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Saturday, July 13, 2013


I arrived home from Joyce's party an hour ago. It was alright -- the house wasn't air conditioned, so I was hot. I did go swimming for a little bit, with the kids, and that cheered me up a little. I think children might be an anti-depressant for a little while because unlike people my age, they want to be around you and do things with you. I felt less lonely at that time. I feel like I've grown a little apart from Joyce. When a Marine that graduated high school with us came, she stuck with him and her coworkers. She asked if I wanted to play beer pong, but I don't like beer and I don't think it would be good with progesterone since the other night I flipped out I had tequila. I ended the progesterone last night, so I have to wait a few days for the period.

But, I looked at bus stops near my hotel. I can walk to the Inner Harbor in 10 minutes and I can take two buses to M&T from the hotel, but I might take a cab. I have to look at the Orioles field.


  1. Bedtime?
    I only drink hard lemonade when pressured.

    Have fun! Especially with Annah and Rey ^_^ They are good people!

    1. Yeah, I;m going to bed soon. Hopefully I'll sleep!

      I might meet up with them on the Friday I'm there. ^_^ I think it'll be really nice. I'm trying to meet most of my Facebook friends, haha. :D

    2. I am glad you made it, sort of late!

      My! Have fun ^^