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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hi y'all,

Monday was the official start of working the summer at West Chester University. This week is a special week because I'll be working Thursday for a technology conference—over the summer I decided to work at WCU Monday-Wednesday and Thursdays and Fridays at the library to save some money on bus fare. In July the passes will be going from $83 to $92; I decided to take the local bus (Septa 92) again rather than the 104 because that'd be more expensive (granted, in the morning I will have to walk to the 99 bus to take to the mall, but in the afternoon I'll be getting picked up; whereas if I took the 104 I'd have to pay that fare plus the fare for the high speed line) since I'd be paying in cash starting in June. I calculated that I'll be spending $15/week, which would be $60-$75 a month depending on the month. That's a $15-$30 savings from the pass. But, I've also been debating this. The past few days it has been foggy (and I haven't really felt like walking) and tomorrow will be thundering so I'll be taking a cab. I spent $8 to get to the mall from my house, so this week will be $24 getting to the mall. I was debating taking the cab every day I work, but that would be too expensive. I'm fine this week since I still have my bus pass; but I will save a cab for the rain. I leave my house at 5:20am to be at the bus stop by 5:45am to catch the 5:55 bus.


I've been thinking about driving lately. I don't really look forward to it, but I'm thinking when I start a new therapist I might have him or her go over techniques of calming down. Someone told me most employers aren't flexible with transportation and I have a feeling the temp agency might be the case (the way mom talks about it). Mom and a few others say I'm limited with jobs too by not driving. I'm not sure if I'll ever get over my anxiety because I'm not sure if it's my thyroid or possible bipolar disorder. If I have Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid (my mom has it), there might be a possibility I might not be bipolar. But, even that's a gray area because bipolar people can have Hashimoto's disease. I'm switching to a hopefully better psychiatrist instead of seeing someone who doesn't even write down what I'm on and either blames my thyroid and tells me to go to my doctor (half the time my thyroid has been in range of good levels) or gives me more medications. I'm also changing from a nurse practitioner to a MD for the thyroid issue and general health concerns. I'm hoping to find answers once I switch; no one in my family to our knowledge has ever had bipolar disorder, but a few of us have thyroid disorders. I also hate the Risperadol, it makes me feel numb and like I don't want to do anything. My writing has suffered and I'm surprised my grades didn't—I earned 4 B's and an A. I'm hoping to get off of that, I hope I can. But, if I do drive, I'd only stay close to home and work, then the bus for everything else. Not really comfortable driving long distances, especially alone.


Next week I'm ordering the Orioles ticket since I took a cab three times this week and I went to lunch on Monday. Once the hotel room is ordered, that'll be the end of my spending for the trip (besides what I spend while down there, but the limit is $75/day). This is a reason why I'm only saving a cab for rainy days because I need to start putting aside for tuition. It doesn't look like part time tuition hasn't gone up (has stayed at $295/credit), but I'm not sure if the technology fee will go up. I'm looking at a little more than $1,000 for next semester. I'm not sure if I'll have my school job in the fall since I'll be part time and yesterday I had an incident. My boss left early and so did I. I finished work early and made note of it on the time sheet and left. I received a text message from someone and I assumed it was my boss asking me about my progress. I started flipping out, having panic attacks about getting fired (another reason I'm switching doctors, I read Risperadol adds even more to anxiety, and like I said I want to know if it's thyroid or bipolar or both). I'm not sure if it was her, she didn't say anything this morning. Anyway, I'm going to put money aside just in case something happens. I'm thinking if I get a job at the temp agency and it pays better, I might leave the job here. If not, work three jobs. I don't really need my class in the fall, so it's not really a worry (I'm only taking it because I found out too late I could have graduated in the Spring since I dropped my creative writing minor, but I rather graduate in December because of weather).


But, that's enough for now. I hope to update later!




  1. Have you ever driven before? Driving is something I really want to learn how to do but haven't yet been able to try! I'm surprised not being able to drive would be a limitation in your part of Pennsylvania, with all the public transportation available there.

    To address the part where you said about receiving a text, doesn't your phone tell you who sent it? Assuming you still have the Galaxy/Android phone your mother gave to you, it should do.

    1. I have and I failed my driver's test 8 times. I just get really anxious, like everyone on the road is going to harm me. I also get scared driving alone because I get lost. I have to wear glasses while driving and I think that has a lot to do with it too because my side views are weird.

      I live in the suburbs. It's a bit harder than the city. I have to walk 20-25 minutes to the bus stop over some dangerous roads. So, I'm not sure. I just want to get a job and be okay.