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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ravens Ticket Ordered

This is where I'll be sitting for the game on August 22nd. It was $50 (it would have been $52, but since I was a new member of stubhub and opted to be e-mailed, they knocked off $2). Pretty good for something cheap. :) A little sad about not being able to see the Packers, but always next year! This should be a lot of fun.

I found a hotel to stay in overnight. Mom said we stayed there before, for my 16th birthday. I remember it being nice. I have to call the Tremont Hotel to see if they have a shuttle to the field. If not, a cab. Right now it's $160, but mom was unhappy with the cheaper one (she doesn't want me to stay in a 2 star hotel). She said to wait because she's going to see if she can use her rewards for the room (she travels a lot and gets rewards). I hope so! I am hoping to order the room in a week or two.

So excited! ^_^ I'm debating whether to go to the aquarium on Memorial Day weekend or wait until this weekend. Maybe I'll do both. Amtrak didn't look that expensive (I'll be taking the train there).


  1. Congratulations on both getting the tickets and for getting them slightly cheaper! :D Have fun!

    1. I'm so excited. ^_^ If I enter and win the poetry/shot story contest and win, I can go see the Packers in Baltimore. I'm unsure about entering, though.

      I hope mom has points so I can get a discount!