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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baltimore Planning

I’m taking a little break from planning and printing my Baltimore trip. I have the first day all planned out. If you have been following me on Facebook, you probably know already that I am leaving from 30th St. Station on Amtrak to Baltimore-Penn Station at 7:45am (I’ll be aiming to get up at 4:30am, call a cab for 5:30am to take me to Paoli Train Station and catch the 6am train to take me to 30th St.) and will arrive around 9am. I finally found a restaurant I can go to and it’s on Pratt Street, in the Inner Harbor. The place is called Miss Shirley’s Cafe. The travel magazine I sent for describes the café as an “eclectic Southern-inspired cuisine with a Baltimore twist.” I love Southern food and looking at this menu, it’s a tie between the Chicken and Waffles or the grits. The restaurant will be an 8 minute taxi ride. After breakfast I will be going to the Baltimore Civil War Museum on President Street and then the Baltimore Museum of Art. The BMA is free, and I think the Civil War museum is too. I can’t check into my hotel until 3pm and the Ravens game is at 8pm.

When I was looking at the magazine last night, I noticed a tavern called Annabel Lee (Tavern). It opened in 2007 and pays homage to Edgar Allen Poe. The place doesn’t serve breakfast as it opens up at 4pm Monday-Saturday (Sunday it does serve brunch); I’m planning on going there after the Oriole’s game. Someone was telling me Boog’s was the place to go while watching a game, but I’m not sure how I feel about stadium food (especially the price). I might just get a drink and something small at Boog’s, then go to Annabel Lee Tavern for dinner. I’m not sure if I’d have time beforehand because the game starts at 7pm on August 23rd.  That day is going to be jam packed: The National Aquarium, I called the National Museum of Dentistry that is a part of the University of Maryland’s School of Dentistry to set up an appointment for a visit and tour (I hope they call me back, I really want to go!), then the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum.
Here are some pictures from the Museum I found on Google. The few the magazine published and what I found on Google sold me:

Last night, the Aquarium posted pictures of their new sharks in their new Black Reef exhibit. I commented them and the conversation went like this:
o    Jessica Marie I will be in town on August 23rd. Will they still be around?
National Aquarium Absolutely! We hope you can stop by and meet them in person!
Jessica Marie I definitely will. ^_^ I love the aquarium and will be traveling from King of Prussia, PA (30 minutes from Philadelphia) to see the aquarium, Ravens and Orioles. So excited.
National Aquarium That sounds like a fun-filled trip! :)

I’m so excited! The last time I was there was three years ago and I always enjoy myself at the aquarium. I just love the fish and other creatures they have. The stingrays were my favorite.

I printed out my maps. I was going to take a cab to the games, but I might see how far metro is from my hotel because it does look like metro goes by the stadiums. I just won’t take a bus after the games, since I’m alone I don’t want to chance it. The cab ride would only be 8 minutes, so I don’t think it’ll be too expensive! There is a lot to do in Baltimore, I sort of wish I took more days to be there. However, it’s double the price of what I paid for my Wisconsin trip, sadly. L

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baltimore City Art

After I posted my note to Facebook about sending postcards from Baltimore (if you do want to receive a postcard from me, please e-mail me your address), NPR showed a story about an East Baltimore neighborhood that graffiti houses and you can see who owned them. The article can be found here. I would love to visit, but I'm not sure how far away it is from where I'm staying and I'm not too sure how safe it is. Anyway, it inspired me to write a poem.

Baltimore City Art
Boarded with plywood 2x4s,
ransacked and abandoned,
why? A better life, maybe,
but what could be better
than our golden age in the 1950s?
Our neighborhoods in shambles,
the stories unraveling and undone
by drug lords and gangs
and decaying wood and crumbling bricks.
When the answers used to escape us,
running into dead ends
and our properties decreasing.
Then these artists came to us
with their spray cans and paints,
reviving the once beautiful house
with blue specks still on the wall
and some wallpaper hanging,
they put humanity back into the house
where life will hopefully flourish someday
along with an APP to track down
the slumlords who just left them to rot.

Not my best, but what do you think? Think it has potential? If you like it, maybe I can record myself reading it in Baltimore. I was thinking of doing travelogues, but I'm not sure how that would look. I thought about it last year for Wisconsin, but never acted on it.


Monday, July 29, 2013


Before the auction at nan's house, mom grabbed the three books I wrote (she bought two of them, I gave her Adventures Through the Strawberry Patch, my last book, for Christmas 2011) and brought them home. I gave Ramblings of a Rebel (first book, 2008) to Goodwill, then I asked someone if he wanted In the Strawberry Patch and Adventures Through the Strawberry Patch. He did. I sent them off today and it should arrive to him in a few days. I'm nervous about In the Strawberry Patch because my poetry professor didn't like it and that was the beginning of my illnesses, so it can be a little disjointed. It might be just this weird fear I have. :\

Since today was a slow day in the office, I'm sure tomorrow is going to be another slow one since the boss is out and I'm the only one in office. I might put feelings to words.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Orioles Ticket and Tea with Louis

I ordered the Orioles ticket and got it for $11.50. This is where I will be sitting:

I still have to order my Amtrak ticket, but I have to call the hotel soon to make sure I can drop off my luggage before I visit the Civil War museum and eat. Mom said they should because most places let you. If not, I'm still leaving early and I can just roll my bag through the museum.

Yesterday I went to tea at the Lincoln Room with Louis. I'm sorry, dear blog buddies, that I didn't get any pictures. I slept horribly on Friday night at my aunt's house and her alarm went off at 3:15am, 3:30am, then 4am. Then up at 6:30am to let the dogs out. I figured out how to turn off the alarm last night and tonight I'm home (my aunt and cousins get back tonight). So, yeah, I was a little tired yesterday. I also sometimes feel weird taking pictures when I'm hanging out with someone newer because you never know.

The tea cheered me up though. It was Merritt's birthday (one of the workers at the tea room) and Louis and I drew her birthday cards. It was so much fun; it was nice using my artistic abilities again. :p I drew an owl wearing a birthday hat and Louis drew a bunny wearing a karate belt painting a picture because that's what Merritt loves to do. His drawing was really cool. I wish I took pictures of our drawings, haha. We shared tea for two with a big pot of Ginger's Oolong tea, my favorite. :3 Overall, it was a nice time and I really enjoyed myself (like I did the last time at Broad St. Bullies and Devil's Den).

Then we went to Everhart Park and stood at the bridge (for those of you who frequent my blog and remember that picture of me from last year standing at that bridge in a white dress) and just talked about stuff. It was really pretty to watch the Swallowtails and black/blue butterflies land on the yellow flowers. We eventually made it to the gazebo, where my phone died. Hung out there and then went swinging, but the swings for the older kids were taken and we had to swing on the lower hanging swings. That hurt, but it was fun.

When we had to part ways when his bus came to the transit center, he asked me if I wanted him to wait until my bus came. I knew his bus wouldn't come for another hour and my bus was five minutes away, so I told him I'd be fine and my bus would be another five minutes. I gave him a hug and it wasn't awkward (like with Mr. Army Dude), which is a relief. Haha. I really enjoyed myself yesterday. :) Hopefully we'll meet again for Bug Fest on August 10.

I cleaned out my room today since I'm getting new furniture (I have had mine since I was 4). I'll start writing a little later!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sad Day

This morning nan's old neighbor called us to tell us that her sister has died on Wednesday. She had Alzheimer's and was 79. It's weird because she died almost 6 months after nan did. I visited the Connors after work and after tending to my aunt's dogs (I'm staying there tonight and tomorrow night to watch them) and Mary (the older sister) brought up a good point: "It's weird how Joan died six months after your grandmother. Your grandmother was the only one who could make her smile after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's." Just really weird.

For nan's six month memorial, I'm going to post the poem I wrote after her death. My poetry class hated it because it rhymed and they thought it was telling too much. What do you think?

In Memory of Nan

I put it in my poetry book for the semester, I thought it could be a good outline. Yay or Nay?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I first heard this song three years ago when I was driving around Annapolis, MD coming from Buddy's Crab & Ribs to go back to our hotel in Brandywine. As soon as I got back to King of Prussia, I bought the song on iTunes and every time I listen to this song, I can relate to it pretty well. I've lived a pretty lonely existence and the people I have let in, just have walked all over me. I thought about writing a poem or at least thoughts regarding these feelings. It probably won't be a full length poem, but a word association just to get me writing. Tomorrow is the 6 month anniversary of nan's death, so I'll post something here for it tomorrow before I go dog sitting at my aunt's. I'll try to have something by Sunday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Turk's Head Music Festival

For the past two weeks, King of Prussia and West Chester have been experiencing heat waves. On Saturday night it did rain and things did cool off a little bit, but it was 90 degrees by the time I left Everhart Park. It was beautiful when I arrived at 11am -- probably around 80 degrees. By the time I walked to the Park, it was 11:15am and I was hungry. I ordered a beef hot dog and sat on the bench and sat there for the first song the School of Rock band played. It sounded familiar, but I wasn't sure what it was. When they played "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N Roses, I walked over and started rocking out. They played four songs.

The next group to perform, compiled mostly of brothers, was Levi Road. They were a mix of rock and country, but mostly country. I enjoyed them because they did play covers (Jason Aldean's Hicktown, and I think Kenny Chesney) and original songs. I think they're still in high school and/or early college. Very talented.

When Supreems and the New Experience came on, I walked to the playground and went on the swings. I'm not really into R & B, but what I heard while I was on the swings and sitting in the gazebo, it sounded pretty good. I left when a band started playing jazz and it was getting really hot. Overall, it was a great experience, much like last year, and I enjoyed myself. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Turk's Head Music Festival 2013 in Video and Pictures

Have a little headache today, so more of an update tomorrow. Enjoy a video and some pictures!

I thought Levi Road was a pretty good band. You can find them: here.

The School of Rock band from Downingtown was the first group. They were really good too; they inspired me to pick up the guitar and rock out again.

And before the show, as I walked over the bridge:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Mix 2013 - Tracks 10-12

Here are my final tracks for my mix. These songs helped get me through last summer with everything going on and they also were the anthems for Wisconsin. :)

I went to Turk's Head Music Festival today in West Chester, PA; if there isn't a post later, then I promise tomorrow!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Browns' 25th Wedding Anniversary

I will continue with the mix tomorrow. :D Today was my neighbors' wedding anniversary. It was so beautiful to see everyone. I also made a new friend and we exchanged numbers. I told her about my wish to pursue an Arabic degree. She's in her mid 30s and has traveled to the Middle East many of times. I believe she does something with the UN. She inspired me and put me into a very good mood. I just needed something like this tonight -- surrounded by good people, some friends, some coworkers from the library, great food and drinks.

I haven't posted these pictures on Facebook out of respect for Mr. Brown's wishes, but I will post some here. They're in a private album on Flickr. I will send them the album.

Oh, Grady. He photobombed the picture.

A nice family photo. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Mix 2013 - Tracks 7-9

I love this song. They played this song the two times my Arabic class went to Casablanca in Warrington. I have great news! I'm planning on getting an Arabic degree after my English degree. Mom brought it up tonight, but she reminded me about the full time job issue. After I get the fall semester paid off at WCU, I'm going to go to Montgomery County Community College (the local community college) and talk to them about price and when classes are available for Arabic. The professor I had for my first two semesters teaches at Montco. I'll be preparing my resume for the temp agency soon and my aunt named a second temp agency that I'll also try. I want to start saving. I'm hoping if I do get into the Arabic class at Montco and whatever job I get, they'll be okay with me taking a class once or twice a week. I'll work evenings if I have to!

There's nothing I can do with an English degree. I have lost my desire to write; my medications (and I'm sure my thyroid too) wiped it all away, then the poetry class I had showed me that my poetry books sucked. I just don't desire writing anymore. Dad joked around at dinner and said, "Jess is afraid of clowns!" Mom thought he said, "Jess is afraid of nouns!" We told mom and she said, "Oh, okay, I was going to say that doesn't make sense since she is an English major." My grammar sucks. I really want to teach Arabic to college students and write children's books in Arabic. I feel like there is more of a need for Arabic than English. I just feel at a dead end. I also feel like I fucked around in college. From history to English, it was just a waste of time. I really wanted to start out at Montco for general education credits, but mom had the money at that time and said no. We both now think it would have been better to have started there then go directly into university. I wasn't ready for it and I floundered the first three semesters. I also have few friends, which to think about it, it sucks. College should have been a time for making friends and knowing what you want to do and pursuing it. I'm hoping by starting Arabic at Montco, it'll be a step in the right direction. I'm just nervous about it turning into what German turned out to be. :\

I discovered this song in my 4th semester as an Arabic student. We were giving presentations on Arab music (I chose Elissa; Ziad suggested it to me and she's great as well) and one of my classmates found her. I just loved this song. It's about love and jealousy; it;s a simple message and has some humor to it. I love Nancy Ajram's videos. She's from Egypt.

Motley Crue, a perfect summer band. They were the first concert I ever went to on Labor Day, 2005. It was such a great time and it was part of the Allentown Fair. I think that's why I had such an interest in Wisconsin's state fair. I love rocking out to Motley Crue. :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Mix 2013- Tracks 4-6

I'm usually not a fan of "new" music, but I found this video the other day when I was watching a Fleetwood Mac video and this was suggested for some reason. It's a dumb song (and suggests something I don't like), but it's catchy. Because of the catchiness, I'm naming this a summer song because it's so catchy and it reminds me of some people in my past.

I love this song. I remember when Marsha made a mix for me in 2011, I couldn't stop listening to this song. Sometimes I feel like Rhiannon and that's why the song appeals to me so much.

Kittie was the first female metal band I was introduced to by Anna. I just love rocking out to them and will always love their album "Spit."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Mix 2013 - Track 3

Because I am going to Baltimore this year, I thought this would be appropriate. I started listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd in the summer of 2003 when I was traveling to Maryland a lot with my mom. I bought my first Lynyrd Skynyrd CD, the Best Of, at the Walmart in Brandywine, MD. Mom and I listened to the CD for the whole trip.  I can't wait to listen to Skynyrd on my iPod on the way to Baltimore, it adds to the Southern feel.

Summer Mix 2013- Track 2

I remember listening to this song in the background as a young kid with Daniel. However, I didn't truly get into this song until the Summer of 2002 when Anna put this song on a mixed CD. She lived 2 hours away in Tower City. Her dad worked with mom, so seeing each other was always fun because it was very sporadic. I listened to this song on blast the whole summer. This was the summer I was also given my first CD burner, so I could burn my own CDs. I burnt a lot of R.E.M., Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Though, my mood swings started at this time, it was the best summer for a young listener of music.

Summer Mix 2013 Track 1

(Usually I'm not one for posting live videos because they change the song sometimes. But, this one was filmed in Milwaukee and it's pretty much true to the song.)

I choose this song as my first track because this song usually cheers me up. I've known about this song for a long time, but I really started listening to the lyrics in 2009 when it came on WMGK (the classic rock station in Philadelphia) after my 2nd boyfriend broke up with me. I was just diagnosed with depression. Sometimes it's just a reminder to take things easy and have faith that things will work out. For those of you that know me, can sort of guess why the song is significant this summer. ;) Also, it's just a fun song to rock out to and work out with. However, I think I will hold true in the fall for when I graduate and start looking for full time work.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mixtape Coming Tomorrow

My Mixtape For You '11

I was thinking about this today. :) Over the next few days, I'll be compiling 10 songs and why I like them. :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wesley Bear

Growing up, my mom loved this band and song ("Make It With You" by Bread). In January 2004, when I was in 8th grade she let me listen to it and I really liked it. I downloaded a few of their other songs and really liked them too. I can't find the mix CDs I put them on, but I'm glad there is YouTube. On our way home from Texas Roadhouse, the Oldies station played "Make It With You." We haven't heard this song in awhile; we turned up the volume and let it flood dad's new 2013 Honda Accord. It was cheerful -- there's something about music that always cheers me up.

I've decided to give my Facebook a rest, except for pictures. With my health issues, it was getting to be too much (among other reasons, those close to me know why) and I was just unhappy with it. Samantha and a few of my bear friends suggested using Wesley's Facebook if I wanted to. I'll use it from time to time. I've been thinking of taking him to Baltimore with me. I bought him a Ravens jersey for the Super Bowl; he'd be ready. He also won the traveling award at the Lincoln Room. I used to bring him traveling with me a lot when I was 17/18. I sort of stopped because I always feared what people thought of me, an adult, carrying around a bear. Last year I didn't have enough suitcase room for Wesley. I'm going to have space this year, so maybe I'll bring Wesley and bring him to a game. What do you think?

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I arrived home from Joyce's party an hour ago. It was alright -- the house wasn't air conditioned, so I was hot. I did go swimming for a little bit, with the kids, and that cheered me up a little. I think children might be an anti-depressant for a little while because unlike people my age, they want to be around you and do things with you. I felt less lonely at that time. I feel like I've grown a little apart from Joyce. When a Marine that graduated high school with us came, she stuck with him and her coworkers. She asked if I wanted to play beer pong, but I don't like beer and I don't think it would be good with progesterone since the other night I flipped out I had tequila. I ended the progesterone last night, so I have to wait a few days for the period.

But, I looked at bus stops near my hotel. I can walk to the Inner Harbor in 10 minutes and I can take two buses to M&T from the hotel, but I might take a cab. I have to look at the Orioles field.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Baltimore, MD August 22-24, 2013

I made reservations at the Hampton Inn in Downtown Baltimore near M & T Fields, Camden Yards and 4 blocks away from the Inner Harbor. Mom wanted me to stay here because the sports complexes are on major highways and she didn't want me crossing it (I probably couldn't). I was depressed about the price: $152 for Thursday and $161 for Friday, plus $44 in taxes, but I'm sure it'll save me on cab fare on getting to the stadium and Inner Harbor and it has a continental breakfast, so I can eat one other meal a day. I plan on spending $50/day. I was talking to Annah, a friend of Claire's, that lives near Baltimore.

  • Conversation started Tharrrsdy
  • Jessica Marie
    Hey! Tomorrow I'm finally going to get my hotel for my Baltimore trip. I'm staying for 2 days from Aug. 22-24. I have a Ravens game and an Orioles game planned during the night and I definitely want to do the Aquarium. I'm looking to spend between $50-$60 a day. What restaurants are really good/worthwhile and what kind of attractions would you suggest?
  • Jessica Marie
    Also, I'm staying at the Hampton Inn near the stadiums. How far of a walk is that from the Inner Harbor? Are there buses that go that way?
  • Annah Victoria Madriñan
    First off check out groupon. They've got some great Baltimore discounts!
    That hotel (if its the one I'm thinking of) is within easy walking distance of the harbor. Wear comfy shows and you're golden! Also takes lots of water because its hot!
    There's sooooo many places to eat around there. I HIGHLY recommend the Kona grill, Edo sushi, an little Italian bakery in fell's point called Vaccaro's. for cheap food there's a food court by the harbor and a noodles and co.
    I've never taken the buses there so I can't explain them well. I'm more familiar with the metro, which is super easy to use.
    For attractions there is the aquarium, which is expensive, like $40 per person. But its worth it! There's also boat rides, bars, museums, lots of tours to take.
  • Jessica Marie
    Cool, thank you. I think we went to that Italian bakery once. This is going to be my first time alone for more than a few hours. I went three years ago for a day trip, but didn't really get to see a lot.
  • Annah Victoria Madriñan
    I uses to be terrified to walk alone but now I'm fine! There's lots to see so make some plans but allow for flexibility in case you see something extra
  • Jessica Marie
    Also, I'll be taking the Amtrak to the airport (at least that's what the site said it'll stop), how far away is that from the hotel? Have you tried Pickles Pub? A magazine I ordered mentioned it, but I wasn't sure.
    The magazine I was sent was a lot of high end places, haha.
  • Annah Victoria Madriñan
    Walking from the Amtrak is doable but its really long, like almost 2 miles. If you have lots of luggage I suggest budgeting a cab.
    I haven't been to pickles but I've heard wonderful things about it! Google free things to do in Baltimore and you should get a big list.
    Let us know if you need anything. We literally live at the end of the metro in Owings mills and can be there in a half hour
  • Jessica Marie
    Great! Thank you. I definitely will. Starting tomorrow I'm doing more planning. It;s been an odd summer (first summer without my grandma) that I've just been behind in doing things
  • Annah Victoria Madriñan
    Well baltimore is a great place to visit! Good choice!

    I'm going to Google some things to do, but the magazine I was telling Annah about mentioned The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum that I want to check out.  I might go early on the 22nd; my check in isn't until 3pm and the Ravens game is at 7pm. I might arrive at 1pm and go to the Aquarium. I definitely want to do the Aquarium.

    I still have to order my Orioles ticket. The other day when I looked, they were starting at $12.50 for the Friday game (which is what I need since the Ravens game is on Thursday). Then I have to get my Amtrak ticket. I'm not sure if it is better to pre-order that now or wait until the day of? If anyone knows, any advice would be great!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Evening with my Cousin

I'm not sitting here for a long update -- my knee hurts again and the progesterone is actually making me more tired than moody tonight. So here is a quick update about yesterday. My aunt didn't get back to me until later last night, so I didn't go swimming. I slept in a little bit, took a walk and then left for the city at 1pm. My cousin didn't get done work until 2 and she was in Jersey until yesterday (she lives in Philadelphia, near Rittenhouse Square). She texted me while I was waiting for the P&W (Norristown High Speed Line) and said we'd meet at Mexican Post since it was near the subway. I looked at my maps on my Droid and said it was perfect.

I was a little lost, but then I realized it was right behind Cappricio's, the cafe I love. I arrived at 3:15pm, I was early. She wouldn't be there until 3:45pm. The bartender was friendly and said I should try the special, which was a margarita and a double shot of tequila. That was fun, haha. When she arrived, we sat at a table, ordered more drinks and ordered dinner. Like I said, she's from dad's side. Since dad's an only child as well, most people are older. She's a 2nd or third cousin (she's in her 30s), so I only see her and my other young cousins at funerals. It was nice catching up and she gave me all sorts of advice on moving, graduating, and guys. She walked me to the ell around 6:30pm and I headed home.

It was such a great evening until I took my progesterone, then had a temper tantrum on someone. I felt really bad. This has been the worst experience thus far with progesterone. I mean I usually get mood swings, but never to this extent. It reminded me of how I was with exes. Scary. I felt bad and never want to do that again. :\

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Want Something Else to Get Me Through This Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

Well, tomorrow isn't happening. Plans have changed. I asked the bus driver if it was safe going alone to the area that the Mutter Museum is in. He said, "Well, since it would be your first time going, it wouldn't be a good idea to go alone." Mom said it was in a shady area. A little disappointed, but I'll live. I haven't heard from my cousin yet (she's on my dad's side), so who knows if I'll be going into the city at all. I e-mailed my aunt (mom's sister in law) if I could use her pool. Haven't heard from her yet. If I hear from both -- my aunt lives near me, I'll go to her house in the morning then meet my cousin in the city in the afternoon. If I don't hear from my cousin, I'll just stay home and call my aunt about her pool. I want to do something at least and swimming usually relaxes me.

I've been listening to this song a lot. I've been thinking about my life. I was talking to an old friend that moved to Alaska and she was saying that was probably one of the best ideas. I have no friends here or very little friends. I'm tired of living here. I know I'll have to stay for at least a year after graduation to save up and get job experience. If I can get the job at the temp agency, I'll do that. If I can't, I'll try Wegman's, a local grocer. They're one of the best companies to work for. I'll most likely be moving to Baltimore first because I won't have the money for Wisconsin. I mean even if I have to live in government housing or in the projects, I'll be okay with it. It's a start. I need to get out of here, I need to start my life.  I guess until then, I have you dear blogging buddies. All of you have been the best. ::hug::

At least Saturday is Joyce's party and I'm going. I have to ask her if I should bring my bathing suit. I haven't seen her since New Year's.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Wednesday I am heading to the Mutter Museum, then meeting my cousin. Have to start planning my route now as I've never been to the Mutter Museum.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Heat Wave

The past few days have been a heat wave here in Pennsylvania. However, I think it's hitting a majority of the East Coast as well. I can't stand heat; it makes me really depressed. As I said to a few friends last night, I wish I could hibernate in the summer -- I have major summer depression.

On Friday when I get paid from the school, I will finally be ordering my hotel room in Baltimore. I don't think I'll be too late, I hope not! I have decided I am going to see an Orioles game while I am there and I might see one with Howard, mom's coworker from Chicago, in September. I want to go in August just in case and I want to eat at Boog's. I heard it was amazing. I just have to plan the rest of my trip. Aunt Kathy gave me $60 for it, so I figured I'd spend $50/day. I think that would be reasonable. I still have my camera to pay off. Blah.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Franklin Institute and Penn's Landing

I spent most of my day in the Franklin Institute; my knee hurt again and I bought the movies and museum package (package #3) because it was cheaper than individually buying them. I watched the Penguins in 3D in the 3D theatre at 10:45am. I also saw Flight of the Butterflies on their IMAX at 1:15pm (that was the most expensive... that would have been $22.50 separately, with the museum and the movies, it was $24.50). In between I just explored the museum.

The heart! You can actually walk through it and learn all about it. My personal favorite. :)

The movie ended at 2pm and then I left the Franklin Institute. I was shocked by how hot it was outside. I knew I didn't want to wait for the bus, so I walked to the MFL (elevated subway) to take to 2nd Street to walk to Penn's Landing to see the food festival. When I arrived, I think I was too early for the more sophisticated meals, but it was lame when I was there (pretzels, funnel cake, etc) and I was VERY hot. It was nice sitting at the water front though. I would definitely go back when it's cooler.

And finally: My 24th Birthday (a photo album)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

My 24th Birthday

I had a nice birthday, however, I'm very tired now. The family party was also nice. Now, I'm kicking back and watching the Twilight Zone marathon to recharge for my trip to Philly tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will post the whole album -- tomorrow is going to be a continuation of my birthday, so I'll post Philly pictures to the album as well. :)

Happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1 day!

Tomorrow's the day! Today has been 2 years since getting my industrial done (and one year since seeing Collective Soul). I'll post industrial pictures, from 2 years ago.

My 22nd birthday

Aside: ANS also posted this.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2 Days!

Today I will just leave you pictures from my 10th birthday in 1999.

That was one of the Cape May years. Also from that week:

And some things never change:

Today would have been mom's mom 74th birthday. She died on December 31, 1996 of throat cancer. Here is one of me with her during a combined birthday. I think this was my 7th.

Monday, July 1, 2013

3 days

Up until 2001, we went to Cape May every year for my birthday. In the years between 2002-2004 we stayed local, but in 2005 for my 16th birthday we went to Baltimore. It was just an amazing time; we went to McCormick and Schmick's for dinner, then watched the fireworks at the Inner Harbor. We also went to the Civil War museums and trails while there. It was just an amazing time; Baltimore was my first love back then. Baltimore is now my 2nd love.

In the Civil War museum on Pratt St. I'm going this year!

Dad and I waiting for fireworks.

Ravens! I wonder if those crabs still are in the Inner Harbor.