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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Travel Writing for the Quad

I'll be having a section of travel writing for my school newspaper, the Quad. I'm excited, yet nervous at the same time. I have never wrote a travel piece for a paper. I found a few sites, somewhat helpful:

Wandering Carol

Any advice would be welcomed!



That would be great! Just make sure to email me letting me know when you are planning on submitting an article, that way I can plan to have space for it. Our issues are published on Sundays, so if you could let me know by Tuesday if you will be submitting one, that would be great. I don't need the actual article until Fridays or Saturdays.


Samantha Schaule

Features Editor



  1. Replies
    1. It's snow badly here on Friday, so I don;t think I'll be going anywhere. I guess I can use something from Wisconsin.

  2. I was glumly thinking to myself, I can't claim to be an international girl of intrigue regardless of my International Relations score until I actually travel to another nation in real life... so many other people actually HAVE - I am not one of those presently; I am not even in active communication with my Russian, German, or Irish relatives... so I'll just talk to you until I feel better!

    Please tell me: what kind of travel stuff are you talking about? I am not personally too interested in random places, even if they are extraordinary and/or your omg-favourite place Green Bay...
    *tries to turn criticism into productive comment* I think you need to keep your audience in mind!!! The Quad's audience is made of college kids who tend to have a busy agenda. Blah, but the word "agenda" is plural in Greek, so the indefinite article needs to be... wait, does English have a plural indefinite article? Let me think: maybe like "a bunch of"? Yuck, I don't like that. *Not really, sadly. Aw. More proof Greek > English.

    Reading Carol's travel writing advice via your link, I think to myself, wasn't it "dost"? I don't actually read Shakespeare/other contemporary writers or anything, though, so I don't know for sure. It may be acceptable.
    The NYT has a huge Travel section!
    She makes a good point - it's very difficult to write about travel when actually travelling.

    What's in your abstract, then?

    1. I'm thinking Philadelphia, the Main Line and West Chester. The Quad might be interested in that more.

      I have a week to play around!

    2. Perhaps. What specifically about those places are you thinking of talking about? So are you planning to publish in the opening of the semester publication, then?

      I am telling myself not to apologise for being too early, as I had thought would probably be a good idea (as I could have been more exact - they TOLD ME 10 day delivery, and the mathematician receiver treasures precision - 31 January is the tentative arrival date, when 1 February is when I am seeking). The day before is close enough! Mother was talking about even sending it on Sunday when we had time available, but I told her we needed to be a bit closer to the date in question...

      Have fun!!

  3. I'm planning on focusing on a particular place that might be obscure that the public should check out, like a restaurant. I plan on writing about Pepper's Cafe in Ardmore. That place is good, cheap and inviting. Small, but good. :)

    If it doesn't snow and I can get to China Town, then yes. If I can't, I might see what I can come up with.