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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday -- Hooray, Hooay!

The assignment this semester for my poetry class is to write poems everyday and at the end compile them into a manuscript. What do you think of this poem?

Super Bowl Sunday—Hooray, Hooray!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday
hooray, hooray!
I have ready my purple and black,
preparing for the 49ers attack.
The cake is made
and I bought the Mike’s Hard Lemonade;
but the cake is cool, I may add,
fondant with logos, I’m not mad
that the baker put more yellow and red,
instead of purple and black, but I misread;
“my neighbors are 49er fans,
so instead of the ban,
make the Ravens and 49ers the same,
and put a football field, by name.”
But, the neighbors did ohhh and ahh,
amazed by the decadence and hoopla;
it should be a good cake,
and the memories that we will make. 


  1. Replies
    1. I'm going to get a picture of the whole cake today with my brand new camera. :) The sides are really cool.

  2. Typo in the title of this post.

    My mother did so much with cake decorating a year or so ago! She liked it, but not enough to put up with the irritation involved.

    Soon off to labour mindlessly for a few hours!

    1. I was thinking about doing that, but I love Clay's Bakery in Berwyn that I just decided to order.

      Have fun!