought the Nirvana sweatshirt. I bought it at the beginning of October. I saw it a few weeks earlier and I wanted it. Being 14, I didn't really have steady work. Nan knew I wanted it, so she made a deal with me: I'd clean her house, scrub the toilet, bathroom floor and kitchen floor, then she'd buy the sweat shirt for me. I made the deal and spent a Saturday morning cleaning nan's house. The next Friday, when she was paid from her crossing guard job, she took me to Hot Topic and bought the $40 sweat shirt for me. That's why I refuse to get rid of it. I think I'm going to write a piece about it for my portfolio and include that image above. :)

And this CD still plays! I still love all the songs on the CD... 10 years later. :)

On I am a member of the RAOK Upgrade Brigade. I joined 6 years ago after some kind member nominated me for a free 3 month account upgrade. I think I received it a few times and I know I helped out a few times as well (when I had the money). I still get updates from the group and sometimes challenges. This month's challenge was to go to the community feed, find a member you never interacted with before, comment their status, then review a piece, make it public and then you'd get the risk taker badge. I did. I'm glad I did because it's been a year since I've had real community involvement and I'm so glad to be back. I'm thinking about having a physical badge mailed to myself because I feel like a risk taker since I'm planning to move. :)

It looks like Mimi likes Marvin the Martian as well. She does love watching TV, though.

Friday, February 28

Happy last day of February! I can't believe how this month flew by! It had its ups and downs, but it looks like it is ending on a good note. I've been blessed with some good fortune and I have an interview with the local temp agency on Monday. When I get the part time temp only job I'll be making some money along with my library job and freelancing. May is looking like a reality! So excited. ^_^

This year, the King of Prussia mall has stopped donating medals to the summer reading program. The library was asking for people's old medals that they don't need. Since I'm relocating, I don't need all the medals I had. I did keep one though. They were so thankful for the 5 gold medals I donated. I participated in the reading program from age 7 until 13 (you age out at 13... it's for children) and won a gold medal each year.

I kept my medals on a picture frame that Daniel gave me. Inside the frame is a name poem... it's so 1998 because I remember when they were popular. Beautiful poem though. :)

Paul decided to try on the cap. Taking after his name sake, HAHA.

The camera made these pictures blurry for some reason. :(

Day #54 (#100DaysofHappy): Uploading more of my music to my iPod today since it's been 3 months since I've updated my iPod and I need to catch up with what my old iPod had: 900 songs. I'm currently at 350 songs. Last night I had a Motown night and that was so much fun. I bought Sunshine Blind's Snake Charmer, on sale on Amazon for 89 cents. I remember first downloading the song in 2009 right before the dissolution of my first relationship; I could really relate to the sentiment well. I LOVE that song. I also bought Insane Clown Posse's Mighty Death Pop, which was also on sale for 89 cents. I also bought Pharrell's Happy last week.

I unloaded Now 48 today while emptying the ILL (Interloan Library) bag and was surprised to see Wallpaper on it. I remember listening to #Stupidfacedd with Christina and Deanna on WCUR. Apparently the station was given a copy of the single and Christina just loved it. It grew on me and I do have the song on my iPod. I gave Drunken Hearts a listen and it's not bad and it's a bit different from #Stupidfacedd, I'm not sure if I want to buy it, though. I just might wait for this CD to come back and copying it from Now 48

Well, it's been a good week. I can't wait to see what next week has to bring and I can't wait to share it with y'all. Please check out my LinkedIn profile and Portfolio. I'm going to close with my favorite picture of Colonel Meow - enjoy your weekend!