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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

8 Days

Next Thursday, July 4th, I will be turning 24. This year will be the first time in a few years that I will spend my birthday at home instead of in Philadelphia with Christine. I sort of wish I was spending the day in Philadelphia, though, but I will be going on the 5th to see the National Constitution Center's 10th Anniversary, meet my cousin Tori for happy hour and maybe go to the food festival. I found the entry from July 2011 chronicling my trip for my birthday. I didn't finish it, but I should (maybe after my Wisconsin book). You can view it here.

This is going to be my first birthday without nan. I remember that birthday in 2011, it was right after the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and mom was upset about it (among other things, I think she was upset over me becoming more independent and getting an industrial piercing, but after she saw that piercing it was no big deal). Nan picked me up from the p&w that evening on the 4th—my relatives left my house for the day and it was time for me to come home. She was so happy to see me and we ended up having a great time that night despite mom calling me angrily on July 3rd and the huge fight on July 5th. In years prior we'd go out to dinner and celebrate at my house with cake. It was simple, yet it was comfortable. The past few years I've enjoyed traveling, but when I was younger I liked staying home. Last year we celebrated my birthday with nan on the 5th since I stayed with Christine and hung out with her friends on my actual birthday (sadly, the next day—July 6th—nan was diagnosed with cancer). Last year's festivities for both days were so much fun. It's going to feel a little empty this year. :\

Yesterday Seth, a professor at the University, was on the bus and I was talking to him. I was telling him that I'm not actually looking forward to my actual birthday because as of right now none of my friends are coming (some are maybes and will let me know closer, the other one something happened) and I will be spending it at home with family for mom. He said, "well, you could always spend a few days celebrating—one day for her and one day for you." I think that's what I'm going to do—the 4th for mom, then the 5th for me. Besides hanging out with Tori for a little bit (hopefully), I will be alone. That doesn't bother me, really, last year during the day for my birthday Christine had to work—but this out of town couple eating at Con Murphy's heard it was my birthday and treated me to lunch. That was so sweet. Then at night it was spent with people. That was fun too, especially going swimming at Christine's, then Anthony's (a friend of her friend, it was our first time meeting him). Fireworks in Philadelphia were amazing too. In King of Prussia, we can't see them too well from our house and space is limited at the township building.

I'm off July 10th, so maybe I'll make that day trip about me too. ::shrug::


  1. I do hope that you'll have a fun - or at least good - birthday.

    1. I hope so too. I'm really hoping someone can come. :\