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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Starbucks Love and Other Poems

I'm hoping to be done my poetry book for my poetry final tomorrow. Here are some poems I am working on. What do you think?


Suzy Jo Donuts Love
Cruising along Dekalb Pike at 50 miles,
the road sign reads 40; our hearts race;
my hair is a mess as the cool wind blows
through the opened windows and sunroof
of your brand new Volkswagen Jetta, a sleek black.
We pretend this is the Autobahn with the speed,
as you watch the road and I watch the sun
rise above the small building of Suzy Jo's.

You ease the Jetta to a halt and I fix my hair,
and give you a toothless smile;
as a seven year old, this is my favorite day.
We walk inside, sugar scent fill the air,
"glazed and chocolate," I scream out,
my favorites as the lady asks us what we want.
"I'll take two glazed, a cruller..."
we walk out with a box of about 6 donuts
just ready to be eaten as we watch cartoons.



Starbucks Love
"Starbucks will go perfectly with our donuts,"
you say to me as we pull into Starbuck's—
Dekalb Pike is still quiet, it's 9am on a Saturday.
Yet inside, the place is busy, the hustle and bustle
of people and baristas. They are dizzying, mesmerizing,
but friendly, talkative, and are very accommodating.
You order a grande coffee, black, just like in Europe
and you order me a tall coffee, which seemed huge to me.
In the store, we left my coffee black and sugarless
only to be filled with some cream
(as I'm lactose intolerant and a lot of cream is bad)
and lots of white sugar. I wrinkle my nose at the strength,
you and nan both laugh at me, but I love the coffee
and dipping my glazed donut inside of it.


Moving to California
When you told us that you were moving to California
from your small (as I imagined it, I never went sadly)
apartment in New York City, I cried and cried.
You were transferred from your job and you wanted change,
you'd never been out West and you wanted to see it—
I feared I'd never see you again because visits wouldn't be frequent.
I imagined what life would be without our Saturday morning ritual,
and knowing you're not a few hundred miles away, but a thousand—
it seemed really far and I didn't want to say goodbye to you.
This was 1998, things went well for two years;
you came and visited every two months or so,
a road trip to visit nan, dad, mom, me and the other exchange students
and you'd bring me little trinkets like hair pins and key chains.
You made our time very special for the weekends you'd stay
and I loved hearing your stories, wishing I could go back with you.


Leaving Us
But things changed in 2000 when you came to visit,
my first year in middle school, I was still so excited.
It was a few weeks before Christmas and times were intense
with buying you the perfect gift, putting up the tree, getting ready.
When you arrived, you quickly announced the news:
you had a new girlfriend, someone you met in the office;
she was an American citizen, of Venezuelan decent (I think)
and she would be visiting with you next month so we can meet.

She came in January 2001, I was still on winter break,
we didn't like her, she was really snotty and hardly talked
and very condescending, although she had a daughter.
You were happy with her, but nan told you her opinion—
you called us less and less and the visits were infrequent,
but then September 11th happened and you feared
being kicked out of the US. You were going to marry her;
you invited us to your wedding in Vegas, a shotgun wedding,
but we couldn't go because of school, work and other obligations—
You never forgave us and you never talked to us again.


More poems later!


  1. The first two have made me want donuts. :o I like your use of the word "Autobahn" in the first poem. :) The third and fourth are emotional, especially that last sentence of the fourth; quite saddening, indeed.

    All four are good pieces. :)

    1. Thanks Andrew. :) Only 8 more poems and then I'm done the book!

      Working on my one 10 page paper now. Is it okay if I open my paper up with our conversation about me being asexual? I'm writing about sexuality.

    2. Yes, you may. :) Would be it be okay if you e-mailed me a copy of the paper when you've completed it? If you mention our conversation I wouldn't mind reading what you have to say about it. If that's not appropriate, then it's still okay to use the conversation, so don't worry. Thanks. :)

    3. Sure! I'll send along next week after it's been proofed. I have a lot to work on a lot. :\