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Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, dear blog buddies! I hope those of you that celebrate it had a good day. :) Mom and dad cleaned out nan's house -- the auction is Thursday and I'm not sure if people bought it yet. It struck me today, this is going to be my first summer without her. It's going to feel weird not staying at her house at nights and her taking me to the bus stop in morning. I miss it. :(

I'm going to write about my Philadelphia trip from Saturday tomorrow since I only graced you with pictures. It was a good time and I can't wait to go back on Friday to see the Brewers play the Phillies.


  1. It must have been awful for your parents to have cleaned out Nan's house, and now that it's empty of belongings it can't be pleasant at all. :(

    I did have a good Memorial Day; I hope yours was good, too. :)

    1. It won't be really empty until Thursday. It'll be interesting to see how much sells. I wanted her bedroom set, but mom and dad didn't have the means to move it. :( I loved her bedroom set. We did take her chest and have her wedding dress. Sometimes it still feels surreal she's gone. It'll be even more surreal when people move in. I actually felt a little numb today.

      I did. Nice and relaxing. :) Though, I wished I went to DC today. However, a train ticket was $97. :( I never been to DC and would like to go sometime.

    2. Popping in to say DC is best when you have government business.

      My mother keeps track of who moved into my grandmother's house and what they did to the estate - I think it's none of my business.