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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lily of the Valley

My goal is to write 2 poems a day for 3 weeks to make the quota for my poetry final. I have to work on one more:

Lily of the Valley

May was your favorite month,
Not only because you were born the forth;
“take a look behind the house,”
You’d always say to me until June:
“we can pick these for your teachers,”
Lily of the Valley was always your favorite.
We’d sit for hours in the side garden and talk to the Conners,
And laugh for hours about who knows what.
The Lily of the Valleys smelled lovely too—
That perfume scent filled your house,
White bells next to daffodils and pink flowers
Sit atop the table next to the TV,
Staying there well until June;
Even after death they smelled lovely,
Secretly they’re my favorite too.

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