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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Philadelphia Phillies (Secret Life of Blogger's Party #1)

I was invited to Miss Stephanie's Secret Life of Blogger's Party, but since I was in Philadelphia at the Brewers/Phillies game, I'm posting today. :)

Last night was so much fun and the Brewers won 8-5. :) When I was done work at 1pm, I took the community bus to the mall and then the 92 (the normal bus I take to West Chester) to the train station in Paoli. There was no way I was going on the bus and subway as a Brewers fan, Philadelphia fans for the most part are scary. Trains are usually safer, anyway, as more upper class takes them because of price (it was $7 to get to the city, where the bus and subway is $2). I did take the subway in the afternoon, but not at night (when most incidents happen).

I arrived near the stadiums around 4:30pm. It took 2 hours to get there (the 92 came at 2:30, the train ride was an hour); my phone needed charging and I was hungry. For New Years Eve, if you remember, my friends and I went to XFinity Live. I decided to go there and I wanted Chickie's and Pete's, but this restaurant only served the crab fries and a few things, which were expensive. I saw Broad St. Bullies Pub and decided to eat there. It was expensive, but pretty good. I saw a few Brewers fans too. :) I ordered a salad, two Jack and cokes and crab dip fries. The crab dip fries were huge and rich, I could only eat half.

I headed to the ball park at 6, the game started at 7. Dave was coming from Staten Island, so he was going to be late. We sat on the terrace desk, section 415, over 1st base. They were good seats, but I'm a bit afraid of heights. When the game started at 7, the Brewers did bad at first. They are last place in their division and I was biting my nails. Fortunately, by the time Dave came at 8, the Brewers were winning. During the 7th Inning, Dave wanted to explore the concessions. This was both our first times in the stadiums. I was still full from dinner, so all I had was hard apple cider and walked around with him. He ended up getting a steak sandwich and ribs. He said they were okay. We went back to our seats at the 8th inning. For the last inning, the Brewers got a run, the Phillies didn't and they won. :)

I met a few nice people from Milwaukee. They were a bit surprised I was a fan, especially from Pennsylvania, and I told them I'm a huge Packers fan. I want to move out there, if I can. It was nice to see Brewers fans, especially ones that traveled. People from the Midwest are so nice, nicer than people from here. :\ I ended up home at midnight; the train came in at 11:45 and the cab was $20. The cab driver was really friendly. Nice night.

This was taken on the train on my way to the city. I'm thinking about making this my profile picture, what do you think?

Dave and I. It was so nice seeing him. I met him during my Wisconsin trip, so it's been 9 months.

Ryan Braun! My favorite player.

They won! 8-5. The game today is on TV now. I'm switching back and forth. The Brewers are up 1. C'mon Brewers!


  1. Those crab dip fries look delicious! I'm really pleased you had a great time at the game. :)

    Do you mean using that picture as your FB profile picture and/or for your picture here? Either way, I think it's a nice image of you. :) I think you should use it!

    1. For Facebook. :) I don't remember how to change profile images on here.

      It was also really hot yesterday. It was 94 degrees. The sun set at 8:30, then it was 75 degrees; that was a nice change. I'm not a heat fan, but the weather has been weird here. Last weekend it was in the 60s, then it quickly rose to the upper 80s, lower 90s.

  2. The fries do look rather yummy! It looks like you had a really good time.

    1. I can honestly say that watching a game live is better than watching on TV. I'm just learning baseball (more of a football girl).