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Sunday, March 17, 2013

1 week

There is one week left until I play football. Today we went shopping for sweats since I have a feeling the next month will be cool. The season goes until June 9.

Football Sunday

Dew dances on blades of grass,
early April, the snow melts.
Awakened by black rubber soles;
the wild chase has just only begun--
watch how far the ball flies
through the angelic blue sky,
past the clouds like snow balls;
the distance breathtaking.
They gather here Sunday after Sunday,
from the beginning of April to mid June.
Green Bay or Jets or Broncos jerseys;
green stained, sweat drenched sweats.
Tackled, quickly fall to the ground,
but don't let the ball escape!
With a possible Lombardi in hand--
or at least one can pretend, the honor,
the dedication of running through grass
Sunday after Sunday, April through June.

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