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Sunday, June 30, 2013

4 days!

4 days! We took a road trip to Delaware today to get alcohol since it's cheaper and tax free there and crabs. The crabs didn't happen as we got lost, but I bought Jack, absinthe, and Sangria (I love Sangria). I should at least enjoy my birthday, haha. We did stop off at Famous Dave's though.

I would like to share a memory of a past birthday with you. I think for the next 3 days, I'll post a birthday memory. :)

In honor of the Battle of Gettysburg's 150th Anniversary, I'm going to back track to 2004 when mom, dad, my friend at the time (Asha) and I went to Gettysburg on July 5. We spent July 4, 2004 at my Aunt Linda's house because she has a pool and back then we spent my birthday there (until 2005, for that birthday we went to Baltimore. I'll share that with you tomorrow, maybe). My little cousin, Joey, was 3 at the time and just learning how to talk. He kept calling me "chair." Asha thought that was hilarious, it was a bit funny, but I was a little embarrassed.

That night we stayed at my house and lit off some fireworks. I ended up making a CD with my new external CD burner on a refurbished computer my pop-pop gave me. Asha suggested songs too, so we'd have something to listen to on our drive to Gettysburg. We went to bed rather late, despite leaving early.

July 5th was so much fun, though the day was so hot. Dad used to work for the park service back in the early to mid 80s before he became a deputy. At the time, his one friend worked at Gettysburg as a park ranger. He ended up meeting us and giving us a little discount, but he was too busy to give us a tour. In April that year, I went to Gettysburg for the first time with my 8th grade class; I ended up showing everyone around. We climbed Little Round Top and saw other sights. We also visited Boyd's Bears. It was just an amazing day.

I didn't have a camera back then (my first digital camera was given to me for Christmas 2004), but I went again in 2009. Here are some pictures from 2009:

(Look how thin I was at 20! I was with my ex at the time, sadly, and didn't take many pictures. My Aunt Kathy has a house near the Battlefield. I want to take a bus trip there and get tons more pictures)


  1. Thanks for sharing these memories. :)

    1. I hope to publish tonight. I messed up my knee somehow -- it might be water -- and sitting cross legged then getting up kills it. :(

      I might publish from my phone and add pictures later.