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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Update on Nan's House

Nan's house sold, settlement is on Thursday. The people moving in are sweet according to my dad and mom; they're renting a house down the street from nan's house. They're going to continue living there until the house is renovated (it's in good shape, but it hasn't been updated since the 1980s). The auction was on Thursday and almost everything sold. We just have to get rid of a couch and a chair. It's bittersweet -- I'm going to miss staying there, especially during the summer. I miss her. :(

Nan's neighbors were asking for me; they miss seeing me. I stopped by after the baseball game (Brewers lost today, but they won yesterday). We caught up and it was nice seeing them; they miss nan too. I'm going to try to stop by next week because they want to see me often. The neighbors, the Connors, are elderly and they are three sisters living together. They have lived next to nan since nan, dad and my grandpa I never met moved into the house in 1973 (last week mom and dad found pictures and one picture was of the house when they first moved in), so I have known them all my life. Mary was a nurse and was working at the hospital the day I was born. The youngest sister, Joan, has Alzheimer's and she's not doing well at all. It was nice seeing them and I'm sad I waited so long, but I haven't really been walking near nan's house since her death. I guess I can start again. Next weekend is supposed to rain and I get my hair cut next Saturday, but I'll see what I can do after the hair cut or on Sunday.


  1. It's good to hear that Nan's house has been sold to a couple who will care for it.

    It's even better to hear that Nan was liked by her neighbors and is missed by them.

  2. She was a well loved crossing guard too -- the kids loved her. I miss her. :(

    1. I think Nan was an amazing person...and I say that as someone who has only read about her.

    2. When I get my health more in order... I want to be like her in temperament. She inspires me.