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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Mix 2013 Track 1

(Usually I'm not one for posting live videos because they change the song sometimes. But, this one was filmed in Milwaukee and it's pretty much true to the song.)

I choose this song as my first track because this song usually cheers me up. I've known about this song for a long time, but I really started listening to the lyrics in 2009 when it came on WMGK (the classic rock station in Philadelphia) after my 2nd boyfriend broke up with me. I was just diagnosed with depression. Sometimes it's just a reminder to take things easy and have faith that things will work out. For those of you that know me, can sort of guess why the song is significant this summer. ;) Also, it's just a fun song to rock out to and work out with. However, I think I will hold true in the fall for when I graduate and start looking for full time work.


  1. Good song. :) I have listened to the Eagles but I can't remember whether or not that this is a track of theirs that I've heard before.

    1. I would love to see them. Sadly, they were here yesterday but don't really have the money. :(

      Some more songs coming later.

  2. Where do you want to dedicate full-time effort? Do you need to?