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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ray Rice's Crab Feast

This is a time where I wish I could drive. I really want to go, I really want to help out. I could take 2 buses, a train and a cab, but it'll take 6 hours and it'll probably cost a lot. The Baltimore Ravens are my #2 of football and Ray Rice is my favorite player in Baltimore; it brings a tear to my eye. This child has a rare illness, had a stroke and is in and out of hospital. I might see if I can get a friend that drives and we can go together... I'll even pay for their entry fee if I have to. Would that seem selfish, though? But, I just remembered I have a party to go to already -- my favorite neighbors' anniversary. I guess I'll just message Ray and see if I can just donate.


  1. Poor child. :(

    No, it would not be selfish of you to offer to reimburse someone else so they could help you attend.

    1. I think the anniversary party of my neighbors is that day and I'm wanted there, but if it isn't, I;ll ask someone. I left Ray a comment if I could donate some place if I couldn't make it.

    2. I hope things will work out for you!