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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day at Fogo de Chao

I can't find the card I gave my dad (he usually saves them, so it's probably upstairs), but it said something like this, "the older I grow the more I am thankful for you and all that you do. I love you. Happy Father's Day, Dad!" I'm not Southern, but all my life I was called a Daddy's girl and I guess I am. I love my dad and he's always been there for me. When mom was away for business it was he and nan that would step in and take care of me. I remember him hugging and holding me when I was very suicidal in my early teens; him just trying to talk me out of things as I just sobbed into his shirts. I'm feeling better from yesterday; it's ironic that this happened after Father's Day and around 11 years ago after the incident of girls harassing me in middle school (later to get a restraining order against them). Anyway, my dad does so much for me and I'm thankful for him. <3 p="">
For Father's Day, mom and I took dad to Fogo de Chao in Center City, Philadelphia. We were going to take the high speed line, then the ell, but with the golf tournament going on we didn't. It felt weird not taking public transit into the city (I prefer it, honestly). We left early just in case of traffic; we were an hour early. We saw that the city still has an FYE on Broad St. -- King of Prussia's FYE closed three or four years ago. We browsed around; I found they had Eminem's CDs and all his CDs I have are edited from when I was a young teen (I was allowed to listen to unedited starting in March 2003, that day was the happiest day of my life, haha). I wanted the Marshall Mather's LP unedited, I picked it up and then a Korn CD that was $5. We walked around for a while more; the store had two stories and was just fascinating. I miss having CD stores around here, though I love the Mad Platter in West Chester (family owned store).

Mom, dad and I made our way to Fogo de Chao. I ordered a Sangria and it came out in a pitcher with tons of fruit. Mom and dad stuck off with iced tea (but mom did have a Riesling wine after dessert). We were presented with an all you can eat salad bar and buffet, which was the appetizer. The main meal was the meats, which was all you can eat. It was cool because they gave us circular cards -- the red side meant that we didn't want the gauchos to serve us the meats, but the green side meant to serve. The meats which ranged from lamb (don't like lamb) to beef. I ate mostly beef because I was getting full. The beef was mouth watering. Dad really liked the lamb. We were there for two hours and it was well worth it and the dessert was to die for. I would definitely recommend it. Fogo de Chao

Dad and one of the gauchos.

Me being served the roast.

My awesome Sangria.


  1. You both looked as though you were having a good time. :) I'm glad your dad enjoyed his day.

    1. It was amazing. They also gave us a coupon for one free meal to use before mid July. :)