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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and the weather has been strange. I remember this time last year things were already in bloom and it was unseasonably warm. Monday we had snow and my poetry class (night class) was canceled; I have missed three weeks of it because the one week I was sick, the other week was Spring Break and last week was a snow day. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow and cold, but I also love the seasons. I think the weather is partly the reason I've been feeling blah and the fact I'm taking six classes, working two jobs and playing football. 6 more weeks of this; I can't wait to be done because it's been a challenging semester.

Anyway, today is Good Friday and that means Sunday is Easter. It's going to be different this year -- last year we had Olivia (my tuxedo cat that died on April 17, 2012) and my grandma. It's a little sad to think about. I miss them. This year since my grandma's not around we're not doing anything special; just going to my aunt's house I think. We're doing things differently this year, so it should be interesting. It's bittersweet, though.

Tomorrow night I'm seeing a band of this guy of another band we used to follow (before they broke up). I'm going to get pictures for my project. I also have a plethora of other work... I need to write more poetry and a short story from a prompt. I'm hoping the prompt helps me; I've been feeling so uninspired this semester.


  1. The weather there sounds like the weather's spring yet the weather is winter! Too cold! The cold weather does tend to make one feel "blah", as you put it, especially when you're already hard at work with other projects.

    I'm sorry that this Easter won't be that special to you. :( I know how much your grandma meant to you, and I'm sorry about Olivia, too.

    Have fun seeing the band. :)

    1. I just can't wait for this semester to be over. I'm actually not doing well in photography. I had to make up a test last minute and studied two weeks ago when I was sick. I blanked. She also doesn't like my pictures. I just feel so uninspired this semester. I don't think I'll be doing phenomenal like last semester. :(

    2. It's the penultimate semester - one before the last. Hang in there!

      Why does the professor dislike your photography? I didn't really judge it when you put them up, too busy - I like your flamingo capture at the zoo! Good move.

      Phenomena are called that because they happen only once! Don't sweat it.

    3. One of the pictures, I moved. She's just really picky and she doesn't think I'm artistic enough. I'm thinking of changing it to a P/F class.

    4. What does P/F stand for? Photography/Fun? (Both φ and f sound the same!)
      My sister is in the commercial photography field - it doesn't matter how artistic it is, as long as the depiction illustrates the news article well and forces the newswriters to mould their words around it.

      The latter comment is entirely subjective. Don't let it bother you - the only thing: this person who looks at photography frequently did not find your art artful enough to match her criteria!

    5. Ohhh I've heard of Pass/Fail, but I'm not sure whether it's "as good as" straight taking the course. I think it's not. But does that matter here?
      I know more about auditing, which is sitting through the course but not getting any credit for it in your degree-programme!

    6. I should have audited. I don't really need this for my degree. I think it's too late now and I'm not sure if it would cost extra.

    7. It is too late now for this semester - Dr Chien forced me not to be sure whether to audit or not until past the deadline.

      So now I must keep HIS305 in mind when calculating my GPA.

      3 December is the last day for total withdrawal!

  2. You can't miss a class on spring break or if it's cancelled altogether! It didn't happen at all :) None of your classmates had it, either.

    Wait, the weather is partly the reason you're taking 6 classes? I'm taking 7 and it's because I want to cram as much learning as I can into the limited time I'm at WCU. 19 may be a bit more than full-time, but I am happy with a lot to do.
    Oh, I didn't read the whole sentence: you mean the reasons you feel poorly include the weather, 6 classes, working many jobs, and playing football. Ooh, I can think of two more to match reasons with coursework! :D

    Let's see... you feel poorly because you're alone and because it's generally a bad time of year for you.

    Perfect! Can you match reasons with classes? xD Hahaha, I'm just playing. Take the weekend off, Jessica!