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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Written on Monday and looking for a Name

You’re like Fort Knox, the words ring out
from the man behind the bar, trying to read me.
And why are you always on your phone,
are you on a curfew? You can’t stop texting
I’m hoping he texts soon, I don’t want to be here
and he keeps mocking me, making faces at me,
he keeps laughs, grins and calls me a frigid cow—
I’m waiting for replies to a photo shoot, I reply,
Oh, from that guy that calls you Meghan,
well, if he was interested he would have told you days ago,
instead of waiting around last minute for a call.

It dawns on me, just then,
if this stranger has a hard time reading me,
maybe he finds it difficult too?
Hey, a funny thing happened, I typed into the phone,
this person, I’m out with a friend, called me Ft. Knox,
and said I am very, very, very hard to read.
LOL, he responds,
Is it true? I type back.
Yes, sometimes.
By the way, my name is Jessica,
not Meghan. I have lost interest.


  1. "I have lost interest." Sometimes I think that's the best thing people can do.

    1. Ah, yeah. I'm at this annoying part with this guy. I have lost interest, but part of me still is unsure. I hate how he still calls me Meghan, though. -_-

    2. That's an automatic disqualification on his part!
      You are named Jessica. (I know far too many Meghans to remember that's "your nickname" - you are named Jessica, not Meghan!)

  2. Agree with Stephanie. In regards to how you've been treated, don't be unsure: just walk away.

    1. True. I need his help with a photography project and now he's being a jerk. :\ Yeah, I ruined things with my freak out last month.

  3. I've been so busy, but now I must comment on this entry to merit stepping all over your other friends' comments.

    I'm too worn out to mind-read and figure out what happened. Who has called you Meghan; did it happen this weekend; what happened?

    1. Last month, but despite me telling this guy I was seeing that my name is Jessica and not Meghan, he still has me as Meghan in his phone!

    2. Force him to change it in his phone if he wants to talk with you any more!

      That is WRONG and totally unacceptable - editing is not difficult.

    3. Do I just say, "I saw in your phone you still had me as Meghan. My name is Jessica, can you change it?"

    4. Yes! It's important! You aren't Meghan - you are indeed called Jessica Marie.

    5. He claimed he changed it. I guess I'll see the next time I see him. :\

    6. Don't worry about it, then! Done and over with.