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Friday, April 26, 2013

WCU Civil War Day 2013 (4/26) and Art Museum (4/25)

Compared to last year, the Civil War event wasn't at all advertised (and the Daily Local wasn't there like last year). I was feeling a bit nostalgic from last year and I guess it was fate that I looked over to where they were last year and there they were! It's kind of crazy how it worked out. I hung out with them until my class at 12, then again at 1 until my conference at 1:30. After the conference I went to programs on the impact of Gettysburg and how modern medicine was shaped by the Civil War. Great day all around and a lot of fun. :) Even though I graduate in December, if they have it next year I want to go. Enjoy some pictures!


Yesterday (4/25) after work at the school and before work in the library, I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I went to the new exhibit (from now until June 9) since I only had a few hours. The exhibit was called "Outside Art" because they were works done by non famous artists. Really interesting and awesome. I enjoyed myself.

A sculpture of a leopard (I believe). I thought the sinister look made it interesting.

Illness catcher made of iron. The artist was obsessed with sickness and hospitals. This was made to save lives.

I thought this bird painting was awesome. I love oddities like that.

The Root Monster

And my favorite (and not part of the exhibit, but it's in front of the entrance), Alexander Calder's Ghost.

Tomorrow is the Bear and Friend's Tea at the Lincoln Room. I'm bringing Wesley and mom and dad are bringing Pooh. I can't wait to see all who goes!


  1. Why did you order your post in reverse chronological order today, Jessica?
    Does it make more sense to talk about the Civil War, art and then tea?

    Is all Western medicine shaped by the US Civil War? I find that REALLY difficult to believe, particularly after studying Hippocrates.

    I have been roped into performing for a friend's senior recital next year myself so I'm essentially forced to loiter in the area. If I'm still in China then, I can always cancel, but also disappoint my trumpeter buddy.

    I myself didn't really like the outsider art when I went with my mother a little while ago.

    I'm conserving health by only retailing in the evening tomorrow, and sleeping the rest of the weekend.
    Enjoy the Lincoln Room tomorrow! I am a little busy/ill for social tea.

    1. Just was what was in my mind. I decided last minute to include the Art Museum. I thought the exhibit was good, but I was expecting some more. It took an hour to go through, so I guess that's good. Then I saw the gold art exhibit that took 15 minutes.

      I think modern medicine is. Like surgeries and anesthesia. But I'm sure other parts of medicine are other parts of the world.

      I'm looking forward to it. I need a break and the ladies miss me, haha. I just couldn't resist a bear tea party. My parents love that place and insisted on going. Mom's Pooh Bear is 42, Wesley is 6.

    2. Okay - I was just wondering whether you had an underlying organising principle. Almost always when I post on my blog (except when I tag it "rambling") I have a goal in mind for the post.
      As always whenever I go to the Philadelphia Art Museum, I toured the Japanese pagoda replica and the Mediaeval armoury exhibits, and those repaired my opinion of the Philadelphia Art Museum after the Outsider art which I disliked. I really didn't like the iPad exhibit explanations - I thought those rob guides of their discussions and made actual study of the artwork less economically valuable!

      Other parts of medicine are other parts of the world? To be verbs =? I don't understand what you meant. What did you mean?

      Have fun!! ^_^ The ladies probably miss me, too, but I must put work before play, and I rarely dress appropriately for Lincoln Room tea parties anyway.
      In the Chinese culture, Saturdays are not considered off. Dr Cai expects me to finish my visa application submission tomorrow morning (and I have the GIANT mindless turmoil to better plug the dreadful hole my plane tickets put into my bank account in the evening - it's mindless - yay/nay? I don't know whether to be relieved or agitated. I think a little bit of both - I don't have to think hard, but it's a really dumb waste of my energy - almost not worth it).

      Oh, and yeah: travelling to China does not cost exactly the same as 5 bags of SEPTA tokens, even though they did increase fare recently.
      I haven't even paid tuition for the culture and language lessons yet, but Dr Cai tells me that is not as bad.
      I might not have to ask my parents for help! w00tw00t! ^_^;;;;;;;

    3. I didn't like the iPads either. I didn't use mine, I just read and looked. I didn't really have time for the iPad.

      I think nan's house was just sold. The realtor is coming at 12. Tea is at 3:30 (we're leaving at 3), so hopefully it's not long.

    4. I listened to what my iPad had to say, but I had bad feelings about it.

      If the realtor takes longer than three hours to conduct business, I think the real estate transaction has to be a little more important than having another fancy high tea with friends.
      It's Nan's house we're talking about here! Your family is only selling that once, while high teas are replicable instances.

      Susan et al must understand if you and your family are perhaps half an hour late.

    5. She's coming at 11:30 instead. It should only take an hour or two. I think she's just going to show mom and dad the offer that was made. The realtor also has her granddaughter and can't stay long either.

    6. Then, hurrah, you can fit both into your schedule! ♥

      This afternoon I'm phoning the Chinese visa agency with my passport number and flight plans, as well as a copy of the generic PRC-travel visa application. (Indeed I am going to the People's Republic of China next month, not the ROC, which is Taiwan - aka the Republic of China.)
      I found it interesting I could schedule a flight without all my visa details sorted.

  2. You look good in costume! :)

    That leopard looks like something from Donnie Darko (don't know if you've seen the film, but in it there was a person in a menacing-looking rabbit costume). I like the colors of the root monster.

    1. Thanks Andrew. :)

      I've seen bits and pieces of Donnie Darko, but it's been a long time... I might have to rent it from the library after the semester ends!