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Friday, June 14, 2013

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party #3

Saturday, June 8th:

Ah, yes, mom and dad offered to take me to my friend's new salon. We became lost and it turned out it was an hour away from here. Needless to say if I want to go to him again, I'd take the bus. I don't mind, but the hair cut was $45 and he wants to high light my hair. I don't have that money, although he does a good job styling.

Go Brewers! They won all games that weekend. :)

After the hair cut, mom and dad went to the car dealership to find dad a new car. His old car was a green 2000 Honda Civic. The air conditioning went three years ago and he kept getting it fixed, but it would always go out. His breaks were also going. 4 hours later they came home with a 2013 Honda Accord. This picture was from my mom's iPhone (she hates it and can't wait to change to an Android in September).

Sunday, June 9th:

Just a nice, lazy Sunday outside. Mom and dad gardened while Mimi and I sat on the porch. As you can see, she made the table her home!

Wednesday, June 12th:

On Wednesday night (no more West Chester for the week since I work Monday-Wednesday there and Thursday-Friday at the library, I can sleep an hour later!) mom, dad and I sat in the basement and watched Vh1's 90s music video countdown. Mimi really enjoyed watching the dancing videos, as seen here.

Thursday, June 13th:

Ah, Retro Rama at the National Constitution Center! I was sweating it since it was pouring in the morning and people at the library thought I should skip it since it was supposed to thunder (I paid $35 for it, no way was I going to skip!). Fortunately, it stopped raining at 1pm and stayed clear for the rest of the day. The event started at 5:30 and was awesome! If you live near the Philadelphia area, check out the 1968 exhibit. It's worth the money (I'll write a blog post reviewing it later). The dinner was also awesome. I stuck off with the British meals because I've never had bangers and mash (which was awesome and their fish and chips were awesome) and I don't like Salsbury steak. I also tried a Tom Collins for the first time and a Rob Roy. Both weren't bad, but I wouldn't drink it on a daily basis, lol.

The Huey

I keep checking the CBS website to see if they uploaded pictures. I think they took a picture or a few pictures of me doing the twist (badly, I'm sure. I need to take dance lessons).

Friday, June 14th:

My cousin Maddie's 20th birthday and Flag Day. I worked at the library until 1pm, came home and relaxed. Went to Walmart to find something to wear tomorrow. It'll most likely be me and the guy; I'm a little nervous and I don't want to over or under dress to give wrong impressions (I might be not interested, but my social anxiety amps up and I always fear how I'm perceived). The Walmart here had nothing, so I might go with this dress (my friends liked it). This picture is from last year (it should still fit, I'm only 5lbs heavier):

It was between this (I'm not sure if this still fits either):

But, I don't want to wear a miniskirt on the subway at night... never know in Philadelphia! I'll go with the white and maybe a jean jacket? Would that be too fancy, though?

The rest of today I just took some more pictures of Mimi:

I just thought it was cute how she had her paws propped up against the window.

Stay tuned for #4 next week!


  1. I like the white dress. Your hair looks cute too.

    1. Thank you. :) I hope it still fits, haha. I've been losing weight, though. I'm still really nervous, but he said he's looking forward to it. It's always my fear that I'll be stood up. I really don't want to go to a happy hour alone. :\

  2. I love the cat pictures. :) Also agree with Stephanie about your dress.

    (I also think it's neat you tried and enjoyed some British-style food! :D The other day, Mum mentioned about missing pumpkin pie, a popular American food!)

    1. I ended up wearing this:

      It was a nice time out. Got home 20 minutes ago at 12:50am.

    2. That's a pretty dress, too. :)

    3. I might post about it in Blog Party #4, but I might e-mail you before hand.

      Today we're taking dad to a Brazilian restaurant in the city. We've never been there, but a few family members and friends swear by it. It's all you can eat and apparently a lot of food, we'll see!