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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Am I Toxic?

Just another really depressing day despite it starting out good (going to the casino with my parents and then swimming at my aunt's). Someone I wanted to reconnect with on Facebook deleted and blocked me as I was talking to him. I forgot my pills last night and got really depressed on him. Am I a toxic person?

I'll have a post about swimming and casino tomorrow. :\


  1. Well, I can't make a complete estimation of you as we haven't yet spoken face-to-face and we haven't met each other in person, but from my interactions with you after nearly two years I don't think you're a toxic person. Look at it this way: You do have friends who care about you; if you were really a toxic person, none of them would want to help such an individual. Also, if I thought you were toxic, I wouldn't want to be friends, but since I don't, I'm happy being a friend!

    As for that guy who unfriended and blocked you while you were talking to him, I don't know what happened but if you were upset and wanted someone to talk to then it was his actions that were rude and an overreaction. He could have at least excused himself from the conversation politely.

    1. I never met this person face to face. He was a friend of the first ex and I hadn't spoken to him in 4 years. When I saw he just created Facebook, I thought, "I might not want to talk to my ex, but he always seemed nice, so why not?" Unless he's angry because I invited him to happy hour. He said he's a recovering alcoholic and couldn't, I didn't say anything after that (I didn't know before hand and I didn't think it warranted further discussion).

      It just seems like after the breakups (especially after the first one, everyone sided with him), becoming Muslim and getting sick, I've lost all my friends here. I was talking to one of my bear friends and he got into the fact I shouldn't have been Muslim and should have stayed Catholic. I don't like Catholicism, I find it to be more anti-women then Islam. But, they're the same in term of guilt and rules.

      But, anyway, I wish I had the money just to move. I'm really unhappy here.