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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two Daniel Poems

Which picture would you like best that I can use for the divider page (I'm breaking the book down into sections)?

I might see if I can find the original pictures. They're in a scrapbook somewhere. So, which do you like best? I'm thinking 3 since it's also about nan.

Here's the poem I'm thinking about putting on the dividing page, that will be called "Daniel."

You came to live with us in 1991,
my Godfather begged nan to take you in;
there was no fight, she was easily sold--
you quickly became family, a win-win;
we are both only children, eighteen years apart.
You were my older brother, and a best friend.
A student at Villanova, you said it was unlike Prague,
thousands of miles away from home, dressed in grunge trend
American style, but on MTV that you watched
for hours and hours, Europeans were doing the same.
Nan lovingly cooked you liver and onions just like home;
bringing Slovak girlfriends, carefully learning our names.
Maybe it was because you lived with us for 6 years,
maybe it wasn't such a shock since I was two
and nan treated you like you were her own--
these are the memories that I'm glad I knew.

I'm looking for a title for this one. Anything would be helpful!

While you were enrolled in Villanova,
you took the P&W, I always loved dropping
you off; I wished I could go with you
and could be a student enrolled in University.
It would be like when we played school,
sometimes you'd be teacher and you'd give me books--
onion-paged, crisp and easily ripped;
I made sure I handled the pages
with yellow high-lighted words with care.
It was in those moments I wanted to read,
at 5, I was bored with picture books
and I wanted to read British lit with Elizabeth on cover:
it's funny to think now, especially at 23,
I take the P&W to the 104 to WCU
(my Godfather's brother wanted me to go
to Villanova though and would pay for good grades)
and I get to read these texts to my heart's content--
I wish I could go back to the days
sitting on nan's porch with carpenter bees flying,
drinking iced tea and playing make believe.


  1. Hard choice, but I like the second picture best.

    Beautiful poems, Jessica. :) I don't have any great names for the second one for you, although titling it "Enrolled in Villanova" or even just "Villanova" might work.

    1. I'm hoping I can find that scrapbook. I have some stuff still at nan's, at least I hope it wasn't thrown out when mom and dad were cleaning.