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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Southern Charm

I saw you stand in front of me
on a Friday night, so lovely.
You were setting lights in the bar,
to shine brightly on his guitar—
a translucent white, too hard to see.

I see your smile, a subtle plea
hitting me like a wave from sea;
your tune up of strings and vocals on par—
in the pale light of the moon.

You made your loud decree,
with Skynyrd’s Southern melody;
and above us with the stars,
you hit me like a freight car—
to my heart you held the key
in the pale light of the moon.


  1. I like this poem. My first thought for a name, as you asked for in your e-mail, was in "In the Pale Moonlight", but it occurred to me that's an episode of a TV show. :P

    1. I like that title though. :) The poem is about how I met Joe. :)

    2. Southern Charm or In the Pale Moonlight?