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Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 Days until SEPOS Orchid Show

Next Friday I will be leaving school to go to the SEPOS Orchid Show at the Academy of Natural Sciences. I might stop off at China Town for lunch then go to the ANS. I'm putting my traveling shoes back on and it feels great! ^_^ I can't wait (I also love orchids).

Oh, and great news... my photography class shows as audited! No more worries there, now it's back to 5 classes. I dropped the film photography next semester because she's not worth $1000 and I can't afford more than two classes. Two classes will be around $2000 and since I'm not getting aid anymore...
So, I'll only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday and Friday I'll work at the library (no worrying about public transit), then Tuesday, Wednesday (without a class), and Thursday I'll work at West Chester while going to school. Depending on money, I might take guitar lessons again just to fill some time.


  1. That acronym stands for South-Eastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society, fun fact!
    Enjoy the orchid show.

    Life seems to be working well enough for you, now.

    After I mentioned my oolong tea is depleted, my mother yelled at me yesterday to stop going on and on about China and stressing her out since I don't even know all the details yet, so I asked Dr Cai; the professor told me just to focus on my studies for now since it isn't all finalised yet.

    I hope the photography class is less stressful for you!

    1. My rhetoric professor is really pushing the China trip. Creative writing is pushing Ireland.

    2. Jesse? How, what's happening?
      I'm very wary about going to China after my dear friend Cong's told me such stories of misery (relatives forced him to build furniture in the humid heat of China, as I recall), but I think that he just doesn't like China at all and is just forced into it for family - England's climate of mild dreariness is best for him, evidently. Dr Chien agreed with him it gets dreadfully hot in some parts of China, like especially around the Gobi desert area, but she and Dr Cai say it's not going to be that bad in late May in Guiyang.

      My father loved Ireland when he visited County Cork. What is so amazing about Ireland? I learned in Greek it doesn't come from ire/wrath as Latin would hint but, rather, the Celtic air.

    3. I have family still in Ireland. But, I'm not too excited about it although I never been there. It's not really on my list to go, unless of course my relatives that lived there paid for it and I could stay with them. I wouldn't pay to go, though. Mom and dad are saving up to go, though.

    4. I think I do, too, but I don't want to visit family when I'm going so far away, especially when I'm not even sure if they even exist. I'm hoping when I go to China nobody will claim relation! I'm not Chinese, even by third cousin! The gruesome battles of, say, my mother and sister horrify me.
      Likely, after I got off the plane to Ireland, if I even were to go, "family" would materialise, especially since I am pale of complexion and have Irish facial features.
      I think they did when Father went. Binkley is a Swiss name mutation, and I think most of my family is eastern-European, but that doesn't stop the Irish from being in the family anyway.

      What is on your top 5 places to visit? Wisconsin, and...?
      Honestly, anywhere in China wasn't on my "bucket list" previously, especially after hearing the many serious complaints of my dearest friend. However, I suddenly have myriads of Chinese friends, who beckon temptingly?
      My top 5 I would love to eventually visit: Moscow, Cambridge, Athens, Geneva, Montreal.
      However, next 5 cities I have no choice but to visit: Philadelphia, Honolulu (layover), Beijing, Guiyang, Shanghai. (Shanghai might bump Montreal off the top-5 places to go list - it sounds amazing - I have to visit and see for myself, though...)
      Going all the way to these varied Chinese places is my method of "getting used to" international travel - as you notice, none on the list of places I want to go are cities of the United States of America. I mean, Atlantic City is a blast, but I don't actually want to go, since I have already been there five times. (Orchestra concerts, first ventures in gambling, beach -> marine biology research)

      Why wouldn't you pay to go? The whole reason I am spending my life at the GIANT instead of supporting my friends at the next big concert is to build up capital for funding this Chinese trip.
      You might benefit greatly from studying microeconomics! It's a completely different way of thought and is about the behaviours of people generating income so they can fund themselves and their causes.

    5. For me: Norway, San Fran (we might go in the fall), Denmark, Russia and Seattle, Washington.

    6. Why might you go to California in the fall?

    7. My family tries to go on vacation every year and since I only have 2 classes in the fall and nan died, this year for Thanksgiving we're going away. I'm hoping the Packers don't play the Ravens in that time.

    8. Can your family manage that?

      What two classes have you decided upon? :3
      I picked Our Atmosphere, World of Communism, Problem of War, Introduction to Comparative Politics, and my oboe lesson, since I want to cram as much learning as possible into my limited time on campus. Dr Chien might try to pull me into her general Asian culture class, since Asia has way more than just China and Russia (Japan, India, both Koreas, Bangladesh, etc), but I am not actually all that interested, past whatever I have going on with Cong. (And he's more English than Chinese anyway, name notwithstanding)

      My family is more split up now that my sister lives in New York, with her photography buddies.
      I am planning very shortly to continue in my international conquest - I don't think Cong's the end-all be-all of anyone ever. Except he begs to differ, whenever we talk.
      Not now - it's like three in the morning in the UK.

    9. Yeah, since they don't pay for my college anymore. :p And mom and dad earned a raise.

      I'm taking essay writing (my last class needed for the style and aesthetics part of my degree) and a novel writing class (last class for my creative writing minor).

  2. The good thing about photography is that you can learn it yourself for much cheaper. Or take a class at at a community center. I'm glad they let you audit it.

    1. It's awesome too that a friend of our family is a professional photographer, so I think I'm going to ask him as well. :)

  3. Hope you can get some pictures at the orchid show. :)

    1. I'm going to try to use both film and digital.