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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween (Hallowicked) 2013

I had an awesome Halloween! It was my last Halloween as a student at West Chester University and my friends made it extra special. ^_^ I had my alarm set for 4am, but I was up at 3am (probably from excitement because I'm like a little kid and Halloween still excites me). I think I texted Steven that I was up super early, but was just going to lie in bed. I could have done the elaborate makeup from Saturday, but I thought "Nah, I'll just go classic Mono." My alarm went off at 4am and I got out of bed. I did my routine backwards and brushed my teeth first. Then I went to my room and did the makeup (thanks for your help again, Steven!). The professional kit worked MUCH better. It was the same price as the kit I had on Saturday, I'm just surprised I didn't find the professional one earlier. Mimi (my cat) watched me as I got Jugglo-ed up (but then fell asleep). :D This makeup, since it was simple, took a half an hour. I had a full 45 minutes to watch TV this morning.

When I got onto the 99 (that's the bus I take to the mall to catch the 92 to West Chester), the bus driver just chuckled and I said, "Happy Halloween!" He replied with a big smile, "You're my first trick-or-treater!" He was so nice. It's a five minute ride to the mall and when I hopped off of the 99, some guy waiting for it saw me and said, "HOLY SHIT!" The reaction just made me laugh. The people on the 92 were awesome. Nick, one of the older workers who rides, absolutely loved it and showed me pictures of his grandchildren. I showed him the pictures from Saturday and he was amazed at the "Down With Us" Mono look. Then another young girl who works at Immaculata and one of my buddies from the 104 got on and loved it. The girl said, "Man, I should have worn my costume!" She showed me what she was on Saturday. Her costume was awesome. :) The guy (I think his name is Chris... I took the 104 at 5:15am... I was half asleep when I rode that bus) said he brought his costume to wear to work, but he wasn't sure how his boss was going to react. He said they were having a Halloween party after work. It was a pleasant ride. ^_^

Brittany and Caeli, my coworkers at the office, loved my costume. Brittany took a few photos and I had one with Caeli too. Adel, Donna and Darlene LOVED Mono. Adel just laughed, Donna said I looked cute and Darlene said I pulled off the look very well. :D My creative writing professor just laughed, he asked me about Monoxide and Twiztid, Andrew was the only one in the class to comment (and say, "Awesome! Looking good!"), but Patrick did say, "oh my God!" I did get stares though. The professor who teaches in the classroom before my class just laughed and said, "Happy Halloween!" I told him the reaction from the guy getting on the 99 and he said, "Yep, it is intimidating, but I know you're a nice girl. Happy Halloween!" I scared a girl in the bathroom, but then she later laughed and said, "Good costume."

I met Christina and Louis for pictures and lunch. We took some pictures in town, in front of the court house. It was a lot of fun, especially with Christina and I with the gang signs, me with the wicked sign and Louis reenacting the Crow. We went to lunch at Peace a Pizza and just caught up. When we were walking out of Peace of Pizza, I saw a guy with a pumpkin head. I said to Christina and Louis, "OH MY GOD! I MUST GET A PICTURE WITH HIM!" I ran across the street, I was hyper, and said, "I LOVE YOUR COSTUME! Would you mind getting a picture?" His friend took like 5 pictures, then Louis and Christina hopped in for a few. I think he was supposed to be the Headless Horseman? Anyway, it was so nice catching up with Louis and Christina. It's hard to believe that I graduate in 6 weeks. I'm glad I took the hour off of work to spend some time with them. :)


After work I went to get my half off frozen yogurt at Kiwi and everyone loved Monoxide. I then went to Dia Doce and the guy in there said, "Wow, look at you! What are you supposed to be?" I replied, "Monoxide from Twiztid." "Ah, the guys under Insane Clown Posse!" He laughed. The owner said, "Insane what?" He explained it to her and then said, "I have some ICP in my truck, I'll let you listen!" She replied, "I probably won't like it." We all laughed. I got a free cupcake. ^_^ I only had to buy a coffee (I needed it).

I arrived home at 6:05. We didn't have many trick-or-treaters this year, but the ones that did come were AWESOME! My baby cousin (okay, maybe not a baby since he's 16) stopped by with a group of friends. Their costumes ROCKED. One was Obama, one was the government shutdown and then a bunch of others. I probably sounded like the crazy lady, but I said, "Can I get pictures with you all?! You all have AWESOME costumes!" They laughed and agreed. I know Jason (my cousin) doesn't like pictures too much and he wasn't really dressed, so I put him in charge of the camera.

The sign read: ""Due to the government shutdown, this costume has lost its funding. We are sorry for any inconvenience." Epic costume of the year (besides mine and the other Juggalo/Juggalette costumes  )! "

Just an awesome Halloween/Hallowicked! Great day on my favorite holiday! ^_^ I hope y'all, dear readers, had a wonderful Halloween as well. As I explained to Jason, I made the album public (for now) so his friends could see the pictures and tag themselves if they wanted to. So, enjoy the album while it's still public!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Devils/Mischief Night Pumpkin Carving

Tomorrow is Halloween! To spend this Devils/Mischief Night (The eve of Halloween is called Devil's Night in Michigan and Mischief Night in Jersey and Philadelphia) mom and I carved two pumpkins. This is my first time carving as dad did that in the past. Twiztid is showing off family pumpkin carvings, so I submitted some pictures. :) Let me share with you the process and outcomes.

Oh, I carved the Headless Horseman! I sort of had a mishap... his head fell off and mom had to toothpick it back on.

The headless horseman stencil.

After the tracing and before I cut.

The final products.

This is what I submitted to Twiztid. They have a concert tonight in Detroit, so hopefully tomorrow it'll be on their Instagram.

I will get a picture of me with the pumpkins tomorrow as Monoxide. :D

So excited for tomorrow! ^_^

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Them! (Review)

Them! is a 1954 American black and white science fiction film about a nest of gigantic irradiated ants discovered in the New Mexico desert. The film is based on an original story treatment by George Worthing Yates, which was developed into a screenplay by Ted Sherdeman and Russell Hughes for Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.. It was produced by David Weisbart, directed by Gordon Douglas, and stars James WhitmoreEdmund GwennJoan Weldon and James Arness

New Mexico State Police troopers Ben Peterson (James Whitmore) and Ed Blackburn (Chris Drake) discover a little girl in shock, wandering the desert near Alamogordo. They retrace her steps to a mobile home owned by an FBI agent named Ellinson, who was on vacation in the area with his wife and two children. The side of the trailer was ripped open from the outside, and the rest of the family is missing. The girl briefly responds when strange, distant sounds echo out of the desert on the wind.
More mysterious deaths and disappearances occur. A general store owner named "Gramps" Johnson is found dead; his store is also torn apart from the outside. No cash was taken from the register, but a barrel of sugar was smashed open. Gramps' Winchester rifle was fired and is now twisted out of shape. Peterson leaves by car to check on the little girl and then make a report, leaving Blackburn to guard the store alone. Blackburn hears a strange, pulsating sound outside and leaves to investigate; off-camera gunshots are fired, the strange sound grows faster and louder, and Blackburn' screams are heard.
A single, oddly shaped footprint is found near the trailer, and a plaster cast is made and sent to Washington, D.C. Peterson's boss later points out that Gramps, a crack shot, had time to fire all his ammunition at his attacker. Even more puzzling is the coroner's determination of Johnson's cause of death: a broken neck and back, skull fracture, crushed abdomen, and "enough formic acid in his body to kill 20 men."
The FBI sends agent Robert Graham (James Arness) to investigate after the bureau is unable to identify the footprint. With him he brings Dr. Harold Medford (Edmund Gwenn) and Dr. Pat Medford (Joan Weldon), a father/daughter team of entomologists from the Department of Agriculture. At the footprint's site, the senior Medford examines the footprint. He later tries an experiment on the Ellinson girl by exposing her to formic acid fumes, reviving her from a catatonic state; she screams and yells out "Them! Them!"
His suspicions are validated by her reaction, but he won't reveal his theory quite yet; doing so prematurely might lead to a nationwide panic. Daughter Pat then encounters a giant, eight-foot long foraging ant. The lawmen empty their .38 revolvers into the insect with little effect. On directions from the senior Medford, Peterson and Graham shoot off the ant's antennae, blinding it; they then empty their Thompson submachine gun's magazines, finally killing it. Medford finally reveals his theory: the giant ant was likely mutated by irradiation from the first atomic bomb test near Alamogordo.
After the giant ants' nest is located by helicopter, poison gas bombs are tossed in, and Air Force General O'Brien (Onslow Stevens) orders soldiers into the nest to kill any survivors. Deep down inside, Pat Medford finds evidence that two other queen ants have hatched and have left to establish new colonies. Trying to avoid a general panic, the government covertly investigates any reports of unusual activity, even sightings of "flying saucers."

~Wikipedia: Them!

Since I missed the Mega Bad Movie Night at the Academy of Natural Sciences last Thursday, I decided to rent Them! from the library. This is one of dad's favorites. It was a pretty good movie and somewhat funny because of the age and the special effects from back then. I'd definitely recommend it!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kottonmouth Kings' Cruizin

I heard of Johnny Richter  through Twiztid's "Wasted" and really liked his style. I wanted to see what band Johnny Richter is from and through Google I found out he was (or is) in Kottonmouth Kings. I was interested and searched for them on YouTube. I only had time for this video and I really love the song. "Cruizin" reminds me a little bit of Sublime's "Santeria" with the feel good vibe and stoner tinge to it. It's a fun song and I can see why Twiztid is a fan of KMK. :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party with Old School at the Whitpain Tavern

We finished eating dinner around 6pm and I'm glad I started doing my makeup right after I finished. I didn't think it would take that long, but then again the last time I did Juggalo paint was for Halloween 2005 (and it wasn't as intricate). The white paint I bought kept caking and I had to apply a lot more. I kept taking pictures for Steven (a friend from Facebook/Instagram) and he gave me some tips. I finally thought, "this is as good as it's going to get." He said I was finally white enough. It took about 45 minutes to get the white on. Next I had to draw around the eyes. I knew I could handle that. I put on "Down With Us" and paused at Monoxide's part. I carefully drew around my eyes with the crayon, then the eye liner and I used the paint that came in the makeup kit. It took about 15 minutes to do both eyes. I then went downstairs and said, "Dad! I need your assistance!" I knew I was going to have trouble with the mouth. Mom was sitting in the kitchen and said, "I might be able to help!" I said, "Here's what the mouth needs to look like, would you mind doing this please?" She drew on my mouth with the paint carefully and it sort of tickled. That took about 10 minutes and we used all the black paint. Most of the white paint is gone; I have to go to Halloween store today to get more. Fortunately, I'm doing the classic Monoxide look on Thursday because that should be quicker. My makeup turned out awesome, though! We were finished by 7:20pm.

After mom took a picture of me with her cell phone for her Facebook and dad took a few photos of me (I have one picture with Wesley), dad and I headed out. We had to stop at Aunt Kathy's to let out the dogs and feed them. Then we were on our way to the Whitpain Tavern. During our drive, dad brought up his cousin who was in the Warlocks and did drugs back in the 60s (he just got back into touch with us recently, but he's been always calling and he's sort of lost his marbles so dad doesn't really want to get too close) and dad said, "I just remember thinking it was so cool when I was 10. He would come to our house with his gang at night and use our pool. His wife died at 27, though, from cancer. She was so nice, it was sad." It was a little spooky driving through Norristown at night; I was glad when dad and I arrived in Blue Bell. When dad dropped me off at the door of the Whitpain Tavern, a few people looked at me and said, "Hmmm... I wonder what she is? We should ask!" It sounded like they liked it and were a bit surprised with my costume. :)

Once inside, I saw Ruth-Anne (John's, the bassist, wife), Jennifer and Shakey's significant other. I gave Ruth-Anne a big hug and then Jennifer gave me a big hug. I think Jennifer was dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake. I really liked her costume. Ruth-Anne and the other woman weren't dressed up. The waitress that waited on their table had an awesome costume: she said she was Poison Ivy. She had a red wig, light green leotard and a green tutu with fake ivy around the shoulders. She said it was homemade. I stood talking to Jennifer and Ruth-Anne for 10 minutes, then I found another table and sat down. When I sat down, I saw a guy in a Gumby costume come through the door. He was very friendly and had the Gumby voice saying hi to everyone. He went to the back of the bar with his friend that was dressed up as Death and his wife. I asked him if he could get a picture with me and he did. ^_^ Gumby said, "I love your costume!" I replied, "Likewise. Your costume is awesome!" I went back to my table and a waiter started a conversation with me, he loved my costume. We talked for a good five minutes, he was pleasant.

Then someone dressed as someone from KISS walks in. He's there for Old School as well. He walks past me and I said, "Happy Halloween! How did you prevent your white paint from not caking?" He replied, "Oh, I bought this special solution" and he walked away. I did get a picture with him and Jennifer later though. :) Then, I had a picture with Poison Ivy. She put on her mask. She was so nice. Old School started to play and they had a smoke screen, which made pictures hard to get at first. I snapped a few pictures, then sat back down until the smoke dissipated. I was watching the baseball game -- St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox. After the smoke dissipated, I went back center stage and took some pictures. Shakey decided to play "Detroit City Rock" and I thought it was perfect given the boys from Twiztid are from there. That made me so happy. ^_^ I rocked out for the rest of the set and took some pictures. At break, I took pictures with them.

During the break, I talked to the one waiter who commented on my costume. He was some sort of witch. I took a picture with him and we exchanged Facebooks. He is from Nigeria, I think he said. I requested him, so hopefully he adds me back! During this time, I was comfortably sitting at my table watching the game. This guy that was following Old School came up to my table to watch the game with me. He said, "Awesome! Detroit Tigers!" and showed me his Tigers tattoo. That was neat; then he said, "Fuck Boston! I hope the Cardinals win." I said, "Yep, me too!" They beat my Tigers. >_< We watched the game until the next set started. When the set started, Gumby walked by me and said Hey, then asked if I worked here. I said no and he walked away. I guess he only talks to the waitstaff? It was sort of bizarre. I met his friend that was dressed up as Death. We took a picture and talked a bit. He was cool and his costume was also cool.

Toxi-Kab came at midnight to pick me up. As I was waiting for Robin to arrive, I saw the KISS guy again and asked him about the stuff he bought. Apparently it's a special solution that you can buy on South Street. He has had his for 10 years because you don't need a lot. Maybe I'll look into it. Robin came and picked me up and we just talked on the way back home. Toxi-Kab is a non-profit cab service for people who had been drinking. It prevents accidents and you can pay whatever you have. She said she likes me because I'm not obnoxious or really drunk like others. I only had three drinks last night: Jack and Coke, hard apple cider and a Jager Bomb. It was a really fun night and it was so nice to see everyone again. I'm glad I'm starting to feel  a little bit better because it's always fun with Old School. ^_^ I'm looking forward to Thursday when I dress up for school.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party 10/19-10/25

I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this in November or if I'll do something at the end of the month. What do you think? Tomorrow night is the costume party! So excited and I can't wait to be Monoxide. I also can't wait to see the rockers of Old School (it's been 7 months). I made an appointment with Toxicab. She's a non-profit, charitable organization. She started it to keep drunk drivers off the road. I used her once and she's great. It's all by donation, so it'll be cheaper than a cab. Dad will be bringing me. :)

Saturday, October 19

I went to the Creature at the King of Prussia Mall. It was really neat. :)

The Detroit Tigers vs. The Boston Red Sox were on. I repped my Tigers jersey. They were doing good until the 8th inning when Shane Victorino scored a grand slam. That was painful. >_< The Tigers lost 5-2. Next year I will be following the Brewers, Tigers, and Orioles.

This is a preview of my Mono costume. However, tomorrow I will have the makeup and will have my hair pulled back.

These pictures were used for my review of Abominationz.

Sunday, October 20

Graduation picture day! We ventured to Chanticleer Gardens to take the pictures. My one friend laughed at the fact I was wearing jeans and sneakers under the gown. I didn't realize I forgot to change until we arrived at the park. Ooops!

These are a few of the pictures dad took with my little point and shoot camera. Here are a few mom took:

I thought this flower was pretty, but I'm not sure what it is (though mom thinks it's a Zinnia):

Earlier that morning, mom and I went to the Wegmans in Collegeville and I had this awesome cookie with a pumpkin latte.

Tuesday, October 22

I ordered the House of Krazees cassette. HOK was Twiztid's first band before they disbanded and Mono and Madrox formed Twiztid. Twiztid was selling 500 cassettes to correspond with the original release in 1993. I had to get it! I still have my first CD/cassette tape player I was given for my 9th birthday back in 1998. I ordered it off my cell phone and was sitting in Dia Doce's to order this. It was after my class. I was on my cell phone to order it and I was playing around with it because I never order things from my phone. The guy comes in and says, "Hey! Nice seeing you again! What are you looking at." "I'm looking to order a House of Krazees cassette." "House of Krazees?" "Yeah, it was Twiztid's old band before they left and formed Twiztid." He went to the bathroom. I accidentally had 2 cassettes in my cart and called the Twiztid shop (the guy that runs that shop was awesome and extremely nice!). Apparently this guy was telling the owners about me and House of Krazees because when I got off the phone, Thais, the owner asked me about them. Then this guy started a conversation with me about the Packers and then Twiztid. He asked me if I liked hardcore rap and I said, "And metal. I love Twiztid and ICP, but mostly metal." "Oh, really? Why?" I wasn't thinking and thought of what one of my old friends said, "I'm aggressive." "Really? What makes you aggressive?" I'm bad at on the spot stuff like that, "Traffic. It burns me up." He thought it was funny, then asked if I had a boyfriend, I said no. "Have you ever had one?" "Yeah, they didn't last long. We were both aggressive and got into fights." Then he said he wanted to listen to the HOK cassette when it came in and wanted a copy of Twiztid to check them out. I also told him my plans of moving and he said, "Whatever you decide, I support you!"
I was 10 minutes late to work. Ooops. O_O Probably sorta awkward. #Nofilter #Noshame

Every Tuesday night I like to sit down to Spongebob. He's usually my go to show when nothing is on. This episode is from 1999. The earlier episodes are my favorites!

Wednesday, October 23

I bought Wesley's costume at Build a Bear. I can't bring him tomorrow night (don't want to lose him or get him dirty), but I will be bringing him to school on Halloween. He'll be the pumpkin while mom (me) is Mono. :)

Thursday, October 24

I went to Dia Doce's again. That guy wasn't there. If I can burn the CD, I'll just leave a note with it. I should have asked for his name on Tuesday (I didn't even think of it... was too in the moment).

It was a very cold day yesterday, as well as today. Last night I just hung out inside to keep warm. Mimi was even doing the same. She hangs out by my laptop if it's cold outside.

Dad and I enjoyed our new kitchen (mom was on business). It's insulated now. Here are some new kitchen pictures. They're from mom's Facebook, however.

It must have been cold here because a cricket was in our kitchen. They normally hang out in the basement. I think it was 34 degrees here last night.

Friday, October 25

Happy Purple Friday!

This is what I was greeted to when I came home from work. Mimi was cuddled in the blanket. It was cold and I'm sure she missed having people home.

The awesome movie dad and I are watching now. I'm sad that I missed Mega Bad Movie Night last night at the Academy of Natural Sciences. :(

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday 10/24/2013

It's an example of scenarios
Use your time to leave a mark stronger than a miracle felt in a soul
To a believer, you don't have to say it twice
To a skeptic, I'm sure no proof will ever suffice
To a sinner, it was over before it ever began
To the lost and lonely, sometimes they only need a friend

~Lift Me Up by Twiztid

I didn't get a chance to write my blogging essay yet, but I am going to get into a little bit of it for Thankful Thursday. Over the years I have met many friends through various blogging platform. In 2003, I conversed with a girl named Amanda on Deadjournal and we became the best of friends. When she created a Livejournal, I followed her over there (she didn't keep DJ and just used LJ) and we talked until 2006. We were best friends, although we never met. We also shared our lives; she would tell me about the ups and downs (mostly ups) about her relationship with her boyfriend, Matt. They broke up in 2006 and that's when we stopped talking, sadly. I think we stopped talking because she deleted LJ after the breakup. But, when it wasn't boyfriend talk, it was just girl talk and talking about my trials and tribulations. It reminds me of my friendship with Stevie, whom I met on Greatestjournal (GJ). We were very similar: we were both depressed, loved Alice In Chains and Twiztid, loved the same movies and we just understood each other. She lived in Ohio, but I forget where in Ohio. We would always snail mail each other at holidays and birthdays. Stevie felt like a sister to me because of how close we became. Sadly, after she broke up with Chase (he became a good friend of mine as well. He was awesome too and I had a little crush on him. Sadly, my mood swings in 2011 scared him away) in 2008 she stopped talking to me. I don't blame her. That sorta happened to me when Jacob broke up with me. It hurt a little bit, though. Of course, nowadays I have Andrew. ^_^ Andrew, I'm very thankful for you because you always listen without complaint and you're always a big help. I hope one day we can meet one another. :)

Today I was telling my therapist about getting in touch with Juggalos and Juggalettes via Twitter and Instagram. I said to her, "It makes me wonder why I fell out of touch with Twiztid for a few years. I forgot how welcoming we are of family." All the friends I have made via those social networks have been wonderful and we call each other family. I can't wait for everything. ^_^ I remember something similar from middle school and high school, except it was with the few of Anna's friends and a few people on Livejournal. I'm hoping I can meet more family now. :) Twiztid's music has always made me feel included and I now remember why I always felt better when I listened to their music. I'm finding now it still calms me down. Juggaloshit finally e-mailed me back. I won't get the jersey until after Christmas. The person is also a Packers fan and is from Jersey. We conversed back and forth last night. It was so nice. ^_^

Anyway, I think that's what my essay will be about. What do you think? Regardless, I'm thankful for the friends from blogging over the years and my current online/blogging buddies. :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter to Twiztid

I'm not going to send it until next week. I want to send them my Halloween picture. Do you think that would be too weird, though? How does the letter sound? Does it sound sincere? Do I sound boring in the introduction?

October 23, 2013

Hi Monoxide and Madrox!
How are you? I hope all is well. First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Marie Cavaliere and I’m 24 years old. I live in King of Prussia, PA and have always lived here. I work at a library and at my university as a secretary for the computer lab. I also graduate in December with a writing degree. It’s been five and a half years and I’m so excited (however, finding a post-college career is proving to be challenging). I love music and have been a fan of Twiztid since I was 14. I also love football: my teams are the Packers (I know, Monoxide, I listened to the radio show you and Madrox hosted in May, you’re a Lions fan and a big rival of ours. I think that could be an interesting conversation, haha.) and the Ravens. I am also an amateur photographer and I love to scrapbook.

I am writing to tell you that I love your music and you have saved my life. Your music as well as my dad and grandma really helped me out during these dark times in middle and high schools. I remember when I first started listening to Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid, it was in 2002/2003 and I was always visiting a friend that lived two hours away. I was bullied in middle school and I never really fit in here (I still feel like I don’t fit in here), so Anna would invite me to stay with her over the weekend to get away from the harassment of girls calling me for hours or leaving really lewd comments on blogs and AIM. When I stayed with Anna, I would hang out with her friends. They were 16-18 at the time and they were heavily into ICP, Dark Lotus and Twiztid. We’d listen to music for hours and I always felt like I belonged there. I was really depressed at the time and it always made me feel better. I explored more of Twiztid later and copied Freek Show from someone at school. I fell in love with that CD along with “Wrong With Me” and “Darkness.” Sadly, around that time Anna moved far away and I didn’t really see much of her friends anymore. I felt alone. I really believe at this time your music prevented me from committing suicide. I remember listening to “Wrong With Me” and I just felt like someone could finally relate to what I was feeling. My mom used to write off my problems and my depression as something that didn’t exist or I was a spoiled brat (that came out when I was 16 and the school called my parents saying they were worried about my depression), and she still does that. It just made me feel like I belonged somewhere.

“Darkness” helped me get through my last breakup in 2009. The song was on my iPod and I listened to it all the time. Around that time I was put on an antidepressant and was diagnosed with major depression along with hypothyroidism. I believe the meds they put me on back then made me numb to the world and I just didn’t feel like doing anything. The few friends I had during this time left around this time. Your music became like a long lost cousin up until this year. Someone betrayed me and “Darkness” popped up on my iPod. I just bought a new laptop and needed to update my iPod. I thought to myself, “I need to listen to more Twiztid. I also need to find Freek Show.” That day I went on a Twiztid binge at work and listened to your music on YouTube. I listened to Freek Show as well as your newer music. I loved it all. I found Freek Show and uploaded it to my iPod. I also bought Abominationz and A New Nightmare a few weeks ago. I loved both albums, but Abominationz spoke more to me. I could really relate to the anger and emotions on that album. My grandma died in January. I was very close to her. Every time I listen to “LDLHA-IBCSYWA”, I cry, because I feel that since she has died I have become lost and I’m not really sure who I am anymore. I really have no friends here anymore. I feel alone some times. Sometimes I struggle with identity. I really want to move out of here and “Lift Me Up” really describes that feeling well. I never felt connected to an album before and I listen to it every day. I’m taking a novel writing class and my novel in progress is a roman a clef or a novel based on real life but with a bit of fiction thrown in. I’m going to be using your music in the novel. If you want, I can send it to you when I’m done. I’m not sure how good it’ll be, but I’m willing to share it with you.

I’ve been watching YouTube a lot lately. I found a video, I’m assuming it’s from 2003 because the Green Book is mentioned, that interviewed Monoxide. In the video it talked about Monoxide’s anxiety issues. I felt for you, Monoxide. I actually wanted to give you a hug. I know all too well how that feels. I hope you’re feeling better! I think about you all the time and really hope so. I really look up to you Monoxide and Madrox. I find you two to be brilliant and very funny. Big Money Hustlas and other videos you have posted on YouTube with jokes always puts a smile on my face. I love your humor. I do have a few questions for Monoxide, however. Every Monday, I post pictures for Man Crush Monday on Instagram. I always post pictures of you and Madrox. I found some of your Lil Poot pictures and noticed you didn’t have tattoos at that point in time. When did you get your first tattoo and how many do you have? Also, what are some of your hobbies when you’re not busy touring or recording new music?

This Halloween I’m dressing up as you, Monoxide, from the “Down With Us” video. I was sad that the Tigers lost to the Red Sox in the playoffs. I am going to send you a picture. :) I want to thank you for reading this letter, I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your music: you have helped me through a lot. I hope you have a great tour and I can’t wait to see more on Twitter. I also hope you come to Philadelphia soon. I’d love to attend one of your concerts and would love to meet you. :)

Much love,


Monday, October 21, 2013

On Blogging

Bummer, it doesn't look like I saved my essay about blogging and how it changed my life from 2006 either. :( I wrote it when I first joined, when I was recovering from depression and trying to get my life back together. It was probably pretentious. I'm going to see if it's on my LJ or DJ. Nope, doesn't look like I posted it there either. It seems like a lot of the things I wrote in high school are gone.

That's okay though, I think I'm going to rewrite how blogging has changed my life. I started on Deadjournal (DJ) in 2003, a day after my 13th birthday on July 4th. The following year I was on LiveJournal. At one point I had 5 blogs that I updated regularly.Nowadays I only use Blogger and sometimes I will update Deadjournal. I might make more private thoughts for DJ since it's private and there aren't many people on it anymore. The only person still on it is my British buddy, Tweek. I might also include Instagram. I posted one of my graduation pictures to Instagram yesterday and all the people of the Juggalo/Juggalette family that have followed me (and I have followed) congratulated me and made me feel so proud and warm. One girl said, "I have a few more months. #Congrats #Succeed #MCL" and another, "Congrats homie #MCL". It's those little things that made me happy, especially with the struggles over the 5.5 years.

I think I will write this up starting tomorrow. :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Adventures Through and Graduation Pictures in Chanticleer Garden

Today mom, dad and I ventured to Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, PA. Mom decided last week that we should go to Chanticleer for pictures instead of Mill Grove because at that time Valley Forge Park was still closed and mom thought Chanticleer would be prettier.

Chanticleer rocks, although the last time I went to Mill Grove I was 2 and don't remember it. I would like to go, though. We walked around the gardens for a half an hour, looking for spots to take pictures. Very beautiful flowers were growing and the historic buildings were just perfect. This was definitely a great place for graduation pictures. Here are a few mom took with her DSLR camera. The few pictures dad took with the SLR camera in my Fall 2013 album.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Better Review of Abominationz by Twiztid

Since today I had a cavity filled and my mouth is still in pain from the work my dentist did and the novacane shot, I didn't really get much writing done. Tomorrow I will work on my 2 page English portfolio, I promise. Anyway, since I am relaxing, I have decided I will write a better review of Twiztid's Abominationz. Last Sunday, I posted this review, but I want to get into more detail. :D

Abominationz was the last album Twiztid released with Psychopathic Records (they left the label on December 12, 2012). The album was released on October 22, 2012. There are two versions of the album: Madrox version or Monoxide version. They are pretty much the same, except for the last two songs. I own the Madrox version of Abominationz, so I will be reviewing that version.

Besides the New Nightmare CD, this has honestly been the only album I listened to straight through and enjoyed every song. I literally uploaded almost all the songs to my iPod. I find Abominationz to be brilliant, emotional and I can relate to it very well: I am not disappointed at all. According to Wikipedia, Abominationz was predominately produced by Michael "Seven" Summers, the inhouse producer for Tech N9ne. This producer provided a more varied sound for Twiztid because he used blues for "Bad Side," a power ballad for "LDLHA-IBCSYWA" and drawing electro, rap rock throughout the album. This is why I absolutely love the album. I loved their earlier albums, but this album is rich in sound and I believe it could be enjoyed by a diverse group of people. I will go through some of the songs I like and why I like them.

Bad Side: Bad Side has a Southern rock/blues sound to it and the song reminds me of music that would be played in a horror movie. I believe this song sums up Twiztid's reputation and their lives. I find the lyrics to be well crafted in this song and I can't help singing along with it. I will put this on repeat on walks. My favorite lines: "the world is cold, who gives a fuck if they don't care!" "so shun me, the world's been dragging me down, now I'm ugly, no beauty to be found."

Rep That Wicked: This is the beginning of the horror sound that Summers incorporates into the album, definitely bringing out Twiztid's style. The lyrics are very Twiztid and are very catchy. Rep That Wicked is definitely a song for true Juggalos and Juggalettes. :)
Favorite line: "sheep so enamored by the "flav of the week" fad, right now it's skinny jeans and weak raps, rehab stats I'm the reason you relapsed perhaps?"

This Is Your Anthem: I LOVE this song. This song has more of a rock feel and if you're depressed (at least for me, when I'm depressed...) it'll make you feel a bit better or at least know you're not alone in feeling so bad.
Favorite lines: "And it's always the lonely ones begging you not to go, but life's too short to live that shit slow" and "this is your anthem, this is your saving grace, this is your anthem, time to take your life back."

LDLHA-IBCSYWA: "Love Don't Live Here Anymore, It's Been Cold Since You Went Away." This song literally makes me cry. I feel this song sums up my life pretty well, especially since nan passed away. This has some beautiful piano playing, it's definitely a power ballad and gives the listener a chance to listen to the lyrics and just be transformed.
Favorite lines: "They tend to misunderstand the paper man with scissor hands who watches the hourglass for grains of sand," "Cause I'm not even sure what I'm after, I know my life is a disaster and I better straighten it out," "And I gotta be honest, I'm not even sure who the fuck I am on a constant basis, so many faceless faces that are faced with 'who the fuck am I'"

It's Hard to Smile When You're..: After listening to LDLHA-IBCSYWA, you definitely need this skit. It's so funny, especially since we're all crying and we need the laugh.

I would definitely recommend this CD; it's worth the $11 that they charge at Best Buy. It is definitely an album to listen to all the way through and you won't be disappointed. Enjoy! Much clown love, readers!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Secret Life of Bloggers: Blog Party 10/12-10/18

Saturday, October 12

Dad and I went to West Chester's homecoming. This was my first homecoming as well as my last. At least I made it to one in the 5 years I was here! :p We won and we're 6-0. ^_^ This is probably my last picture with Rammy because I doubt he/she comes to graduation. Enjoy some older Rammy pictures:

This was taken in October 2012. Funny, I'm wearing the same jacket. Just a different purse and my hair is shorter.

April 2012. This was taken with my old phone. It's when the DAC opened and I had to be there for work.

And a game photo I took from my phone. Wow, a good picture for a close up. O_O

Sunday, October 13

Mom, dad and I went to Famous Dave's in Wilmington, DE. We had a coupon for dad's birthday. It was awesome as always -- I ordered a burger with pork on it with collard greens. Yum. :D We also watched the Ravens/Packers game. It was a hard game for me as I like both the Packers and Ravens, but the Packers won.

I was planning my Halloween costume. It was a tie between being Madrox or Monoxide. This jersey was on Juggaloshit. This would have been the jersey if I was Madrox. I e-mailed Juggaloshit about the sizing and I e-mailed the person on Ebay about the Tigers jersey about their sizing because that would be for the Monoxide costume. I had bought my makeup for the costume on the day before.

Monday, October 14

Juggaloshit never e-mailed me back. Ebay did and I would be an XL in a baseball jersey. I ordered the jersey and decided I will be Monoxide from the "Down With Us" video for Halloween. :D

Tuesday, October 15

After my creative writing class, I went to Starbucks. It's been unseasonably warm here (except today was cooler, thank goodness) and I ordered a Refresher with a Pumpkin cookie. Yum. :D

Since I was the only one in the office, I watched Big Money Hustlas with ICP and Twiztid. This movie was made in 2000 and it was hilarious (I liked it better than Big Money Rustlas, which was made in 2010). Madrox as Big Stank and Monoxide as Lil Poot made the movie. My favorite scene:


(Up until the gun scene... that was meh. But the parts before that were hilarious)

I made this sign for Monoxide for Instagram and Twitter. I like this one because I'm smiling. It's just off center. I ended up using this one.

This one is sort of more centered, but I'm not smiling.

Wednesday, October 16

Miss Mimi in a box. Our kitchen was finished on Wednesday (YAY! After a month!) and we put things away; she ended up stealing the box.

Thursday, October 17

My Tigers jersey came and it fits perfectly! I sooo can't wait to be Monoxide. :D Tomorrow I will be going to Macy's to look for a black shirt and sweat pants. Mom said she will lend me a pair of black sweat pants, but I want a long pair for walking (I have capri black sweat pants). As I said, I like being a sports figure or musician for Halloween because I can wear the stuff all year. Still waiting on the hat - hopefully it'll come tomorrow! This has probably been my most expensive costume, haha. Ah, what I don't do for my men of Twiztid. :p

Friday, October 18

We put Mimi up on the granite of our new breakfast bar. It's higher than the old table and she looked so curious. It's cute when she has that curious look on her face. :D

Tomorrow I will get a picture of the new kitchen, promise.