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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Real Post tomorrow

My SD Card went to read only on my phone, but the community bus never came to work to take me to the mall. I hope to get it all straighten out tomorrow. I hope they can fix it-- I don't want to lose all those pictures. :( Only the camera isn't working, my other apps seem to be okay.

I found the card that was pictured yesterday. I was thinking about old online buddies I had in that time period. I talked to one younger person (2 years younger than me) at the time. I wonder if she's still on AIM. I haven't used that in years and I'm not sure if I remember the password to my screen name RomRomRommel. I remember after seeing Gretchen Wilson in 2006, I remember saying to Mary from a line of Wilson's song, "I'm going to make Pocahontas proud;" she replied, "how? By marrying a white man?!" I still crack up when I think of it. We were both really into history, especially the Civil War. We actually started this Civil War RPG once; she was Gen. Grant and I was Stonewall Jackson.

Despite all the issues back then, I still miss those days from time to time. Anyway, here's what the card Stevie sent me said:

Front: Christmas in July?!

Inside: Unfortunately, no. But it is your birthday and to James Gandolfini, there is no difference. Christmas, your birthday, and the 4th of July make you a special person in his eyes, as well as mine. We wish you the happiest 17th birthday possible, filled with the best things that you can imagine. =)

Much love,
Stevie (and James!)

Outside: This card has been made possible by: Wal-Mart, Major League Baseball, the Internet, James Gandolfini, Stevie's right hand, etc. =) (c) 2006

Two weeks until my birthday!

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