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Monday, July 22, 2013

Turk's Head Music Festival 2013 in Video and Pictures

Have a little headache today, so more of an update tomorrow. Enjoy a video and some pictures!

I thought Levi Road was a pretty good band. You can find them: here.

The School of Rock band from Downingtown was the first group. They were really good too; they inspired me to pick up the guitar and rock out again.

And before the show, as I walked over the bridge:


  1. Three things contribute to my headaches: dehydration, irritating noise, and not eating very recently.

    I am listening to Bach - Las sites para orquesta. The part I'm listening to now is in Do mayor, so C major!

    Get better soon. My headaches are very painful. I generally recommend ibuprofen, but my sister told me Advil doesn't cure everything. Maybe not for her...

    Ooh, changed to Si menor, B minor!

    I wish I could tell you what kind of plant that is in your last image, but I am not the horticulturalist of the family.

    1. Sadly I can't take Advil with my medications and we don't have tylenol. :( I think mine is just allergies. I ran out of my Clariton.

    2. Medication is supposed to make you feel better, amirite amirite?

      Friday will mark the 2 week mark since I submitted my Teavana application. My parents don't want me to pester them any more, since it is very busy, and Michael told me he'd get to me soon.
      I told my parents that reminding is just what you're supposed to do. I don't know irl.

    3. Sadly, some of my medication doesn't work. Not sure if it's because my thyroid is out of whack again or the one just isn't sitting well with me. Can't wait for the new doctors. I just have to figure out where I'm going.

  2. Good pictures and video; it sounds as though you had a good time there. :)

    Hope your headache is over by now!

    1. Thank you!

      It is, now I'm just irritable. :\