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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Heat Wave

The past few days have been a heat wave here in Pennsylvania. However, I think it's hitting a majority of the East Coast as well. I can't stand heat; it makes me really depressed. As I said to a few friends last night, I wish I could hibernate in the summer -- I have major summer depression.

On Friday when I get paid from the school, I will finally be ordering my hotel room in Baltimore. I don't think I'll be too late, I hope not! I have decided I am going to see an Orioles game while I am there and I might see one with Howard, mom's coworker from Chicago, in September. I want to go in August just in case and I want to eat at Boog's. I heard it was amazing. I just have to plan the rest of my trip. Aunt Kathy gave me $60 for it, so I figured I'd spend $50/day. I think that would be reasonable. I still have my camera to pay off. Blah.


  1. It's hot here, too; I almost had a heat-induced headache today. :(

    1. I had one of those on Friday. I'm really hoping Wednesday's nice; I don't want another headache! If it's hot, I might have to beg Louis to stay indoors. :p