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Friday, April 5, 2013

NFL Season Schedules

I was on the Packers and Ravens websites and they have posted pre-season schedules already. The Ravens website announced that the NFL is going to release the season schedule on April 16th. The Packers are playing the Ravens this year in Baltimore during the regular season. I want to go. If the tickets aren't too much (I might also stub hub it too) I'm going to get dad a ticket as well since he loves the Ravens (I know there will be protest too, dad hates when I spend money on him). I am just hoping it won't cost an arm and a leg. I might not go anywhere this summer to save up for the semester and tickets.


  1. Why does your father hate it when you spend money on him? Does he prefer to spend it on you?

    1. He prefers me to save, haha. He feels bad if I spend it on him out of my savings. Also, he is the 2nd person on my bank account because that was the agreement after the bipolar diagnosis and since I've been struggling, he might be leery. Two classes, as of now, are going to cost me $2000. I'm going to save for both. It might just be me going if it's really expensive.