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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve

Today my parents and I went to the Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve in New Hope, Pennsylvania. It's a thee mile wildflower walk that is so beautiful. Not many flowers were in bloom though, it was very green. The rivers were so peaceful and one of the rivers, the slow moving river, almost looked frozen. That was neat.

Rare flowers-- I think they're called Ballerina Slippers.

What looked to be a frozen river.

Since New Hope is ten minutes away from New Jersey, we went to lunch in Lambertsville (New Jersey) at the Lambertville Inn. We decided to sit outside, despite the overcast day, and as soon as our lunch came it rained. They moved us to the bar area, but it didn't spoil our yummy lunch. I had a soft shelled crab sandwich with French fries, mom had French dip and dad had a gourmet hamburger. It was expensive, but we'd definitely go back.

For an appetizer, dad had French onion soup and mom had wine soaked clams (she let me taste one and they tasted the way she makes them with the wine sauce).

I'm starting my Summer 2013 album now. I'm going to add the two pictures from last night when I saw Jerry Watkins at Screwballs. Summer 2013


  1. I checked the Internet since I've never heard of the ballerina slipper flower! Are they orchids?

    Maybe later in the summer the flowers will bloom! We've had great success with our tulips.

    It sounds like you went to a quality restaurant where the expenditure would be valid!

    I just got my Chinese visa in my passport today! I'm probably going to post tomorrow though since I'm exhausted.

    1. I think they were orchids, they looked like it!

      That's awesome, can't wait to read. :) My passport expires in 3 years. I should start traveling again...

      I'm thinking I might quit my WCU job if I get something at a temp agency... make more money.

    2. They're called Lady Slipper Orchids!

    3. Thank you for the Cypripedioideae information! They look familiar.

      My passport expires in two. I'm using it now! This is what I recorded yesterday, and the University wants a meeting in the beginning of next week. I told them I wasn't available on Tuesday because it's my birthday and I don't want it to be eaten up with other plans. /immature
      You have a guaranteed national stop for your birthday - I do not.

      Is the temp agency job a guaranteed employment? I dunno...

    4. It should be. I'm needed at WCU for the summer to teach classes, so in August when the time is up, I'll ask. I just want to make more money. I'm going to have to start paying rent here. I'm starting to take the 92 -- I'm not getting a monthly pass anymore and paying for two buses can be costly.

    5. What classes are you teaching? I'm representing WCU at Guizhou University next week! It seems not as prestigious a place as Peking University or Jiao Tong University, but I'm partially responsible for bilateral relations!
      I hope I'm a decent representative of our university and the country overall...

      I might see you next week, then - I need to go to WCU at some point next week to verify my travel plans are progressing at an even rate with my comrades also visiting China. @_@

  2. Sounds and looks like a beautiful place! A shame I'm not nearby to visit it myself.

    1. It really was. I never heard of it before last week when my mom brought it up. I think my aunt told her about the place.