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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

6 More Weeks

There are 6 more weeks of class left. Tomorrow I'm going to the Bursar to see if I can still audit photography for this semester since I read I have until the end of week nine and I believe this is week 9. I'm going to audit next fall's class too. I don't need it to graduate, it was just something to take for fun. I'm really frustrated because my camera doesn't work right (and I paid $400 for it) and she doesn't really teach. She had a meh rating on Rate My Professor. So hopefully I can audit; if not, I'll just suffer through it. I'm not even sure if I did my project due Thursday right. I just have other classes to worry about that I need to graduate. I guess that's my priority.

I have a five page paper due for my Shakespeare class on Friday. Struggling with it because I can't find anything on my topic. I'm doing well in the class; I might just BS the paper. :\ I'm in "I don't care mode." I have 200 more pages to read for my chica lit class. So overwhelmed right now. I can't wait to be done this awful semester.

I was thinking about my grandma today and how I wished I spent more time with her in the fall. I had my first 400 level class to worry about, but I guess I shouldn't have. I've just been on this path to graduate in December 2013 because I can't afford to go any longer. Anyway, I feel sorta bad about it. But, I guess I spent my 23 years with her almost all the time, so that's something. I'm thinking of writing a poetry book about her (instead of my feelings for someone at the beginning semester when I proposed the idea) for my poetry class final. I wrote my professor a note -- so hopefully! Nothing worse than writing poems you don't feel.


  1. Can you see if your camera can be fixed at all? $400 is a lot of money, even more so for a student. What do you mean by "audit" here? I'm not sure I'm familiar with it in this context.

    Without wanting to sound callous, I would try not to feel guilty about not spending more time with your grandmother over the fall. From what you've said here on this blog and elsewhere, you got on really well with her and you loved each other deeply: based on that, I think she'd be happy to see you succeed.

    1. Auditing basically means you're not graded for it, you're just taking a class for knowledge. I submitted the form today. So, I guess it's now only 5 classes I need to worry about.

    2. Thanks for the explanation. :)