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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Dad with Daphne at Aunt Kathy's house

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope it was enjoyed and restful. I had a nice Easter, despite my allergies acting up. We went to my Aunt's house and it was just a lovely time. :) It was very low key, but that's okay with me. A lot of laughs, great food and plenty of drink. It was cozy and made the missing of nan less painful. It did feel weird without her, though.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and the weather has been strange. I remember this time last year things were already in bloom and it was unseasonably warm. Monday we had snow and my poetry class (night class) was canceled; I have missed three weeks of it because the one week I was sick, the other week was Spring Break and last week was a snow day. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow and cold, but I also love the seasons. I think the weather is partly the reason I've been feeling blah and the fact I'm taking six classes, working two jobs and playing football. 6 more weeks of this; I can't wait to be done because it's been a challenging semester.

Anyway, today is Good Friday and that means Sunday is Easter. It's going to be different this year -- last year we had Olivia (my tuxedo cat that died on April 17, 2012) and my grandma. It's a little sad to think about. I miss them. This year since my grandma's not around we're not doing anything special; just going to my aunt's house I think. We're doing things differently this year, so it should be interesting. It's bittersweet, though.

Tomorrow night I'm seeing a band of this guy of another band we used to follow (before they broke up). I'm going to get pictures for my project. I also have a plethora of other work... I need to write more poetry and a short story from a prompt. I'm hoping the prompt helps me; I've been feeling so uninspired this semester.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pictures Chosen for my Project

I chose the following three pictures to hand in (they have to be a series and in different aperatures, sadly... so yes, they're the same at different apertures. I will attach my brief essay explaining them. I accidentally printed 4x6s (they have to be 5x7) and chose other pictures. I'll post those too since I mentioned them in my essay.

I love playgrounds, especially the playground at Everhart Park in West Chester. Christina, my friend modeling in the three pictures I chose to hand in, also loves playgrounds and swinging on the swings. I decided I wanted to catch the playful spirit of swinging on the swing; I had her pose while holding the handlebars and used apertures 5.6,8,and 22. I am finding I like what I took on the middle apertures to be the best. I think my ISO was 200 since it was a bright day that Saturday morning.
Accidently I ordered some 4x6 photos (I will be including in the portfolio). In one photograph I went to my favorite restaurant in West Chester called Roots CafĂ©. I am friends with Joe, the guy pictured in the picture and he was a willing participant of a photo shoot. I chose the one of him cooking just because I love it for some reason. Although it is a little dark, I think it captures his spirit the best. On the CD, there is a picture of him playing on his phone and one of him showing off his photography (he’s also a photographer) to one patron. I think that captures his spirit too. 

Orgy, Davey Suicide, and Vampires Everywhere at the Note

Two weeks ago I won tickets to see one of my favorite bands (since I was 14) play at the Note in West Chester. It was Orgy. Jay is the only original member and since he reformed, they decided to go on tour for the next month and a half. They're on tour with Davey Suicide and Vampires Everywhere. I'm not sure if My Parasite is a regular on the tour, but they played last night since they are from Philly. It was a great time and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Sadly, my camera battery died and had to rely on my phone. Sorry for the quality!

The guys from My Parasite and me

My Parasites

Jay and the rest of Orgy



Sunday, March 24, 2013

First day of Football

Today was my first day of football. I was placed on a team--the Outlaws. I have a lot of practice to do, but I think I will eventually get it. We're off next week because of Easter, so practice will resume on April 7th. Every Sunday until the season ends on June 9th, I will update you in on my progress. :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Story Idea

I have a story due Monday and I have an idea. I'm going to use this article: Filibusters Can't Stop Human Psychology

I get done work today at 4, so when I get home, I'll start writing (I have a doctor's appointment to go to now). I'll share when done.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Free Agency

I just received a call from the coach for football. I'm a free agent and hopefully this Sunday I'll be placed on a team. :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Which pictures?

I have a critique next Thursday (March 28th) and I have to present three pictures. I'll post the ones I'm thinking, then the album. Which do you think should be ordered? I want to get them ordered by Wednesday.

Image Album

Sunday, March 17, 2013

1 week

There is one week left until I play football. Today we went shopping for sweats since I have a feeling the next month will be cool. The season goes until June 9.

Football Sunday

Dew dances on blades of grass,
early April, the snow melts.
Awakened by black rubber soles;
the wild chase has just only begun--
watch how far the ball flies
through the angelic blue sky,
past the clouds like snow balls;
the distance breathtaking.
They gather here Sunday after Sunday,
from the beginning of April to mid June.
Green Bay or Jets or Broncos jerseys;
green stained, sweat drenched sweats.
Tackled, quickly fall to the ground,
but don't let the ball escape!
With a possible Lombardi in hand--
or at least one can pretend, the honor,
the dedication of running through grass
Sunday after Sunday, April through June.

The Pool Hall

The Pool Hall
He said to me as the moon overhead
illuminated the cloudy silk sky,
“you’re not doing bad, just need some practice;
hold your stick here and get lower.”
Although it’s awkward and hurts my back.
Alice In Chains plays in the background
with the five cents he placed in the jukebox—
he wanted something special playing
as he smelled of Axe and takes my hand,
“stand like this and stay at this level,
place your hand here, it cradles the stick better,”
as I bend over the damn pool table—
I get really frustrated, I can’t do it,
“just be patient, you’re doing fine,” he’s my cheerleader.
He grabs me again and looks me in the eye,
my heart stops—
this game has lasted for way too long;
“how about we just hit these in.”

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Written on Monday and looking for a Name

You’re like Fort Knox, the words ring out
from the man behind the bar, trying to read me.
And why are you always on your phone,
are you on a curfew? You can’t stop texting
I’m hoping he texts soon, I don’t want to be here
and he keeps mocking me, making faces at me,
he keeps laughs, grins and calls me a frigid cow—
I’m waiting for replies to a photo shoot, I reply,
Oh, from that guy that calls you Meghan,
well, if he was interested he would have told you days ago,
instead of waiting around last minute for a call.

It dawns on me, just then,
if this stranger has a hard time reading me,
maybe he finds it difficult too?
Hey, a funny thing happened, I typed into the phone,
this person, I’m out with a friend, called me Ft. Knox,
and said I am very, very, very hard to read.
LOL, he responds,
Is it true? I type back.
Yes, sometimes.
By the way, my name is Jessica,
not Meghan. I have lost interest.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Football Season

My football season starts next week, March 24th. It's crazy and I'm so excited. I'll be playing football every Sunday (except for March 31st since it's Easter) until June 9th. I think I'm prepared.

Speaking about football, yesterday was free agency day. It seems like both the Packers and Ravens lost good players; this coming season should be interesting to say the least. I'm hoping to see a Ravens game this year in August since I do want to move and I haven't been to Baltimore in three years. Hopefully, my camera will be paid off and I can go. I guess I'll do that planning soon.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aaron Carter

I'm home sick today so I'm going to post pictures of Aaron Carter from Friday at the Note.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

Black and White Film Photo Shoot

Everyone in my class loved this photo. My professor suggested to crop out the window up top, so when I learn how to crop, that's what I'll do. ^_^

Mad Platter. I still have to learn how to burn, the sun was too bright.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins
“I wanted more than life could ever grant me,
bored by the chore of saving face.” ~Today
Remember that time in the Summer of 2008?
You picked up your acoustic guitar,
a Fender, you always wanted to play;
let the chords slip through your fingers—
0,0,2 slowly ring out,
it sounds nothing like what rings out
of your Walkman, dated 2003.

Suicide is only a fresh memory,
I wanted more than life could ever grant me,
bored by the chore of saving face;
remember sitting in art class?
The day after that call?
They really worried about you
and the pink ribbons that decorated your skin;
the highs and lows, people never understood—
Smashing Pumpkins on repeat
as you draw the acrylics stain your black Slayer shirt;
this picture will make a perfect cover
for your next masterpiece,
or so the teachers called it.

You bought that acoustic guitar,
and they said it would be therapy:
with Smashing Pumpkins on repeat,
it was a disaster—
he hated that guitar,
but that boyfriend hated everything about you—
bored by the chore of saving face;
he gave you that electric piece of shit
that didn’t ring, that didn’t sing
and distorted Today
and Smashing Pumpkins on repeat.

It didn’t last, thank god,
as the shiny rims distort
the agitation and tears;
replaced by new electricity,
the amp booms dark and loud,
but it plays the Smashing Pumpkins well;
the 0,0,2 clearly rings—
I wanted more than life could ever grant me.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm okay... I think...

Hi everyone,

I'm okay, I think. Waiting on a new pill, see the psych again Tuesday and I think I ruined things. :\ Update later, promise!