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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rittenhouse Square

Billy. Visit Philly's website describes the statue as this, "A favorite of children as well as many adults, Billy, the small bronze goat, has graced the square since 1919. Sculptor Albert Laessle was born and trained in Philadelphia, and his bronze Penguins resides at the Philadelphia Zoo."

Billy and me.

Jafar Barron practicing.

It was just beautiful in Rittenhouse Square. The craft festival was also going on, so I strolled looking at all the different tables. It was 79 degrees and sitting in the shade was just perfect. I want to go back, it was really peaceful.


  1. Replies
    1. It was the best place to spend an 80 degree place. I would have taken more pictures, but I wanted to save battery power. Next time. :)

  2. I practically lived in Rittenhouse Square at the end of high school. I looked in my LJ archive for proof, but only found this record.

    I went to Rittenhouse Square every Sunday for orchestra, a church a block or two from the Square.

    I'm glad you had a nice time there! I am forcing myself into Academic mode now to finish off my classwork before I fly off to the Central Nation for a month.

    1. I think I might go again at the end of the month to use up the last of my bus pass. I'm not getting a pass for the summer -- they're raising the price of SEPTA. :(

      I have to finish 2.5 pages of my chica lit paper, then start the Shakespeare paper. Chica lit is due tomorrow, Shakespeare on Wednesday. Joy!

    2. And bus adventures aren't as important as the rest you have planned? I don't think I ride the same direction as you any more, with SEPTA's 92 route changes. (And besides you prefer 104 now afaik)
      Maybe I'll see you next semester, Jessica!

      YOU CAN DO IT! Would you like peer review? I'm taking tomorrow off, as my Modern Chinese History Final has been postponed until Thursday.
      (I'm scared to go in 17 days! I hear oodles about this place [more about its bad side than good], and most of it may be true!)

      All of my writing emphasis papers are due Wednesday; my Deng Xiaoping paper was not as good as my first presentation about him (My paper wasn't very long. I did two presentations about him since he is both my biography subject and the subject of the book I reviewed) - I have a story on the prevalence of water bottle refill stations on college campuses, and my giant paper o' doom arguing bullying at the university level is prevalent for Wednesday - though I'd say not necessarily at WCU, as much as Bryn Mawr or Cambridge.

      Um, Deng Xiaoping revolutionised China's economy, so he interests me more than Mao Zedong, who I thought would be very interesting, since I knew about him before from Monty Python.
      I argue Deng did more to change China's history; Mao just may be a little more widely known to foreigners. Even if Xiao-ping means small-insignificant.