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Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Evening with my Cousin

I'm not sitting here for a long update -- my knee hurts again and the progesterone is actually making me more tired than moody tonight. So here is a quick update about yesterday. My aunt didn't get back to me until later last night, so I didn't go swimming. I slept in a little bit, took a walk and then left for the city at 1pm. My cousin didn't get done work until 2 and she was in Jersey until yesterday (she lives in Philadelphia, near Rittenhouse Square). She texted me while I was waiting for the P&W (Norristown High Speed Line) and said we'd meet at Mexican Post since it was near the subway. I looked at my maps on my Droid and said it was perfect.

I was a little lost, but then I realized it was right behind Cappricio's, the cafe I love. I arrived at 3:15pm, I was early. She wouldn't be there until 3:45pm. The bartender was friendly and said I should try the special, which was a margarita and a double shot of tequila. That was fun, haha. When she arrived, we sat at a table, ordered more drinks and ordered dinner. Like I said, she's from dad's side. Since dad's an only child as well, most people are older. She's a 2nd or third cousin (she's in her 30s), so I only see her and my other young cousins at funerals. It was nice catching up and she gave me all sorts of advice on moving, graduating, and guys. She walked me to the ell around 6:30pm and I headed home.

It was such a great evening until I took my progesterone, then had a temper tantrum on someone. I felt really bad. This has been the worst experience thus far with progesterone. I mean I usually get mood swings, but never to this extent. It reminded me of how I was with exes. Scary. I felt bad and never want to do that again. :\


  1. I'm glad you had a good time with your cousin. :) I hope your knee gets better, too.

    1. Me too. :)

      I think I'm going to see if she's available on July 27. :)