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Monday, April 15, 2013

Daniel Poems

I started writing this in class. Just an idea. Daniel was an exchange student that lived with nan from 1991-1996 (from college until he had a job in New York, then would come to visit us until 1999 when he moved to California. Then he met a snob, got married in 2002 and forgot about us). He was like a brother to me. I decided I'm going to write 6-12 poems about the experience for my book. What do you think? Like I said, this is just in its beginning stages!

He came to live with us in 1991,
an exchange student from Slovakia to Villanova,
he quickly became family--
we were both only children, filling the void
despite him being eighteen years older.
Daniel would borrow you blue '87 Buick,
to work at In-and-Out
wearing cool shirts that said Munchadelphia.
Lovingly you would cook Daniel liver and onions
and we'd eat together every Friday night.
Saturdays were the best, however...

When I'm done, I'll post!

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