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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Suzy Jo Love

Suzy Jo Donuts Love

Cruising along Dekalb Pike at 50 miles,
the road sign reads 40; our hearts race;
my hair is a mess as the cool wind blows
through the opened windows and sunroof
of your brand new Volkwagen Jetta, a sleek black.
We pretend this is the Autobahn with the speed,
as you watch the road and I watch the sun
rise above the small building of Suzy Jo's.

You ease the Jetta to a halt and I fix my hair,
and give you a toothless smile;
as a seven year old, this is my favorite day.
We walk inside, sugar scent fill the air,
"glazed and chocolate," I scream out,
my favorites as the lady asks us what we want.
"I'll take two glazed, a krohler..."
we walk out with a box of about 6 donuts
just ready to be eaten as we watch cartoons.

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