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Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl 47

Dad showing off his Ravens jersey -- Joe Flacco!

(Mom took this one... hence the blurryness)

My cake and then Mike's birthday cake is behind.

The Super Bowl party was fun. :) Poem later (or tomorrow).


  1. Poetry yet?

    It seems you've enjoyed the XLVII Super Bowl!! I worked during it, if you can count grocery appearances work. (I don't, for reference - just social appearances and maybe running a relatively mindless cash register. It is mindless in comparison to University work, even if it is more immediately rewarding.)

    I need to translate the first English sentence on page 139 into Greek, then analyse 17 pages of Sociology, then read about 30 pages of Chinese History, if I'm still awake by then.

    A couple of Thanks A Lot cookies from my parents' music students keep me going! xD

    1. xD That always helps!

      I just got in from class. I did write a poem about anger, but tomorrow I'm going to write more.

    2. That's right, you have a Monday evening class... my evening class is tomorrow.

      Enjoy your composition! I've finished my Greek translation of the sentence about kingdoms and conquest. I don't remember it exactly now.