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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Visiting the Plumpton Park Zoo

The day was typical of June—warm with haze settling around the 10am sun. Mom, dad and I pulled out of our driveway in King of Prussia to go to the Plumpton Park Zoo in Rising Sun, Maryland. A 45 minute drive from West Chester, the Plumpton Park Zoo is a cozy, intimate little zoo that is worth the trip. Greeted by the scenes of peacocks walking on roofs and a totem pole cut from a tree, mom's 2008 silver Honda Accord pulled into the gravel pit parking lot. We were ready to go—this was our first time at this zoo (mom travels to Maryland for business, passes by Rising Sun, MD and always sees the green signs pointing to the attraction). It was surprising to see the peacock on the roof, but we were greeted by at least three other peacocks that are allowed to roam free at the zoo. I couldn't help but focus in on them as their beautiful blue plumes spread opened, giving all the spectators a show worth the $11 it was to get in.

The peacocks shows went on several times that day, but we also saw other beautiful creatures. The Plumpton Park Zoo houses a giraffe named Jimmie, in which they are raising money to build him a new home. Jimmie is an amazing creature and lovingly moves around as children fed and pet him. He was very gentle with the kids and the parents that were with them. It was too crowded to get closer up, which made me feel a little disappointed. The other animals are just as great, however; especially the Bactrian Camel. The Bactrian Camel had to be my favorite.

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