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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Browns' 25th Wedding Anniversary

I will continue with the mix tomorrow. :D Today was my neighbors' wedding anniversary. It was so beautiful to see everyone. I also made a new friend and we exchanged numbers. I told her about my wish to pursue an Arabic degree. She's in her mid 30s and has traveled to the Middle East many of times. I believe she does something with the UN. She inspired me and put me into a very good mood. I just needed something like this tonight -- surrounded by good people, some friends, some coworkers from the library, great food and drinks.

I haven't posted these pictures on Facebook out of respect for Mr. Brown's wishes, but I will post some here. They're in a private album on Flickr. I will send them the album.

Oh, Grady. He photobombed the picture.

A nice family photo. :)


  1. My new neighbours are named the Browns too! (The Fells moved to Hershey Mills maybe a little before my trip.)

    What is your new friend's name?

    Many of times? I've never heard that. Dozens of, hundreds of, thousands of, billions of... I'm familiar with these figures of speech. Is "many of" an Arabic construct?

    It's good you had a good evening last night! I went to bed medium-early. My sister stayed out past midnight and bombed two bars. I asked her why she didn't go gambling; she told me that wasn't her way. I gamble and make a profit by the practice, but go home after my first hundred to save the rest for everyone else. Also not to get unhealthily tipsy...
    Now my whole immediate family is over 21. I am frightened.

    1. Her name is Tammy. I'd say she's about 35, so she's older. :)

      If I wasn't Muslim on my 21st, I would have crashed bars too. I'm not big into gambling because I just don't have the money.

    2. I see! May your friendship with Tammy prosper :]

      I avoid bars on principle - and anyway, I don't know bar-hoppers. They seem to have some really shady people and I probably would have gotten raped before I knew it. So many of my friends have, though I'm not offering names, since they'd unianimously kill me, as strong women - all of them.
      On my 21st, since I had OCCA money, I went to Atlantic City with my parents upon Dr Grabb's urging and won five times what I wagered by betting on the long-shot in the horse races - he won. It was so intense. I liked it.
      I tried also the slot machines since I played some before in maybe Vermilion City when I was yea-high and was moderately successful. (The Internet suggests Celadon, but it says that's in Soul Silver and I had Red/Blue as a huge Pokémon fan, while Victoria had Yellow because she obsessed over Pikachu.) On RL slot machines, no.
      My parents claim I'm lucky due to surviving and prospering after the car accident of 2008, and surviving and prospering after the extremity of the Chinese travel of 2013.
      I just do it.

      My parents advise me not to tempt fate by talking about it so flippantly, but that's a load of superstitious nonsense.

    3. I have a rule: I will NEVER pick up anyone in the bar. I had some friends who have and it was meh. Just not something I'd do. I just stick to the one near my house.

    4. How does extending a relationship with someone in the bar lead to exploring bars outside the perimeter around your house?

      I have had a good experience with gambling, though the people at the casino encourage excessive drinking.

    5. I go when I'm in WI and I'll go when I'm in Baltimore. Just bad experiences in PA. I have no problem with drinking, but I'll go to a restaurant, at a concert, sporting event or a party.

    6. How do Pennsylvania bars differ from Wisconsin and Maryland ones?

      I like tea and vodka. I don't remember the exact ratio last time, but it was a pleasant experience.
      Right now I am reviewing red is another name for rooibos, and noting which teas are currently out of stock in Teavana land. None of the white teas are out of stock, oos green teas: golden jade and jinjaa citrus twist, oos oolongs: jasmine oolong and six summits, no matés, herbals, rooibos or blacks except for almond biscotti and taj masala.

  2. Congratulations on the Browns' wedding anniversary and good for you for gaining a new friend. :)

    1. She gave me some good advice. Let's just saying someone (and you know who) is dense. I probably shouldn't have done a hypothetical and then said, "you're dense, it's not someone else" because it confused the hell out of him. Then I said to him, "we can help each other learn how to play the guitar. That's why I like you." and it went right over his head. smh.

  3. As a general rule, I stick near my house. A lot of bars scare me (example: Jake's Bar near the University). A few friends picked people up at Jake's.

    1. Aww, nowhere in China is anywhere near your house :( you're limiting yourself severely! The King of Prussia mall is splendid, but I don't know of very many good places near you.

      Were they friends?