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Saturday, August 31, 2013

B&O Railroad Museum

The B&O Railroad Museum was alright, though I wasn't a big fan of the neighborhood it was in. It was located on W. Pratt St. and the homes were run down. I made a mental note to myself that when I move to Baltimore, AVOID LIVING IN THAT AREA! It'll probably mean I will have to save a little bit more and take a little time, but it'll probably be worth it.

With my student ID, admission was $16. Since I arrived at 2pm, the garden closed at 3:30 and I was told that I should visit the garden first. I really liked the toy train display -- that was cool. Sadly, it started to rain, but I did walk around a little bit to see the bigger and newer B&O Trains.

The Civil War trains!

Go Orioles! I would say these were the modern trains.

The new Civil War exhibit was up at the B&O Railroad, which was really cool too. They had a few videos and maps to show the course of the war via train.

The Museum closes at 4pm, so I left at around 3:30. The Charm City Circulator picked me up at 3:45 and I asked the nice driver if this went by the aquarium because I was going to walk from the aquarium back to my hotel. I sat next to this guy and we started talking. He moved to Baltimore from Jacksonville, Florida last August and was loving it. We talked about football -- he is also a Ravens fan, but for the NFC team, he likes the Vikings, which are my Packers rivals. He said to me, "If I would have known that, I wouldn't have told you how to get back to your hotel" and he laughed. Nice person to talk to. When it came to our stop (he worked near the aquarium), he introduced himself as Mike and he told me to stop by the restaurant. I thought he said TD (like my bank), but it wasn't that. Needless to say, I didn't know the restaurant and didn't have the time, so I didn't see him again. :( Ah, well.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Baltimore Museum of Dentistry

I absolutely loved the Baltimore Museum of Dentistry. It is run by the University of Maryland's Dental department. It's $6 to get in as a student with ID and $8 for an adult. Not bad at all and it was just so interesting -- I learned how to floss my teeth. I have a lot of dental work done as I still have my retainer cemented in (that is starting to fall out as it's 12 years old), so it's a bit hard to floss. Anyway, the old commercials and TV shows involving the dentist were hilarious. I totally recommend this museum.

The awesome tooth jukebox that played the commercials.

Nevi 4 mascot.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baltimore Aquarium Pictures

I'm really tired right now, so I will post about my trip to the aquarium last Friday tomorrow after I move things since I'm getting my new bedroom furniture tomorrow. :)

The picture the Aquarium took :)

Wesley and me. I liked the effect of this. I turned the flash off as not to freak out the animals (and my photography prof always said keep flash off).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baltimore Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers (And Pickles Pub)

At about 5:30 (pm) I left my hotel room and started to walk towards Pickles Pub, which is located on Washington Blvd. and is in front of Orioles Field. A college girl walked with me, as I had no idea where I was going, and we talked for a bit. The walk was about 10 minutes from my hotel. When I walked into the restaurant, it was a really neat setup because it had a batting cage at the back. I sat near the batting cage. Their Facebook wasn't kidding when it said service was speedy because my Natty Boh brat came out in 10 minutes. That was AWESOME. Even my drink of the day, which was a fruity cocktail, was awesome. It was really cheap too (even with dad's t-shirt). I would recommend Pickles Pub.

It was 6:30 when I finished my dinner and the game didn't start until 8. I was worried that the gates wouldn't be opened. The waitress said I could take the Ravens Walk, which runs right through Orioles Park, to the stadium and I followed the crowd. That was neat. On the Ravens Walk, I could see the Ravens that the Maryland Zoo brings to every home game. I also met the Ravens cheerleaders and when I told them I was from King of Prussia, PA, they exclaimed, "OH WE'RE FROM ALLENTOWN AND BUCKS COUNTY! WE'RE PENNSYLVANIA GIRLS!" That was so cool and they were really friendly too. It always makes me happy to see and meet really nice famous people.

Me with Rise and Conquer, the team's mascots.

Me with the cheerleaders and they even signed my ticket stub. :)

I arrived in the stadium at around 7. Mom's company supplied the materials to build the stadium in 2003. That year the company was given season tickets, but someone stole them. Dad cried about that. It was just really surreal to be in a place that bought from mom. I also had really good seats -- 5th row near the end zone. I really enjoyed watching the players practice and even saw my Ray Rice and Joe Flacco. :) 

Although the Ravens lost by a touchdown, I really enjoyed myself.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walter's Art Museum

Before I departed from the Civil War Museum, I asked the information lady where I would go to catch the bus for the Baltimore Museum of Art. She said it wasn't on the circulator route, but the Walters Museum of Art was. Both museums are free. After I left, I thought, "I'll just go to the Baltimore Museum of Art," but then I ran into a police officer and asked him about it. It sounded complicated as I would have to take the orange line from this stop, then the purple, then catch the MTA (paid bus) bus to uptown Baltimore. I then decided I would just stay on the free buses and go to the Walters Museum of Art.

Located in Mount Vernon, the scenery leading to the museum is beautiful. There are Italian gardens and a water fountain, which was perfect to have lunch. :) It was only a five minute walk from the bus stop. The staff was also very helpful, the one African American guide showed me around the building and said on Thursday nights they have a constellation night, which is basically all Baltimore art with wine and beer. I told him I was going to the Ravens game and he smiled and said, "I'll be watching from my couch." The museum reminded me of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, except you had to put your backpacks in a locker because you couldn't carry them around. I would totally recommend the museum, especially the Islamic art exhibit (they had a handmade Qur'an from the 1600's).

Taken in the Hall of Wonders, I thought this was neat.

Statue leading into the European Art rooms.

Sorry for the quality! I wanted to save some battery on my p&s camera and used my cell phone.

Today I started my novel writing class. It seems like it's going to be a good class so far. We will be submitting and workshopping our novels in tiny chunks, the final product will be a 50 page novella. Today he has us write starting with the phrase, "I remember the last time we went to pick pumpkins." Below is what I wrote, which will segment us into the next entry. :D

I remember the last time we went to pick pumpkins, the raven swooped down and perched on my shoulder. I was startled as the raven’s claws dug into my pale skin. “Help me,” the raven cawed in a deep voice, “I’m lost.” My little cousin of about six years of age stood in the pumpkin patch silently, she was frozen in place.
“Wherrree,” I started to stutter, “are you from?”
“Caudor, a magical place in Outer Space.”
“But this is Owings Mills,” I stuttered again.
“I know. I come to find Baltimore.”
“What business do you have in Baltimore?”
“I want to become a Ravens mascot. My name is Rise.”
“That’s a half an hour north,” I finally said regaining my composure.
“Please show me, unless you’re busy.

“I was helping my cousin pick pumpkins for Halloween. That’s 25 days away, you know,” I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to help, but I was afraid this would be a trap.

He said this sounded great and my class clapped for me. You don't understand how happy that made me feel, especially since I've felt like I've lost my writing ability in the past six months. :) Maybe the novel will be about a sci-fi Ravens game. Haha.

Past Trips to Baltimore

After I get home from school and work today, I will update about the Walter's Art Museum in downtown Baltimore. I figured you would like to see past pictures of family trips to Baltimore. :)

My 16th Birthday

Baltimore, Baltimore, I Love You, Baltimore! (2010)

From 2007 after Tim's pool party:

Sometimes I wish I had a camera in 2003 when Crabby Dick's was still opened. That place was neat.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Baltimore Civil War Museum

After breakfast, I went to the Baltimore Civil War Museum on President Street. I was so happy it was walkable (to my delight, almost everything in Baltimore was accessible via bus or walking unlike what Google maps said). The last time I was in Baltimore, which was 2010, the museum was closed for renovations, so the last time I was in the museum was for my 16th birthday in 2005. It was so nice to be back. ^_^ The museum used to be the old train depot from the 1840s and I believe it closed in the 1900s. This was near the location of the Baltimore riot in 1861. 

I spent a good two hours in that museum. An hour exploring and watching the videos, then an hour talking to the information lady. I was telling her about my interests in history, writing and Arabic. She was amazed and told me of her friend who was apart of WHO who also knew Arabic and was very successful. She said with my interests, whatever career I find will be fulfilling. It was refreshing. :) I always get along with museum and library types (as well as other writers). Maybe I should stick off to that (and teaching Arabic as well).

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Miss Shirley's Cafe at the Inner Harbor (Baltimore, MD)

I'm home and had a wonderful time in Baltimore, I didn't want to leave. :( I had a very long day; I arrived two hours early to Penn Station in Baltimore because I wasn't sure how long the bus would take. Then I took Amtrak to Wilmington, DE and then took a SEPTA train back to Philly, then the el and finally the high speed line where dad picked me up. Yeah, I'm tired, haha. I'm going to tell you about Miss Shirley's Cafe, their Inner Harbor location in Baltimore, MD. Tomorrow and this week when I have the time (school starts Tuesday), I will update you more about the amazing trip.

I arrived in Baltimore at 9am on Thursday. Penn Station of Baltimore wasn't too big, but they were renovating and since it was my first time there I got a little lost. Nice Baltimoreans pointed me where the Charm City Circulator picks up and there was one waiting there. The bus driver was really friendly, took me to Fayette St. and pointed me to where my hotel was. It was a 3 minute walk. I dropped my stuff off and was out and about for the day.

When I ordered the Baltimore travel magazine back in May, I looked at it a little bit, but I read about Miss Shirley's Cafe about three weeks ago and I knew I had to go there. They serve Southern food and I love Southern food. Located on 750 E. Pratt St., Miss Shirley's Cafe was a 10 minute walk from my hotel. The staff was friendly and very helpful. I've always wanted to try chicken and waffles, but I looked at the menu to see what else they had. Everything looked good, except for the eggs (I don't eat eggs). I also ordered an Eastern Shore Tea Co. Iced Tea (the tea is bagged in Baltimore, the Wegmans here also sells it, the tea is good) and was given ample time to decide what I wanted. I wasn't bugged either, which was nice. I decided on chicken and waffles about five minutes later and the waitress, which her name was Stephanie, said it was a great choice and pointed out the guy next to me also ordered the same thing. 

When the dish came out, I noticed it was a good size. It was 4 pieces of chicken with 4 savory waffles (awesome for $15). My eyes lit up and I think I salivated a bit. :p Dad called me as I was starting to eat the first piece of chicken and waffle. I told him how awesome this place is and when I take him sometime (I do owe him a Ravens game) we have to come here. After I hung up, the owner came over and we started talking. I told her I was visiting from Pennsylvania and loved my experience here. She saw my Ravens shirt and told me if I would have been here 30 minutes earlier, I could have met Joe Flacco. Darn. It was just a really nice place to eat. Great experience. :D

My chicken and waffles with jalapeno butter. It was spicy, so I didn't eat much of the butter. :p 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Tomorrow is the big day! Dad will be waking me up at 4am (I also have my alarm set too) so I could hug, kiss and say goodbye to him before I leave for Baltimore. Mom is taking me to the p&w station so I can catch the 6am to get to 30th St. Station. I won't be bringing my laptop and will be unplugging from my phone (except for check-ins because most restaurants I am going to offer half prices on things if you check in on Facebook), but I will be updating all about it when I get home on Saturday evening. :)

I called the hotel this afternoon. I asked them if there was a bus service that runs to the hotel from Penn Station. There is! It's the Charm City Circulator, which is free! It services the Inner Harbor too. The concierge said the stadiums are a 10 minute walk, so I'm assuming the restaurants I want to go to are also walkable (I'm really only concerned with Pickles Pub, I know I will be taking a cab from Orioles Park at the Camden Yards to Annabel Lee, then a cab from Annabel Lee to my hotel). I'm so happy about this because it'll mean I will hopefully save money. ^_^

I couldn't pre-order my coming home ticket yesterday as the site wouldn't take my gift card. I'll just buy it when I'm coming home. People said I should be fine. If not, this guy I worked with said he'd pick me (I think he was kidding though, but I wouldn't put him in that position).

I'm just so excited! I just have to put my bathing suit and towel into the suit case and put the bridge camera into my backpack (the p&s camera is in my purse). It's going to be a great time.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 days!

After I update this, I will order my ticket coming home. I have decided I will put it on my gift card, then when I get my big paycheck on Friday I will take out the $40 and use it to spend in Baltimore. I think that's fair. :)

I have picked out my clothes (Ray Rice jersey, purple socks, black pants; Orioles tee-shirt, black sweats, orange socks... I'm going to wear my brand new sneakers! Then coming home: Kurt shirt and orange shirt, khaki capris, white socks) and have laid them in the suitcase. I still have to pack my medicines and put a tooth brush and the tooth paste in the toiletry bag. I'm going to do that tomorrow. I'm going to dress Wesley in his Ravens stuff later and put him in my backpack along with the James Patterson book. I know I can't bring Wesley to the games, but I plan on bringing him to the Aquarium and museums.

I'm so excited for this trip. I need it. Those close to me know why; let's just say I'm still feeling bad. :( I think the time away will cheer me up. I'm going to pack a notebook to write as well. :) Maybe I can work on some poems and use some things for the novel I might have to write for this upcoming class. Yes, it'll be a beneficial trip all around. :D

Sunday, August 18, 2013

4 days!

This picture is from the Super Bowl; I have just made it my profile picture again as it's 4 more days until my trip!

I didn't call Annabelle Lee Tavern yet; I might see if they are on Facebook and comment them. I don't know, I always feel odd about calling people. I told dad I'm going to get my train ticket on the day of because I might get a student discount. He was okay with that. I'll take a look tomorrow and if they're not any cheaper, then I'll wait.

I took pictures with my tickets. I did it with my Packers and Brewers tickets, so I have this ritual where each trip I take and each game I go to, I take cheesy pictures of me holding the ticket.

The Ravens ticket

Since I ordered the tickets from Stubhub, the name is different than my name. Hopefully it doesn't matter. I'm annoyed that I'm not allowed to bring my purse or a camera case into the stadium, so I will have to buy a bag they allow (clear and 12x12x6) and bring my small P&S camera. I'll carry everything in a freezer bag (they're allowed) until I get that bag. Ugh, stupid Boston bombing. >_<

Orioles ticket. I don't think they have the same rules as the NFL, but since I'm buying that bag, I'll use it for the Orioles game too. Hopefully I can bring my bridge camera!

I'm going to work on some poems. More later!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

5 days

There are 5 days left until Baltimore. Everything is ordered except my ticket coming home. It was increased by $10 than the last time I looked. I'm hoping it's because now is a weekend and it'll be cheaper on the weekday. I might buy my ticket before I get home, people at the library said I can buy my ticket on the day of. Can I?

Pickles Pub wrote back to me on Facebook, and I don't need reservations. :) They said they serve pretty quickly, so I should be okay for my game. I figured I'd go around 6pm, game is at 8pm. I think tomorrow I will call Annabel Lee Tavern and see if I need reservations for that. I'm going there hopefully after the Orioles game on Friday. So excited!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Thankful Thursday (I Know, it's a Day Late)

I know, it's a day late, but I'm going to officially start this on August 29th since next Thursday I will be away. Yesterday I got really busy and I was tired when I came home from the library. Anyway, Claire asked me on Wednesday what I was thankful for and I said that I was thankful that I had nan's love. She asked me what that loved looked like and I said to her, "She loved me despite my faults, she was forgiving and looked past all my problems. She let me be the person I am and even if she didn't agree with everything I did, she didn't get angry or hold grudges. Nan also helped me out a lot, especially financially." I did tell Claire, "Besides nan, dad's the only one who has shown that type of love." As I was walking yesterday and walked past nan's old house and the Connors' house, it struck me. The Connors have been that way (sans financial help), many of the people at the senior center loved me and helped me get the library job. When nan was still alive, they always asked about me and they cared about me. I remember the old president of the center, Harry, and his wife (Louise) loved me and always had me watch their grandson. They are really nice people.. So, I'm thankful for all those people in my life. :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At Peace

This week after work I've been visiting Kiwi Yogurt and each time they have been playing 90s rock music, similar to what is on my iPod. Today I was done work an hour later and it was still retro music, but they were playing Ride Wit Me by Nelly. The song is from 2001 and I love it. I also love his song Country Grammar (Hot Sh*t) from 2000. It cheered me up; I don't know why because they were a few of the dark periods back then, but that song could always cheer me up. I said to the cashier, "This used to be my favorite song." He laughed and said, "Yeah, this song is old." "It came out when I was in 6th grade. It's been a while, but it's nice to hear." I think I'm going to purchase it for my iPod library. I have a few I want to purchase and I hope the songs I purchased from my old laptop transfer over via my iPod. I don't want to transfer something directly from the laptop because I'm unsure of viruses. I have to buy a new chord as my old one broke. That can wait until after my other bills are paid. I have CDs to return to the library tomorrow; I have to rip the songs I want from them to my library. Hopefully it's not too complicated on Windows 8.

I'm feeling at peace, despite feeling so awful and almost in tears earlier. I love the weather today -- it's low 70s and the breeze is beautiful. To some it's cold, but I love it. I love fall, especially football, Halloween, going to orchards and pumpkin patches. This is also usually when my depression breaks a bit. Mom's also been away for business (in Texas until tomorrow) and just spending time with dad, eating dinner, watching TV, also puts me in a calm. I have a poem or two I'd like to write; namely about spending time with dad. I will work on it a little later. :) I am also going to work on a poem about some recent memories, which Claire inspired me to do.

I'm thinking about reinstating "Thankful Thursdays" to my blog. What do you think? I used to do this in 2011 from September-November. I think it might ease some feelings I've been feeling and I want to push my new, positive attitude.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Judge and Jury and Taste of Summer Videos

First time using Windows 8 and YouTube as a camera. Let me know what you think. :) Enjoy!

Judge and Jury

I might call this poem "Judge and Jury" because "Bleed" might rip off Collective Soul. What do you think? I might create a video later.

I think her gun's unloaded now,

the Collective Soul CD twirls

and Ed Rolland's voice pulses through—

thoughts and regrets around her head swirl.

Outside, the sky's a bluish-black,

brightness and hope has retired for the day—

how things have changed, should I begin again?

I guess it's whatever comes May.

Who made him judge and jury here?

His anger swells and teeth gnash.

Mirrors of my memory reflect nothing,

agitation and bitterness lay on my words;

I have lost my faith in honesty and love—

locked away from hurt, it's a double edged sword.

Throw your hands up, I am a stubborn soul,

I will not be hurt again, but you're jaded;

I push these feelings down, I am numb—

the uncertainty of a crush has faded.

'Cause it's only time before we must all bleed.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

ANS in Video

Academy of Natural Sciences Bug Fest 2013

I left my house around 9:15 am yesterday and caught the 9:40 Norristown High Speed Line to 69th Street. It was an uneventful, but nice ride as I listened to my iPod. I caught the 10:15 am el to 15th Street and it was surprisingly busy. When I got off, I put my iPod back on and made the ten minutes trek to the Academy of Natural Sciences.

When I arrived to the ANS, I saw stations set up outside. They had chocolate chirp cookies, but I was too nervous to try them. I don't know, there was something about bugs that didn't seem too appetizing. They had some mantises and roaches set up outside and the volunteers explained the bugs. I thanked them and walked inside where I saw some displays and saw a bug cook off. At that moment I did try chocolate chirp cookies. They were alright; I didn't eat any other bug dish. They also had a Beatles cover band called Rubber Souls. I'm not a Beatles fan, but they were pretty good.

I finally met Eddie, the ANS mascot!

Rubber Souls. I have some videos and I will upload them later.

I'm starting to feel a little sad and regretful. I'll post my time with Christine later or tomorrow along with Rubber Soul videos.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brand New Attitude? Regardless, Bug Fest!

Well, yesterday sucked, but today is a brand new day and I think it's going to be awesome! I'm going to Bug Fest at the Academy of Natural Sciences and then staying with Christine tonight. I haven't seen her since January; I can't wait.

I've been thinking of having a brand new attitude, especially since I think I'm kicking someone to the curb. Whoever my therapist is for the fall, I want to work with them on it. Someone group suggested DBT therapy, though most Western therapists don't offer it. However, the person said to ask and they will probably give me some techniques. Worth the try!

I will have pictures for you tomorrow!

Friday, August 9, 2013

2 weeks!

Yesterday was the official 2 week mark until my Baltimore trip! Ravens won their game last night, so hopefully it's a good game when I go. :) Packers play tonight and I hope the NFL Network airs some of it. I have decided to pre-order the Aquarium ticket, so when I get home I will order the ticket (tuition for this month is paid, but I'm going to use the gift card my aunt gave me for the admission). Next week I will order my train ticket home -- I'm going to take it to Wilmington, DE and take Septa home. It's cheaper and if I wanted a direct train to Philadelphia, I'd have to wait until 5pm for the cheaper ticket and I have to check out at noon. I'm not waiting 5 hours. I'm so excited! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Don’t Know Went Wrong, but I Can Write a Song

Sorry for not updating yesterday, I realize I probably can't blog from my version of Word 2013 at home and Blogger on the web was giving me trouble last night. Anyway, I don't know why I like this song so much. It's catchy. I'm going to download it and when I get the chord for my iPod, upload it to my iPod (I hope the songs I bought on my old computer transfer over from my iPod to the new computer).
I'm going to attempt to write something.

A Taste of Summer

Traipse to the red deck;
out of the coolness of the house
into the arms of humidity
and the melancholy of the sun
retreating, fleeing behind the trees.

On the red deck, the paint peels
and leaves black and red dust
on the heels of my pale feet.
In your hands, your old china
that was given to you on your wedding;
slices of watermelon, your favorite,
and the salt to accompany it.

On the red deck, the juices drip
with salty-sweet goodness
and the pinkness stains my white nightgown.
You laugh at me, I'm always a mess.
Yet you smile, a rare glimpse
into happiness, safe from chaos.
Fireflies fly around us,
yet we're too busy yapping to care--
this is a world I never want to leave.

Traipse back into the house,
the clock strikes 10;
it is time to lock up
and with salty and sticky kisses
the dusk a very good night.
And as it falls on us,
we hug tight.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Night Football

It's the return of Sunday Night Football! It's been 6 months and it's been that long since the Ravens won the Super Bowl (the poem can be found here).

The Return of Sunday Night Football

It's that time of year again,
hooray, hooray--
wear your favorite Packers jersey,
and spread the paint that lasts all day;
gold glitter that decorates your eye lids,
and green lines under your eyes.
March to Lambeau Field and tail gate
until your heart's content; sigh,
brats and hamburgers all around,
and new friends that are made.
Wear the Cheesehead atop your brown hair,
these are the memories I would never trade!

It's that time of year again,
hooray, hooray--
sitting on your tan couch,
far away from Green Bay.
Watching Rodgers and Nelson,
on our high def TV;
it should be a good season,
though the trip this year will be
Baltimore and the Ravens--
a second favorite team and lots of fun;
Baltimore and Green Bay are held in my heart,
until then, I will watch on TV and the dreams won.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mind Changing While Planning

My friend Dave, the one I met last year in Wisconsin and lives in Staten Island (NY), suggested a website to me in which I can save money on different events (Gold I joined, but the Aquarium isn't on there. Even though my creative writing professor said I should be fine, mom said it might be sold out. I'm unsure if I want to pre-order my ticket. One high school friend suggested the township and since I work in the township building, I might ask around on Thursday when I go into the library, I'll stop by and ask. I just really want to go to the aquarium, especially early in the morning.

When mom came home from Florida, she brought home dad a Bubba Gump shirt. She didn't eat there, but Baltimore has one. I was thinking about going to Pickle's Pub before the Raven's game, but I might go to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.. I haven't been to either and I want to try new things! Bubba Gump's looks to be affordable, however, Pickle's Pub looks closer to M&T Field. Hmmm.

I had a rough day today. I talked to Claire about it and she helped. :) I will get back to writing tomorrow.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Baltimore Aquarium

Mom arrived home from Florida last night and she brought me back this shirt of Stuart and the dog from Despicable Me and a Cat in the Hat night gown. I love it. :) We're planning to go to Universal Studios in Florida for a family vacation after I graduate.

I decided I'm not going to pre-order my Aquarium ticket. I don't mind paying $35, but I don't want to pay an extra $2 for handling. My creative writing professor said they got in with no problem on the day of, so I should be good. I just hope my gift card works! I use TD Bank and so does my aunt; my mom was saying she had problems using TD Bank gift cards in restaurants because there probably is a preset. Whatever I get from my aunt for dog sitting, I'll use for food, but the gift card (which has $60 on it) for the aquarium, the Great Blacks in Wax and Dental Museum. The Civil War museum should be free and I don't have to worry about the art museum. Then I'll take out $40 of my own money for my transportation. It's looking good money wise. :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Layla Cat

A month ago, I saw a cat from Abu Dhabi comment on Scarlett the Cat's Facebook page. I'm not sure if anyone remembers the poem I wrote about Scarlett two years ago, but I wanted to befriend Layla, the cat from Abu Dhabi. She accepted my request and we started speaking Arabic. Her owner sent me an Arabic calligraphy guide since I was saying I always wanted to learn Arabic calligraphy. Today, her one owner added me to Facebook and she posted pictures of Layla. They're going on holiday in Singapore for Eid-al-Fitr (celebration for the end of Ramadan). I didn't realize she had a handicap and it made me a little sad. I love cats and it always brings some sadness of a disability. But, Layla looks happy and is very well cared for, which makes me happy. Layla actually reminds me of nan's old Woo -- he was the same colour. I decided I'd like to write a poem about Layla. I want to write about her amazing adventures via her pictures and her amazing strength. Sound like a good idea?