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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Roller Coaster of Emotions and One Year Later

Sometimes I wonder if it's my thyroid and possible bipolar disorder that scare people away. I feel like I have very little friends here. I received a text message today from a DJ at the pub I went to before the Brewers game a week and a half ago. I won a happy hour and if I get 15+ together, I get it for free instead of half priced. Good luck with that. Everyone is either busy or not responding. My cousin on my dad's side might go if I change it to an earlier time (it's at 9pm and I hope to change it to 6:30pm and I want to change it anyway because I don't want to be in the city late). Someone from my English class is coming. Christina most likely won't since she's not from here and doesn't know buses, so it looks like she's out. I just feel depressed that most of my friends are far away. I feel like I have no one here. This should be a happy occasion, but instead I feel like a loser because I was having trouble. I'm looking forward to seeing the guy from my English class, though.

Today is a year since I met Mike. Someone texted me on Friday saying their name was Mike and got my number from Zoosk. My number on my Facebook is private, so I panicked thinking that he got ahold of me again and was taunting me. Fortunately, I didn't reply and this person didn't keep texting. Anyway, after the whole thing with Mike before I realized he was bad, I was angry at nan for agreeing with mom. It was silly, but at the time I was just so angry. I stopped staying with her a lot last summer and I feel bad. I feel bad I wasn't there for her that much towards the end because of this and then the anxiety from my first 400 level class. I try not to think about it because we were so close all of these years. I just feel like he was part of the tipping point last year along with my ongoing health conditions. I just feel bad and if I do have hashimoto's (like my mom), there's no cure and I'm not sure if they'd still prescribe bipolar meds, although they've been making me feel numb. I just don't know.


Hey Jessica,

It’s Mike from Broad St Bullies Pub.  You’re all set up for your happy hour party on Saturday night!  Here’s how your party will work:

·         When you arrive, anyone with your party will be able to skip any lines or cover charges going on outside by using your name at security
·         Once inside, everyone will come check in with me by the entrance of Broad St Bullies Pub, where I’ll get everyone set up with wristbands that will be good for $3 drafts, $4 jack daniels & well drinks, and $5 orange crushes from 9-11pm!
·         There are also additional benefits depending on the size of your party:
o   10+ guests checked in with me, and I’ll extend your party’s specials until midnight!
o   15+ guests checked in with me, and I’ll give you a special cup that will let you drink on my tab – so essentially you’d be drinking for free!
o   25+ guests checked in with me, and I’ll comp you a MegaCrush!

There will also be free parking all night in the Citizens Bank Park lot, in case any of your party will be driving down that night.

Like I said, you’re all set up on my end, Jessica.  Let me know if you have any questions – all of my contact info is below – otherwise I look forward to seeing you down here on Saturday!


Mike Ragan
Sales Manager, Broad St Bullies Pub

Jessica Marie
5:08 PM (3 hours ago)
What time should I be there?
7:20 PM (1 hour ago)
You can come whenever you’d like, but your specials will begin at 9. If you’d...
Jessica Marie
7:35 PM (1 hour ago)

to mike
I'm taking a bus from King of Prussia. Can I make it at 6:30 (that's the only time a few of my guests can come)?


  1. Whoa, has it really been a year since all those troubles with Mike? Wasn't he one of the ones I had to help you with? I didn't realize it had been that long! Eek.

    I share and understand the feeling of having most of your friends far away. :/ I hope you are able to get the 15+ people you need, including Christina if possible!

    1. I know, can you believe it? I think being lonely and wanting friends led me to him (and Patrick). I used to be desperate about it -- I guess it wasn't really romance, but a search for a friend. That's why I joined "dating" sites. I found that even though I posted LOOKING FOR FRIENDS ONLY, most would gloss over it and look for a date or hookup. That's why I deleted my accounts. I can't stand people who don't read and then try to climb into your pants. Ugh.

      So far the guy in my English class is confirmed and maybe my cousin. If it's just me and him, that's okay. I think I'll still get a discount, since I won. I'm not sure though?