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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party #4

Saturday, June 15:

The day of the happy hour I won. I was supposed to meet with Louis at 6:30, but I wanted to catch the train and SEPTA early just in case because of the golf tourney, New Kids on the Block Concert and everything else going on in Philadelphia that day. Mom dropped me off at the mall at around 1:15pm; the bus (92) wasn't due to arrive until 2:30pm. As we drove to the mall, we saw overhead of us a person dressed in a carrot suit. I knew I wanted to visit! So, as soon as we parked, I walked to where the carrot and the farmer were standing. They were advertising for an organic food home shopping network. It was neat and I had my picture taken with the carrot.

I also wore eye shadow. I love Urban Decay, although it is expensive. I decided I would doll myself up; I wanted to look nice and I hadn't played with my makeup in a while (since the Ravens won the Super Bowl in February). I went with my gold/brown eye shadow with the gold eye glitter (yes, even sometimes I do like some sparkle!).

I was really nervous. I have been very anxious as of late. I remember one time my friend Zach told me I looked like I was trying too hard the one time I wore makeup when I was going to meet Sean (February 2012... and Sean never showed up), so I was a bit worried that it might look like I was trying too hard. I was also a little nervous about being stood up because it seems like in the past few years, people have been good about doing that to me -- never showing up! Christina kept reassuring me that it would be okay (and it was, it was really nice and fun).

Google maps said it would take me 2 hours and 50 minutes to get to the spot. I thought it would take longer with everything going on, but I arrived to 15th Street at 4:15 (after catching the bus at 2:30, then the train from Paoli at 3). I was early, very early. I stopped at my favorite cafe (Cappricio's) and just hung out to eat a scoop of ice cream until I decided I'd leave for the subway at 5:15 (it was scheduled to come at 5:40). I wanted to be at Broad St. Bullies a little early. The subway was 10 minutes early, so I arrived at the XFinity Center at 5:50 instead of 6.

I met Louis a little before 6:30. We spent a few hours at Broad St. Bullies and just talked about the past semester and other things. At first it was really crowded; the New Kids on the Block concert wasn't until 9 or 9:30 and everyone was gathered at Broad St. Bullies until then. It was really loud. We left there around 8:30, then went to Devil's Den. I love that place; their food was really good and I loved the Sangria. It's also inexpensive, which is good for the city. We left there around 11. My train didn't come until 11:45; I was sitting up front and the conductor never came around and I rode free. It was just a nice evening.

Sunday, June 16 (Father's Day):

Father's Day at Fogo de Chao

Wednesday, June 19:

When I work at the school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I walk to the bus. There is a house on my way that has these pretty flowers growing. Mom took me to work on Tuesday since she was on business and I asked what kind of flowers they were. She wasn't sure, but she thought they were pretty too.

It was also my coworker's 22nd birthday. I bought her a $10 gift card to Starbucks and made her a card. Since my birthday is in two weeks, my boss treated us both to lunch at Three Little Pigs, a sandwich shop in West Chester.

Thursday, June 20:

James Gandolfini died on June 19th. :(  Thursday is a library day, but since my memory card was corrupted, I couldn't take photos of our children's reading program decorations. But, I will next week!

I found the birthday card my old friend made me for my 17th birthday. The picture from my 17th birthday is my profile picture on Facebook. I'm thinking of making this picture my profile picture (temporarily), what do you think?

I also looked through all the old cards I saved. I always save my cards. I loved reading the cards nan, my pop-pop (mom's dad), great grandma (mom's grandma), and Aunt Millie (nan's sister; dad's aunt) sent me. It was so sad reading them, though. I miss them. I also found the two cards my old cat (Woo) sent me in 2007 -- one for Valentine's Day and one welcoming me home from Germany for Easter 2007. I took a picture with my phone, when I bought a new memory card, though it's blurry. Tomorrow I will get better pictures.

Friday, June 21:

Me today in the Verizon store. The guy that looked at my phone and changed out the memory card took my picture:

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Elmwood Park Zoo, I will update tomorrow with that and post more pictures from it next week!


  1. I love the black and white dress on you!

    1. Thanks. :) I almost wore that to happy hour, but decided against it since it might have been too fancy (and give the wrong impression) for the occasion. So, I wore it for Father's Day and work on Wednesday. :)

  2. The new car really makes a difference to the pictures, though the blurriness does add a certain mystery to the pictures. You don't happen to know what Fogo de Chao means do you?

    1. I Googled it last week and it said it means "Fire on the Ground." I don't speak Spanish (German and Arabic are my languages, haha), so it makes sense.

    2. I Googled it. It said "Fire on the Ground." I'm not sure, though, Arabic and German are my languages. Haha.

  3. I love your smile in the last picture. :) You look delighted in that shot!

    1. Thank you. I want to ask you something... I'll message you.